State suspends Crosby doctor’s medical license

CROSBY— The Texas Medical Board has suspended a Crosby doctor’s license following “allegations of sexual misconduct with female patients.”
On Aug. 15 the Disciplinary Panel of the Texas Medical Board suspended David Mark McClellan’s license. Documents obtained by the Star-Courier indicate that while the suspension is temporary the board has ordered that the license remain suspended until lifted by an Order of the Board.
The board, in making their decision, noted that McClellan violated no less than three sections of the Medical Practice Act specifically “engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior or comments towards a patient.”
The board also concluded that McClellan’s “continuation in the practice of medicine would constitute a continuing threat to the public welfare.”
The panel found that on or about May 14, 2007 McClellan saw a patient (referred to by initials in board documents). They reported that not only did McClellan fail to have a chaperone present during the examination but that he exposed himself to her and made sexual advances toward the patient.

McClellan says that he is innocent of the charges and that once he is heard he expects to be cleared of the allegations.
“This is a terrible thing that has happened to me and the community,” he said. He added that he believes the allegation come from those in the community wishing to do him harm.
On Aug. 29 McClellan will appear before the board to present his case. He said he expects the board to reverse their decision. If not, he added, there are avenues of appeal available.
McClellan said it is not uncommon for the board to suspend a doctor’s license before they hear all the facts of a case. “They spend about 2% of their time granting licenses and about 98% taking them away.” Each month, he said, the board suspends between 40 and 60 licenses.
This is not the first time that McClellan has been in trouble for alleged misconduct, according to the board.
History of allegations
The medical board said that in 2004 McClellan was accused of raping a patient. The board noted that “a police report was filed, but the patient later refused to cooperate with authorities.” He was also accused of fondling another patient in 2004.
Also in 2004, McClellan was the subject of a formal complaint filed by the Texas Medical Board “that included eight patients with allegations of various types of sexual misconduct.” This complaint led to McClellan being placed on probation. One of the terms of the probation was that he have a chaperone present during examinations of female patients.