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Posts published in “Day: August 26, 2004

Crosby’s Stafford defends county in Bible Monument lawsuit

HOUSTON — Harris County Attorney Mike Stafford, a native of Crosby, has been at the forefront of a suit to defend the County Commissioners in a lawsuit brought by a Houston real estate person who wants a monument in front of the Civil Courts building removed, because it contains a copy of the Christian Bible.

Realtor Kay Staley contends that this violates the Constitutional tenet of separation of religion and government.

Staley won a judgement in Houston to have the Bible removed, but Stafford filed a suit and received a “stay,” until the details of the judgment could be reviewed by an appeals court.

The monument was originally installed as a memorial to a donor to the Star of Hope Mission, and attorneys for that organization have argued that it therefore is more secular, not religious in nature.

However, Judge Sim Lake has stated that “neutrality means that Harris County should not be seen as endorsing Christianity.” Both sides continued their efforts as of the press deadline on this matter.

Goose Creek: Committee recommends improvements at Highlands Jr.

HIGHLANDS — Highlands Junior School could see some facilities improvements in the future, if a committee appointed by the school district gets its way.

Last week, a facilities planning subcommittee focusing on the needs of junior high campuses throughout the district named Highlands Junior as one of the sites needing immediate attention.

Donald Dunn, who previously served on the committee which redrew junior high boundary lines, said that a study done of the school by an outside consulting firm found that almost $5 million would be needed to build a new Highlands Junior High. Dunn is the facilitator of the junior high subcommittee.

Approximately 60 community members and district employees make up the committee that are looking at facilities districtwide.

For the past few years, the district has had committees looking into ways to address a growing student population. The current committee was reformed after a previous committee recommended consolidating Lee and Sterling High Schools into one school housed at two campuses. This plan met an almost immediate negative reaction from not only the board of trustees but the community as well.

During the meeting, the committee also discussed requested improvements at Baytown, Gentry, Horace Mann and Cedar Bayou Junior High Schools as well as the Stallworth Stadium.

The committee is expected to meet through November, then make recommendations for a future bond referendum which could come as early as February.

Want a mint?

Had an interesting conversation with the editor this past week about the Two Cents Worth articles.

Complaints have been received about too much food or cooking in the articles. Another was my vocabulary.

He gets the complaints and I’m on the receiving end of compliments. As far as vocabulary and my southern slant on verbs and such, there will be a change. See if you can find it.

It is difficult to please everybody and I place myself as one of those. If you don’t believe it, ask the Mrs.

At least the editor prints the articles as submitted. He too has problems with my vocabulary as does spell check. However, having been told by others, the articles push the limit on occasion.

Ain’t no different than this morning’s burnt bacon. I simply fried up some more and Four Dog didn’t whine a bit.

Watched the DVD JACKASS last night. My goodness that was nasty the things those guys did. Makes one want to call RALPH if you savvy. I got up a couple of times and nearly fell out of the chair laughing at other times.

Moving on. Went to the tooth doctor last week. For a while in my life he had his hand in my mouth as much as he had his hand on my wallet. I place a Dentist on the same level as a Cardiologist as being life savers.

You ever had a tooth that was killing you?

Been a user of a WaterPic now for 15 years or longer and on my second one. A WaterPic is nothing more than a high powered water gun, and it works well in jetting out stuff between my teeth.

Four Dog will stand by the chest of drawers and watch me use the WaterPic. I can see him in the mirror watching and I’ll point the stream towards him. He has gotten to where he can back faster than any dog in the county.

Of course, using the WaterPic does not always eliminate the hint of bad breath. Went to the eye doctor last two times and each time he has had stinky breath. I swore I was going to send him some gum, but never did.

I told the Mrs. of it and after she got back from her visit, she too said she noticed the odor.

Mine was probably ripe last week as one days lunch at THIS IS IT, I had four long green onions with my ox tails.

Had a coworker one time who having smoked and drank coffee; here they come looking over my shoulder at my PC. I got a whiff and dang near past out and fell out of my chair before they backed up and away some.

What do you do when someone you work with has halitosis? You cain’t say, “Eat out of the cat box this morning?”

“Want a mint?”

Desserts? How about a Louisiana Swamp?

Desserts — Those of you who know me are probably thinking I am the last person who should be talking about excellent desserts. The truth is I usually don’t eat a dessert when we eat out but on occasion I weaken. I have come up with some excellent desserts in our local restaurants recently.

Owner of the Teay’s House (about a mile off I-64 at the Winfield exit), Karen Diehl, makes one great chocolate cake. The portion is large enough that two forks are in order. If you are ever passing through on I-64 you might want to try a slice.

Soho’s, a local restaurant at the Farmer’s Market, located under I-64 and I-77 in downtown Charleston has one fine peach short cake. Made with a fine traditional short cake, peach ice cream, fresh peaches and whipped cream, it really gives the taste buds a treat. Here again the portions are large and two forks are frequently part of the order.

So much for desserts in restaurants. Have you ever heard of a dessert called, Louisiana Swamp? If you have, and you’re a chocolate lover, don’t get turned off by the name. I too had to get past that name to even think I might like it. The recipe can be found in the new cookbook, “Beyond Grits and Gravy,” being advertised as “The South’s All-Time Favorite Recipes.”

When I married Linda, I not only married a fine lady but one great cook. She recently bought this book. Why, I do not know as we have one bookcase overflowing with cookbooks now. But, what is one more! I do believe if Noah served it on the Ark, Linda has the recipe.

In their book, Gwen McKee and Barbara Moseley include the words “enter at your own risk,” when talking about this recipe. Copyright laws forbid me to give you the recipe here I do believe. However, I can tell you it starts with German chocolate cake mix and includes such things as marshmallow crème, pecans, chocolate chips, milk chocolate frosting, almond extract and a few other things.

Linda made this in one large pan and we shared it with other family members. It was one fine bit of eating. She cut the pieces rather small so, contrary to those discussed above, one fork is all you need to do the necessary damage.

If you think you are interested and can’t find the book or the recipe be sure to ask Linda to share her good fortune the next time we are in Crosby. Steer in another direction if you don’t like chocolate. You can tell from what I said above it is chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! By the way the book is a Quail Ridge Press publication.

Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my West Virginia home!