Crosby’s Stafford defends county in Bible Monument lawsuit

HOUSTON — Harris County Attorney Mike Stafford, a native of Crosby, has been at the forefront of a suit to defend the County Commissioners in a lawsuit brought by a Houston real estate person who wants a monument in front of the Civil Courts building removed, because it contains a copy of the Christian Bible.

Realtor Kay Staley contends that this violates the Constitutional tenet of separation of religion and government.

Staley won a judgement in Houston to have the Bible removed, but Stafford filed a suit and received a “stay,” until the details of the judgment could be reviewed by an appeals court.

The monument was originally installed as a memorial to a donor to the Star of Hope Mission, and attorneys for that organization have argued that it therefore is more secular, not religious in nature.

However, Judge Sim Lake has stated that “neutrality means that Harris County should not be seen as endorsing Christianity.” Both sides continued their efforts as of the press deadline on this matter.