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Posts published in “Day: October 4, 2007

Garcia starts Baytown Metro bus stop

Sylvia Garcia, Harris County Commissioner for Precinct 2, poses with Metro officials commemorating the opening of the Baytown Express Park and Ride Bus Route 236 last Wednesday. The first buses rolled toward Houston on October 1, the first week is free.
“This is a big win for people in this part of the region. I think more people from Chambers County, maybe even Galveston because it is closer to come into Houston. There will be people coming from Crosby, Highlands, that area. I think it is strategically placed to attract an area of the region that is not getting any bus service at all. The bottom line here is: there is no city outside of the loop that has bus transit of any sort. We are not here to try to be a bus company, we are here to try to move people. It’s about mobility. It’s about getting them to where they need to work or play or get better job training or education. So, we will be visiting with all the steak holders to try to get as many people to participate as possible,” said Garcia at the Wednesday, Sept. 26, press conference.

TxDOT expands FM 2100 in Huffman

Huffman residents turned out Wednesday, Sept. 26, to see drawings and offer information on widening F.M. 2100 from F.M. 1960 to Huffman–New Caney Rd at Hargrave High. The project purpose is to improve traffic movement and safety. Here residents examine the environmental impact study that designated issues with wetlands, creek crossings, crossing pipelines and noise. The proposed would widen FM 2100 to four lanes with a divided median. Outside shoulders are to be provided in each direction. The curves in FM 2100 are said to be “improved” or softened. The roadway is said to be called for due to projected growth and economic development.

Cougars slam Smiley 52-20

CROSBY– Durran Starks made sure his final homecoming game at crosby was a special one as he contributed six touchdowns in Crosby’s 52-20 district win over Smiley.
After falling behind 7-0 in the first, Starks pulled his team within one points with a 16-yard pass to Zeph George. Smiley returned the favor three and a half minutes later.
The Cougars got the touchdown back later in the quarter when Chris Murphy caught a 14-yard pass from Starks.
A missed extra point earlier in the quarter allowed Smiley to enter the second quarter with a one-point lead. That was all Crosby would give them as the Cougars responded with six concectutive touchdowns over the next two quarters to build up a 52-14 lead.
Starks got the scoring going four and half minutes into the second with a 17-yard pass to Xavier Frank.
Showing they could run the ball as well as throw, Crosby turned to Chance Casey who scored on a 19-yard run.

With 1:21 left in the first half and the Cougars lined up on the Smiley 5-yard line Toris Doze took the handoff and scored. This gave Crosby a 32-14 halftime lead.
The Cougars weren’t done yet. Three minutes into the second half Starks threw a 24-yarder to George for a touchdown.
Showing his mobility Starks then picked up a rushing touchdown midway through the quarter.
The final Cougar touchdown of the night came with 1:47 left in the third when Starks completed a pass to Frank. Frank was off to the races, carrying the ball 74 yards for a touchdown.
While the Cougar offense was picking apart Smiley’s defense, the Crosby “D” was able to keep their opponents quiet for nearly three quarters of play.
Crosby forced three turnovers in the game, two coming on fumbles. While allowing 305 yards rushing, Crosby’s pass defense shut down Smiley. Smiley used two quarterbacks who completed a combined three of eight passes.
The Cougars will face a tougher test this week when they travel to Barbers Hill. Barbers Hill is coming off a 49-18 win over Forest Brook.
With both teams posting a 3-1, 1-0 record the teams will try to establish themselves as a playoff contender.
They will also both keep an eye on the game in Huffman, where the district’s only unbeaten team Galena Park faces Huffman.

Retirees need regular – and the potential for rising – income

In all likelihood, the prices of goods and services will continue rising year by year. This may not be too much of a problem for you when you’re working, because your salary is probably also going up over time. But when you retire, you may find that inflation becomes a bigger concern – and that’s why you need to take steps to help provide some investment sources that have the potential for rising income during your retirement years.
Of course, as a retiree, you may feel that you need to invest more conservatively than you did when you were working. After all, you may think, you’re no longer drawing a paycheck, so you can’t really afford to take chances on investments that constantly fluctuate in value. Consequently, you may be inclined to stick with fixed-income vehicles, such as investment-grade bonds and certificates of deposit (CDs). When you purchase these securities you typically have the expectation that your principal will be preserved and you will receive regular interest payments. So, there’s no risk involved, right?

Actually, that’s not the case. Bonds, CDs and other fixed-income investments carry their own type of risk purchasing power risk. Suppose, for example, that your bonds and CDs provide you with interest income of $1,000 a year. Even with a relatively mild inflation rate of 3 percent, your $1,000 will only be worth $863.00 in five years, and $744.00 in 10 years. And if inflation picks up to 5 percent, the purchasing power of your $1,000 will drop to $774.00 in five years and to just $614.00 in 10 years.
Those are big drops. And if you spend two or even three decades in retirement – a definite possibility – you could lose even more purchasing power if you invest solely in fixed-income vehicles. That’s why you need to consider investments that provide you with not just regular income, but the potential for rising income. That’s why you may want to consider dividend-paying stocks.
You can now find dividend-paying stocks in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, food producers, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, technology, publishing and others. But in searching for stocks that pay good dividends, it’s important not to be “short-sighted” and just go after those companies that seem to be paying the highest dividends at the moment. You need to be sure that a company’s earnings are sufficiently strong to support its dividend payouts. If a firm’s earnings are weak, it may well cut its dividends, thereby jeopardizing your income stream.
By doing some research, you can find many stocks that have actually increased their dividends for 25 or more consecutive years. Although past performance is not an indication of future results, that’s a pretty good track record, and it’s an indicator of strong, well-run companies who seek to reward their investors.
Still, as a retiree, you do need to keep two points in mind about dividend-paying stocks. First, they are not obligated to pay dividends, no matter how good their history they have the ability to increase, decrease or totally eliminate dividend payments at any time without notice. And second, they are stocks, which means their price can and will fluctuate so it is possible to lose some or all of your initial investment amount.
In short, dividend-paying stocks can be a valuable part of your portfolio during your retirement years – but you should also include bonds, CDs, government securities and other investments. By making the right moves, you can work to stay ahead of inflation without taking on an excessive degree of risk. And that’s a winning combination.