Crosby ISD Board recognized, Merrill’s yearbook excellence awarded

Yearbook Advisor Ramona Merrill


CROSBY – The local school board meeting was more fun than usual on January 26. Students from throughout the area bestowed additional appreciation and gifts for the over 20 times per year that the school board trustees meet and the
countless hours they volunteer to administer local schools.

Students from Crosby Kindergarten, Barrett Primary, Newport Elementary and Drew Intermediate School lavished gifts and personal accolades on each member of the board and some of the staff. Gifts included plants and a special cake was presented to board members. Older students recited poetic praise for the boards answer to a call to active citizenship.

In addition to all that fun, one indispensable teacher was recognized for her contribution by the University Interscholastic League. Ramona Merrill, journalism teacher, editor in chief of
the Crosby High School Yearbook, was presented a 2003 Sponsor Excellence Award.

During the presentation of the award, the representative of the University Interscholastic League quoted Principal Debra Frank as having said that teachers in other districts pray for redistricting so as not to compete against Ramona Merrill’s kids. He pointed out that each year several of Ramona’s students advance to regional competition with several going on to state competition.

The award (established in 1991) was “created to honor and highlight the contribution of coaches of UIL scholastic and athletic competitions and to identify and recognize outstanding coaches who assist students in developing and refining extra curricular talents to the highest degree possible within their educational system while helping them keep their personal work separate from their failure or success in competition.”

In other words, it honors teachers that put a lot of personal time and expense into helping their students achieve their potential – concluding the explanation by adding, “Public education works because of people like Ramona.
One of the 15 best in the state.”

He went on to describe how Merrill pushed her students to develop a drive for the beat work and the ambition to achieve.

When the grunt work began in earnest, the board consented to financial reports, approved some out of district trips, approved payment of signing bonus and referral fees. They approved an Interlocal Agreement with Houston ISD for Cooperative Purchasing. Bonds were approved for release for Drew Intermediate School Renovationa and additions. Discussion of improvements to Newport Elementary’s 22 acre property site. They board heard and approved invoices from Bonds Proceeds totaling $545, 697.87