Are weddings better the second time ‘round?

Last freeze?
Lost a third of the tomato crop due to the recent freeze; fortunately only nine plants were in the ground. Ole sod buster from Highlands didn’t lose a plant and he has sixty tomato plants in the ground.
He has his purple martin houses up as well and says it’s time. Off I go to the car wash this morning and washed the bird house as well as myself. Nasty job!

Fish find
Broke down and bought a package of tilapia fish (filets) this past Friday which turned out to be better than catfish. It has a firmer meat and no worms were found.
Liked it so much that we had them again the next day. Fried that is, the way fish were meant to be cooked.

Second wedding blues
One can sure tell spring is in the air or just around the corner; with the runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing; even wake myself up sneezing sometimes while still in a deep sleep.
Had a bad dream last night and glad nature called and woke me up. Was fixing to get married again to some unknown and for an unknown reason. Thanks Ma Nature!
Both me and the Mrs. agree that neither of us will get married again. Took 38 years to train this one and don’t have the patience or energy to go thru all of that again.
Going from Word Perfect to Microsoft Office Word is a whole lot easier to do than getting married again.
Lots of folks have said that after the second or so marriages they will never get married again. Know some that have been married so many times that they have rice marks on their face.
Those long, lonesome nights sure do get boring by yourself, others have said.
One ole boy said he’ll get one who cannot speak English while another says he’ll get him a young one. Another said the next one will be for money instead of lust.
A companion or friend sure makes the time go by and a good cure for the lonesome’s.
Somebody to talk to and listen sure takes the monotony out of the day.
Do like to get some of my lady friends who are widowed and all. “You ain’t got married again yet?”
Some reply quickly with a “Hell No” while others say different.
How about you? If you lost your mate, would you consider marriage again?
Shacking up will get you in trouble, but it seems the way most are going now days.