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Posts published in “Day: June 10, 2004

Avoiding meetings and insects…

June marks the end of my tenure as President of the Greater Highlands Chamber of Commerce after having served one year in that capacity. People are telling me it is a two year term, but I told them going in that I would give it one year as no one else would take the job at that time. That should have told me something, but I have stepped in bigger piles before.

After this I will belong to no civic organization, social clubs, fraternal group or the like. That means no meetings and I have grown most accustomed to having a fond dislike for meetings except for going to eat. If there ain’t nothing to eat then I sure do not like to attend such. Only thing I have to contend with meetings is my day job and that is what feeds us so I’ll not fuss much about all of their meetings.

Did have a meeting this morning with the lawn mower to mow Day Lake and did it real early too. Not a particular fun job to do considering the ground was still wet and managed to get a few cob webs across my face and neck. Did see one large web before I running into it and managed to back up in time. Those old banana legged spiders look ever so mean to me and I stay my distance from them.

Mowing the front, I kept felt something bumping on my head where there is hair. This was going on a bunch and I mowed and swatted. An occasional cricket would land on my leg and that is one eerie feeling for sure. Go to pull one off and it will hold on to you with its feet. It’s like pulling off Velcro and I don’t like that feeling.

The bumping on my head felt like something falling out of a tree, then it started under my arm up in my shirt as the T shirt I had on was super baggy. I continued to mow as I’d flick the crickets and wipe my hand over my head but something was in my shirt so I grabbed a hand full of shirt and out came a little bee. Must have been a little honey bee but it did not sting me. Then I got one off my head. I pushed the throttle on full and got out of the area to let things settle.

Later I see Four Dog start to run then roll over and slide his face through something. Oh Lordy I thought, he’d been in that dead Armadillo that was belly up in the back field going to the lake. I had noticed a swarm of flies around it as I first passed it. I rode the mower directly to the ladder getting up to the cabin and Four followed me up and into the cabin; I closed him up in the cabin for the time being. Had I been down by the water, I would have used him as alligator bait. And to think I had to ride home with him.

Got back to the house and the first thing we did was take a shower. Four Dog got in and the water turned dark and the spray hit him on his back. He’s still in the dog house with me wallowing in that stink.

Still had thawed out blackberries to contend with, so I sieved the berries and coupled with 7 cups of sugar and preserving ingredients, the product is now in jars waiting for a biscuit on those cold winter mornings to come in about half a year from now. Can’t believe I’m talking about cold weather when summer is about to begin.

Historic UP Steam engine passes through Crosby, Houston

CROSBY— Residents of Crosby had a rare treat last Friday when a steam locomotive passed through the town on its way to Houston.

The Union Pacific steam locomotive “Challenger,” also named Engine No. 3985, passed through the area on its way from Lake Charles, La. to Houston. Hundreds of onlookers lined the track; placing nails, pennies and other coins on the track to be flattened by the passing train which came through just after 11:30 a.m.

The Challenger was built in 1943 by the American Locomotive Company. One of 105 that were built between 1936 and 1943, the Challenger is the only one of its class to still be in operation.

Able to reach top speeds of 70 mile per hour, the Challenger was from the largest and most powerful steam locomotive class. When built, the Challenger operated on fuel coal, which required pulling a 32-ton capacity tender. In 1990, the engine was refitted to burn No. 5 oil.

The Challenger was originally designed as freight engine, but could be utilized for passenger use. It is in its capacity as a passenger vehicle that the challenger is now used. Union Pacific now uses the engine to pull cars for charitable events associated with the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, the George Bush Presidential Library and Points of Light Foundation. After its arrival in Houston, the Challenger will transport a special passenger to Austin.

The train will take former President George Bush to the state’s capital where he will celebrate his 80th birthday on Saturday by going skydiving.

Driver allegedly asleep in FM 2100 fatal accident

HIGHLANDS — Tragedy struck about a quarter mile North of Grace Lane on FM 2100 last Monday, June 7, at about 10:37 a.m., taking the life of a young man from Brenham.

According to accident reports from Harris County Sheriff’s Traffic Division, Cody Reed Walker was driving a Baytown man’s 2002 White Dodge truck Northbound before swerving into the Southbound Lane striking the side of a red Chevrolet Southbound pickup truck. The Chevrolet was hauling a trailer and the left front portion of the Dodge hit the trailer with considerable impact, crushing the front of the Dodge and depressing into the cockpit.

Tommy McCary, 27, of Wright City, OK, was a passenger in the white Dodge. He sustained a broken arm and minor injuries and was transported by Highlands EMS to the hospital. McCary reportedly told investigators that Walker had fallen asleep at the wheel just before the impact.

Also slightly injured in the accident, according to the report, was the driver of the other vehicle, Christopher Frazier, 34, and a seven year old boy.

Two other witnesses to the accident gave accounts indicating the same reactions of the trucks as would be consistent with the passenger’s description.

Walker was pronounced dead at 10:47 a.m., no indications account for his falling asleep.

Huffman medics’ CPR investigated

HUFFMAN — The CPR techniques used by ambulance service providers here came under controversy on May 27 in Houston.

Cypress Creek’s recently adopted method of patient resuscitation for patients who have been in cardiac arrest for four minutes or longer used by Cypress Creek EMTs has not been endorsed by the American Heart Association, according to Harris County Health Officials.

One of the reasons ESD#5 of Crosby became more closely associated with Harris County Health Department last year was to start the process of making standards of practice more widely uniform. Thus insuring that everyone is getting the most widely accepted practices in an emergency.

The Medical Director for Cypress Creek, Levone Vartainian allegedly authorized the change for Cypress Creek medics, according to Harris County Emergency Medical Services.

“Medical directors in the region really don’t talk to each other about what protocols they use. We don’t have an agreed upon or forcible standards in the entire region,” University of Texas Medical School Dr. Guy Clifton said.

Harris County Emergency Medical Services released a statement telling its medics to use only procedures endorsed by the American Heart Association.

Allegedly, Cypress Creek is putting into effect new policies of CPR in ambulances calls.

The Star-Courier asked Houston Hooper of ESD#5 if he had heard of new practices being used by the medics under contract for Huffman. “Well, I haven’t taken any of their classes or sat in on any of their training sessions but from what I understand they are teaching first responders and medics not to do ventilation first and not to use the A.E.D. (Automatic External Defibrillator. My opinion is the American Heart Association has done extensive research and numerous studies and decided that both early ventilation and A.E.D. are the way to go. At E.S.D. #5, we are going to continue to operate under American Heart Association guidelines and standards because I believe those are probably the best practices. The A.E.D .has saved lives many times and that is why the airlines, big businesses, even the gambling casinos in Vegas are buying these to install in their locations. In my opinion to tell someone not to use one…I’m not going to do it.”

Former Crosby baseball player signs with Houston Astros

CROSBY— A former member of the Crosby High School baseball team will soon get a shot at playing professional ball.

Justin Towles, a member of the Crosby High Class of 2002, was drafted by the Houston Astros baseball team Tuesday.

Towles has just completed an Associates Degree in science at North Central Texas College in Gainesville, TX.

Immediately after high school, Towles was drafted by the Oakland A’s under draft and follow. He chose to attend college two years and was then placed in the general draft.

While at Crosby, Towles was named All District his junior and senior year and was District Most Valuable Player his senior year. This past year at North Central Texas, Towles batted .340 and had a .530 on base percentage.

Towles was drafted as a catcher in the 20th round, as the 60th overall pick. he was the fourth catcher overall picked by the Astros. He will now join the Astros rookie team in Greenville, TN. Towles is the son of Wes and Ellie Towles of Crosby.