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Posts published in “Day: May 5, 2005

Wrecks: On the ground and in air

The Talladega race is live on TV now and it’s quick.  Do enjoy some of those big races: the chatter between driver and pit and the big tracks.  Don’t care for the short tracks nare bit as it seems as though they are going in circles. 

There is enough horsepower on the race track that it is more powerful than a locomotive and a twenty mule team.  You remember the 20 Mule Team Borax Show brought to you by the same company?  It was a western starring Dale Robertson or was Wells Fargo the company he worked for?

Stock car races have changed in more ways than one; however the name changes are the hardest to remember from names like the Southern Five Hundred and the Fire Cracker Five Hundred to corporate names like telephone, motor oil, and drug to gas companies; same with stadiums and the sorts.  Makes me wonder who is really racing the fastest; changes or the cars?

Had the Mrs. in the garden last week showing her what a sucker looks like and she asked why I pinched them off rather than cutting?  Cutting suckers with a knife or other sharp object helps spreads diseases or so I’ve read. Did you know you are not supposed to smoke in the tomato garden?

Suckers are a new growth in the V of the main stalk and the limb of the flower stem.  It is said if you allow it to grow, it’ll grow into it’s own plant and the main plant will direct energy to the new sucker growth rather than to producing baby tomatoes. Makes sense to me.

Yeeowweee, a multi car wreck at Talladega just now, 20+ cars and of course they were flying.  Half the field and they called it a multimillion dollar junk yard.

Dirty racing, in my viewpoint, but that’s what it’s all about or so it seems.  #8 car was on the bumper of his front car and he turned some, causing the car to start spinning.  That would make me mad.

Saw a crash landing the other day in Highlands. While visiting with the tomato guru on Maple Street, we were looking at his bluebird houses and one of the chicks stuck its head out of the port hole. We watched it for a bit as it watched us or so we were thinking. Next thing ya know the little bluebird took flight and fluttered over to the next house next door and then attempted to land on the window air conditioner. The little bird skidded across the top of the AC unit and managed to snag onto the screen window next to it. We watched it a while, commenting that was a first for us to see a baby bluebird take its first flight.

Another bird I’d like to see is the Ivory-billed woodpecker. There is evidence of sightings recently the bird is not extinct. Scientist said the bird with a 3-foot wing span and almost 20 inches long disappeared over sixty year ago.

The latest sightings of the Ivory-billed woodpecker were in the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge in Monroe County, Arkansas. That, my friend, would be a sight to see.

Voters to decide fate of $10M MUD bond

CROSBY – How Crosby’s water producing facility will pay for the growth for which Crosby is bracing is the issue to be decided by voters on May 7.

During the March Crosby/Huffman Chamber Luncheon, the question was asked, “What about the water system in Crosby, we can’t grow new businesses or subdivisions around here until that situation is fixed,” was brought to discussion.

The reference is to a November 11, 2004 “Star-Courier” exclusive in which Crosby Municipal Utility District’s Board recognized they were unable to promise more water than the state’s regulators certified as capacity for the utility.

Water and wastewater became a point of controversy and the guest speaker of that luncheon spoke of the importance of having the utility service in place or the community would suffer and all the growth could move to another community.

Jerry Blizzard, President of the Crosby MUD Board told attendees that, “I believe this is a true statement, but my deepest concerns are providing the most economical way to provide service to our community. The real issue is, we must make improvements to Crosby MUD to stay in compliance with all the many different regulatory agencies.”

Another question brought before MUD was how could they adjust to changes in federal, state and county regulations mandating a switch from ground water to surface water treatment and changes in chemical processes and increased standards and how can the capacity-challenged utility keep up with the demands?

At a April 19 meeting of the board, Blizzard answered these concerns.

“The days of just pumping the water out of the ground and drinking it is over for all public water systems. Crosby MUD is limited by the Subsidence District in the volume of water allowed to be pumped out of the ground. Crosby MUD is faced with the need of replacing old equipment and expanding the way we process the water and wastewater. Our water systems are pumping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The improvements and repairs will need to be made by Crosby MUD. If Crosby MUD does not pass a Bond to pay for it, then all the water rates will have to go up even higher, and our rates are already high.”

Cost to taxpayers
The proposal would see a shift to MUD taxes of about 5 cents per $100 valuation, if the bond does not pass then the facility, forced by law to make compliance, would see an increase from an average $50 monthly water bill up to $90.

Blizzard expanded, “It is my desire to see our community be economical in the way it uses your tax money. This Bond issue is the key to helping our community provide quality water at the best price. Crosby MUD has been very successful and conservative in the past Bond election of 4 million dollars. [in year 2000] It is my hope that the community will see we have put your taxes to good use.”

This is not the MUD’s first bond election in recent memory.

Blizzard said the issues addressed in the 2000 bond package are different from those in the 2005 package.

“The past bond dealt with mainly improving the wastewater side. This new bond will be dealing more on the water side,” he said.

Relatively speaking the proposed water tax is substantially more economical than the 45 cents per $100 valuation in other, larger water districts.

There has also been discussion that a bond passage will not solve all the problems.

One potential problem is that if the bond is passed would MUD have enough funds to handle future growth.

In 2000, voter passed a $4 million bond package and by the time the new 300,000 gallon tank was on-line the district was at capacity.

Experts say that another problem is that even if the bond is passed it will take another 18 to 24 months to make the upgrades.

Failure, however is not an option, says MUD.

If the bond does not pass, officials say the problems would still exist and it will take even longer to get action, which would result in inflated prices and more of a tax burden.

Crosby student sent home for ‘hit list’

CROSBY – A sixth grade girl penned a list of schoolmates and faculty headlined “Kill” at Drew Intermediate School and the pupil was caught at it on Monday, April 25, according to Crosby Superintendent Don Hendrix.

Precinct 3 Constables are investigating the charge of “terroristic threats” and many here wonder what can be done about it, to keep the kids safe from another Columbine massacre.

What is seems lacking is credible evidence of an intent to carry out the threat. But there is lots of hearsay abounding among students and parents.

School officials learned of the note Monday at about 3:00 p.m. and the child took the bus to school the following day with her mother, before law enforcement was brought in. On that Tuesday, the mother of the list-maker met with the Drew principal, and fellow students and their parents were also given word. Fifteen people on the list were interviewed by Constable Jones’ staff and four seemed to think there was something to worry about.

A week’s suspension was given to the child, while psychological evaluations are conducted and alternative schooling is facing the child for now, according to Hendrix. The D.A.’s Office will look into any possible criminal charges, according to Captain Hagee of the Constable’s office.

Blues legend Bland plays Crosby Saturday

CROSBY – This largest concert festival in the history of this area returns to the Rock n’ C Arena as the Budweiser Southern Blues Festival on Saturday, May 7.

According to Debora Delasbour, “Ah, at last our true love has come along – the Blues.
The matriarch of all music that stirs the soul. It can transcend you … to the past and present … take you from tears to laughter … reminiscing on love lost and found … feelings of joy and pain… It takes you home, to the hole in the wall and why it can even take you to church!
No other music can take you on such a ride! Its sound and effect on the human spirit is universal because the blues evokes emotions of life’s experiences. It’s your soul crying out to be heard! And if you want to travel that emotional rollercoaster for the ride of your life there is no grander destination than
The Budweiser Southern Blues Festival at the Crosby Fairgrounds in Crosby, Texas! The Budweiser Southern Blues Festival is ‘Reloaded’ and welcomes you to attend so your soul can be released. Saturday, May 7, 2005, at 14920 Crosby-Lynchburg Road at the Crosby Fairgrounds in Crosby, Texas, is the baptismal day for the deliverance of a good time for twelve hours! The gates open at 12 noon, the show starts at 1:00 pm and ends at midnight.”

Tickets for adults are $23.00 and can be purchased at any Ticket Master location as well as at the gate on the day of the show. Tickets for children eleven years and under are $10.00 and can only be purchased at the gate. Parking is $4.00; RV parking is $10.00 and please be advised there are no hook-ups for your RV.

This festival, held the first Saturday in May, kicks off the vast celebrations that the month brings followed by Mother’s Day, the end of the school year, graduations and the best of all the beginning of summer.

May is the ultimate party month and there is no place better to get in the groove then the Crosby Fairgrounds! And speaking of Mother’s Day, the festival falls on that weekend and in honor of those ladies, a few will walk away with some great door prizes if they hold the lucky ticket.

Door prizes range from gift certificates to beautiful gift baskets to the grandest of them all: a trip for two. The Budweiser Southern Blues Festival offers a taste of the best.

Not only will you receive the traditional down home blues you are so accustomed to but also a taste of its offspring Southern Soul! Southern Soul is genetically flavored with more R&B providing that extra spice to those familiar chords distinctively known to the blues. The sound is fresh and yet familiar while honoring its blues heritage but more importantly Southern Soul is creating a legacy of its own.

Robert Calvin Bland is the renowned Bobby “Blue” Bland. Baby Boomers recognize as the author of many of the songs sung by English rockers. The 1997 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner is a genuine influence on much of the music that was written in the 1970s and still bears heavily in the new century.

The 1992 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee’s songs of the ’50s and ’60s hits have been rerecorded by artists throughout the musical spectrum.

If anyone recognizes the titles, “Turn on Your Love Light,” “I Pity the Fool,” then they probably thought “That’s The Way Love Is” was a Country song. As his Blues sounds became popular in many genre he switched briefly to a defined Jazz style. “St. James Infirmary” or “Stormy Monday” helped established a distinctive tone in the American psyche.

Tickets are on sale at the gates at 11:00 a.m. or call (281) 471-5060 or visit the festival website:

Area school board elections planned

EAST HARRIS COUNTY – Voting for the local school boards will be held Saturday.

The Crosby ISD will see one race on the ballot this year.

Longtime board member Earl Boykin is seeking reelection to Position #7. He is being challenged by Eileen O’Bier.

Position #7 encompasses Indian Shores, Lake Shadows, Heathergate, Tall Cedars and parts of Newport sections 6 and 10.

Running unopposed this year are Dan Kasprzak and Carla Mills Windfont. Kasprzak holds the Position 6 seat, which is the only at-large seat on the board while Windfont represents Position #5.

Huffman, like Crosby, will have one race on the ballot.

Incumbent Ken Moran is being challenged by Guy Smith for the Position #7 seat.

Ray Burt is unopposed in the Position #6 race.

The decision by Jepp Busch to not seek another term on the Goose Creek CISD board of trustees had opened the Position #6 race to two candidates.

Bob Hoskins and Jerry Vinson are seeking the seat that represents the far-east side of Harris County and parts of Chambers County, which sends students to Austin Elementary and Cedar Bayou Junior.

Position 7, which includes de Zavala Elementary and Horace Mann Junior, in southeastern Baytown, will see an incumbent challenged by a former trustee.

Trustee Steve Fischer is being challenged by former board member David Havel.
Polls will be open Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Buck’s no-hitter clinches Cougar district title

CROSBY – The Crosby Cougar Baseball team won district 19-4A with a 4-1 victory over the Dayton Broncos Friday afternoon at Cougar Field.

Just as Mike Scott did for the Astros in 1986, Sophomore Trey Buck pitch a no hitter in the deciding game to win the district. Buck was dominant as he struck out 10 Broncos to pick up his fifth victory.

Senior Dusty Ashworth had a key triple driving in a run to help the Cougars secure the victory.

Timely hitting and exceptional defense led to the victory as the Cougars were a perfect 9-0 at home this season.

The Coogs also won 20 games in the regular season- a first for Crosby baseball in a long time. The Cougars are now playoff bound, as they have a bye in the first round of the Texas High School State Playoffs. They await the winner of District 17 Third place finisher- Longview Pine Tree vs. the runner-up of District 18- New Caney.

The games against one of these opponents will be the weekend of May 12th. Sites and date yet to be determined.

The Cougars played a warm-up game vs. Barbers Hill at Barbers Hill Tuesday Night, as they prepared for their run at a state title.

Crosby golf team makes return trip to state

CROSBY – The Crosby Cougars boys golf team will be returning to the state tournament for their second straight year after winning the 4A Region III this past weekend at Raven Nest Golf Course.

Crosby won the tournament with a two-day total of 636, edging out Willis by one stroke. The Cougars opened the tournament with a a first-day team total of 319, tying them atop the leaderboard with Montgomery. Willis was sitting in fifth place with a 328.

The Wildkats attempted a come-back on the second day, turning in a a tournament-best 309 but they could not dig themselves of of the hole they dug the first day and Crosby was able to take the title with a 317.

Kevin Day led the Cougars with a 154, placing him sixth overall. Dustin Morris shot a 155 for the tournament.

Daniel Lorren turned in a 164, Jason Petitt show a 168 and Jacob Burleson shot a 171.
Crosby also had a second team entered in the tournament, which finished 12 of 16 with a 726.

Ryan Fallwell led this teamwith a 172. Kerry Johnson shot a 177. Darren Hammers and Matthew Dawson each turned in a 191 and Brian Gabryszwski shot a 194.