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Posts published in “Day: May 22, 2003

A few words for those ‘Demon-crats’

Boy, I could hardly wait to write this week’s column! There may be some of you who won’t agree with me on this, but no one forces you to read this, either.

You see, I’m a plain ole cowboy who was taught that if you were hired to work for someone, you did the job. You usually knew goin’ in that you may not like some of the work, but you don’t have to take the job. It’s your choice.

Well, doggone it! Those liberal Democrats in Austin have had their way for so long, (over 130 years), that when they don’t get their way, they pout. Not just pout, they RUN AWAY and hide! That just shows that they are a bunch of WEENIES!!

I don’t give a good rat’s rearend what political persuasion you are, that’s just plum wrong! If you try and justify it, then you can also probably explain why worms yawn, or why the moon is made of cream cheese!

Give me a cotton pickin’ break! If our Governor or Speaker of the House had any guts, they would have fined the whole bunch that left, $7,500 per day, and told them to stay gone as long as they wanted. Or, they would have appointed someone else from each district to take their place and gone on with the state’s business. But, they didn’t do anything, dagnabbit! And those Demonic Democrats think they won, somehow.

I was so mad that I went and found out who our representative is for Crosby. Fortunately, it was Joe Crabb, a Republican, cause if it had been a Democrat who had run off, I was goin’ to run against him or her next election! (I’m sure a bunch of you are glad that didn’t happen!).

The onlyiest way this so called Governor or Speaker can redeem themselves is to call a special session and lock the doors to the capital and put a State Trooper in charge of every Democrat. Then finish what is the Legislatures responsibility, redistrict the state. That was done by a three judge panel. However, that was only done so the legislature could do it in the next (this) session.

If the Demons lose a few seats, then it is because the people have spoken. Life is tough sometimes, kids. You don’t always get what you want, but you will get what you need! (I think there’s a song like that).

The Demons are just plain and simply wrong and must be called to account on this. From what I’ve heard from some folks who voted democrat last time, they certainly won’t be makin’ that mistake again!

So, I guess the Demons had better enjoy their “victory”, cause it will probably be their last hurrah. I for one, certainly hope so.

Well, at this point, I think I’ve made mine, so I’m goin’ home.

Thanks to all of you who have sent letters to the “Why I like Horsefeathers” contest. I haven’t picked the winners yet, so you still got time to send in yours to:

P.O. Box 1606
Crosby, Texas 77532

Don’t be shy, just do it!

Reliant left the gate open today, so I got to go round up the horses. If you don’t like what those Demons are doin’, call the governor’s office!

Just a Ridin’,

Crosby medics get new director, premier service


HOUSTON– ESD#5 has forged new ground through signing with a new medical director, and a pact with Harris county Public Health to initiate county-wide protocols for paramedics.

Harris County Commissioner’s Court approved a premier memoranda of understanding between ESD#5 Medics and Dr. Matthew Minson of Harris County Public Health Dept. on Tuesday, May 20. Minson is now Medical Director for ESD#5, as well as part of the Texas Task Force on Medical Emergencies, which was incorporated into the Federal Emergency Management Agency just two months prior to Sept. 11, 2001.

According to local sources the pact is intended to reduce liability, make emergency equipment and training facilities and programs available to serve Crosby and Huffman. ESD#5 Board approved the measure on Wednesday, May 21.

ESD#5 Coordinator Houston Hooper said, “ESD#5 will be the first emergency medical service to become an extension of Harris County Public Health Department with approval of Commissioner’s Court and ESD#5 Board. Although we will be the first to do this, ESD#9 and ESD#1 are examining the benefits for their areas of emergency coverage.”

According to ESD#5 Board member Tomma Latta, “Patient care is the reason we are out here. Our new Medical Director, Dr. Minson, and several other people are going to help us with programs we are already doing, get us access to new equipment and establish county-wide standards for the best EMS protocols. We feel confident that he is dedicated to providing the best emergency care available. We hope that insurance companies will recognize the benefits of this program and help reduce our liability insurance rates for paramedics.”

As to what specific direct benefits Crosby and Huffman can expect, Hooper explained, “The county is expressing interest in helping with our immunization program. In the even of disaster we can then use Harris County equipment that we as an entity could never afford to buy. Our paramedics can have access to new training facility equipment. Also, the county expressed interest in helping with our Promote Child Safety program.”

Answering what is the biggest benefit for the local emergency service providers, Hooper answered, “Overall, the principle benefit is lower liability. Dr. Minson [the new medical director] is very much in favor of establishing county-wide protocols for ambulance services. The benefits of paramedics being under the same protocols is not just that in the event of a disaster the medications on-board an ambulance would be interchangeable and that medical treatment would be standardized at optimum levels, but also it reduces cost because as we come under the Harris County Health Department, we become immune to frivolous lawsuits.”

High-speed chase ends with apparent suicide


EAST HARRIS COUNTY– The morning hours of May 17 were interrupted with a high-speed chase which began in eastern Chambers county and ended with a suspect reportedly killing himself at a Wal-Mart in East Harris County.

According to authorities, at approximately 10:45 a.m. a Department of Public Safety trooper attempted to make what has been described as a “routine traffic stop” of a green Dodge 1500 4×4 pickup with Kentucky license plates traveling westbound on Interstate 10, near mile marker 821. This is approximately 21 miles west of Mont Belvieu.

The driver of the vehicle has been identified as David D. Armstrong, 36, of Hardin Co. Ky.

Troopers say that when the vehicle failed to pull over they ran a check on the vehicle. A report came back that the registered owner of the vehicle was wanted on federal charges of manufacturing methamphetamines.

Troopers pursued the truck along Interstate 10, at times reaching speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.

After passing by Baytown and Highlands, the truck continued toward Houston. Eventually, the driver pulled into a parking lot of a Wal-Mart located at 13750 I-10, near the Freeport exit.

The suspect then left the vehicle near the front door of the store. As he did, authorities say that he was carrying a handgun. Despite a trooper firing a shot in his direction, the suspect entered the store. Witnesses say that the man then grabbed a clerk and forced her at gunpoint into a dressing area in the middle of the store.

The man is then believed to have shot himself once in the head.

Both the suspect and the hostage were taken to Memorial-Hermann Hospital via LifeFlight air ambulance. The man was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at the hospital, while the clerk was treated for minor injuries.

The case is under investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Harris County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Division and the Harris County District Attorney’s Civil Rights Division.