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Posts published in “Day: October 6, 2005

HOT Time in the Kitchen

Broke out the old Black and Decker food processor yesterday and used the top blade to slice 58 jalapeno and 51 serrano pods of pepper along with 8 carrots and 6 half green Roma tomatoes. Reckon you could say that is preparation for canning peppers. Also found some of the high dollar sesame seed oil and used it in the concoction as well.
What the oil does is help hold the hot to whatever you lick. As I licked my lips, sure enough the pucker started to get hot too after taking a tiny sip of the juice. Do believe a little of this batch will go a long way.
Continuing in the cooking mood this morning, there is a meatloaf in the oven @ 350°. There is almost a cup of oatmeal, a can of diced tomatoes, egg, and splash of Worcestershire sauce (had to get the bottle to spell it) and half a bell pepper diced to give flavor.
Don’t do meatloaf when we go out anymore as it creates one terrible case of indigestion thereafter as if it had been cooked in coon oil. It just ain’t worth it so I’m making my own.
Saw a picture of a stuffed eggplant this past week and it did look good. That got the old gourd to thinking about making something like it but use a Butternut or Acorn squash as the bowl and stuff it with shrimp, avocado, diced tomatoes and something else. Of course anything sounds good when you are hungry, eh?
Heard the electric company had a crew come down from Ohio to work on the downed power lines and all. Said they had to go back home because they could not stand the heat. Makes sense to me because it certainly has been sho’nuff hot after the hurricane.
Harris County missed the bullet this time big time!
The cooking mood has put me in another mood now as the eggplant bowl, for what was intended has collapsed while it was being baked in the oven, so no bowl to stuff.
Did fry the strips of eggplant that were cut out and they were right tasty. Well all except the strips that contained seeds, as those pieces were very bitter and not fitting to eat.
The baked Butternut squash was delicious and eaten naturally without any seasonings.
That picture of the eggplant sure did look good though.

Whitney Bell crowned Miss Highlands 2005

HIGHLANDS—Whitney Bell beat out a field of eight competitors to win the title of Miss Highlands, at the annual pageant hosted last Saturday by the Highlands Horizons.
Traditionally, the Miss and Junior Miss Highlands Pageants are the final events of the Highlands Jamboree. However, because of an uninvited guest named Rita, it was the first event of the year.

Following a western theme, the pageant began with an opening routine to Jessica Simpson’s version “These Boots Are Made For Walking.”
The contestants were rated by a panel of three judges in the categories of sportswear presentation and interview and evening gown. The girls were also judged during the opening routine with the points being used in the event of a tie.
The highlight of the evening was an optional talent competition. Brittany Dew won the talent award.
Lauren Dew, 2004 Miss Highlands, said the interview was, for her, both the most exciting and nerve-racking part of the competition. Each girl is asked to respond to a question, which is kept secret until the pageant. The other contestants are kept back stage where they can not hear the others’ response. This year’s question was ‘If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?’. The most popular response was to donate it to charity.
Before the new Miss Highlands was named, five special awards were given.
Kathryn Dunlap, daughter of Highlands Horizons founding member Jennie Robbins, presented the Jennie Robbins Community Service award to the contestant who best embodied the idea of community service. Bell was also named recipient of this award.
Bell and Brittany Smalley won the Congeniality award. This award is considered extra special because the contestants vote on it.
Candace Smith won the award for high-ticket sales. Prior to the pageant, the contestants had their pictures taken at a mother-daughter tea. The judges reviewed the photos and Heather Roffe was named Most Photogenic.
In the voting for Miss Highlands, Holly Pogue was named first runner-up and Dew was named second runner-up.
As the new Miss Highlands, Bell’s duties will include representing Highlands at social events including the Baytown Business Expo, Highlands Christmas Tree Lighting, Baytown Christmas Parade, Rotary Club’s Chili Feast and the Pilot Club’s Community Day festival.
Earlier in the day, Kayla Neathery won the Junior Miss title. Jasmine King was first runner-up and Erin Edwards was named second runner-up.
Neathery will join Bell in representing Highlands at special events.
The addition awards were given to Allison Little for high-ticket sales; congeniality went to Lexi Edwards and Neathery won the most photogenic.
During the pageant, King performed the Vitameatavegamin skit from the “I Love Lucy” show which earned her the talent award.
During the interview portion, the girls were asked what one thing they would change at their school if principal for a day. Changing the dress code was the most popular answer, with particular attention to shirts being worn untucked.

TxDOT to hold Hwy 90 Meeting

The Texas Highway Department will take a major step toward completing the new US90 Crosby Freeway next week, by holding a public meeting for comments from the public on right-of-way issues.
The “Open House” meeting is scheduled to be held Tuesday night, Oct. 11, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm in the Monument Room of the Student Center on the San Jacinto College North campus.

This is located at 5800 Uvalde Road in the North Shore area. The meeting room is on the second floor of the Slovacek Student Center.
This portion of the Freeway is to be built from the I-10/IH- 610 intersection (near the new HCC East campus) to Beltway 8 (near SanJac North campus). This will essentially complete the highway and allow through traffic from downtown Houston, to Crosby and Dayton.
This segment of the highway is planned to be 5.1 miles long, according to TxDOT, and consist of a 6 and 8 lane controlled access roadway. Right of Way width is planned to be 420 feet. Frontage roads will be built between Wallisville/Maxey to Normandy.
The meeting is set for the purpose of presenting the latest plans and schedules, and to review results of a revised Environmental Impact Statement.
The meeting is open to all parties interested in this highway. Additional information is available from TxDOT at 713-802-5072.

Jamboree reset for Saturday October 29

HIGHLANDS—The 49th Annual Highlands Jamboree will be held Oct. 29.
Originally planned for Oct. 1, Greater Highlands-Lynchburg Area Chamber of Commerce President Roy Elliott said that in light of Hurricane Rita, which hit Texas Sept. 23, he didn’t think that holding the festival a week later would draw the size of crowds that the chamber is expecting.
The festival date is not the only change being made because of Rita.

According to chamber spokesperson Ramona Jones said the venue would also change. “Activities will be held at the Highlands Elementary; in the gym, cafeteria and outside for the food booths.” Jones said the chamber hoped to use the Highlands/ San Jacinto Community Centers but was informed the county-run buildings were previously reserved through the end of the month.
Another change is the Children’s Pageant. While not a chamber-sanctioned event, the children’s pageant historically is held the same day as the Jamboree. Last week, pageant director Joyce Brown said it would be held on Oct. 8. However, Jones said once the new date for the Jamboree was set, Brown opted to postpone to the pageant again until Oct. 29. The children’s pageant will be held at the Chinquapin School.
While the dates and venue has changed, Jones said the activities would not change. On Oct. 28, a Friday Night Street Dance will be held outside the fire station at 123 San Jacinto St. Admission is $2 a person.
Saturday’s activities will kick off with a Fun Run and bike ride. At 10 a.m. there will be the annual parade down Main Street featuring the newly crowned Miss Highlands. The festival will begin shortly after the close of the parade at the elementary.