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Posts published in “Day: November 29, 2007

Highlands Jr. principal answers questions about new campus

HIGHLANDS– Highlands Junior School principal Steve Herring recently addressed the issue of the new HJS campus during a Question and Answer session.
What is your mindset right now as the district tries to decide when the new campus will open?
We continue to look forward to being in our new building and want to work with the contractor to ensure that the building is in a safe, orderly, and welcoming condition for the children and staff members. While we had hoped to be in the building as soon as possible, we don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of the schedule.
What plans are you guys making as a staff for either a January opening or remaining in the current building?
Plans will be made as soon as an occupancy date is determined.
How is the situation affecting teachers? Students?
Because of the uncertainty about the move-in date, we have not discussed this with our students. Our teachers have been told that the move is on hold at the present. As always, they are focused on helping our students to succeed in school.

How much are students and teachers looking forward to the new campus?
We are excited about the new campus and the improved setting that it will offer. In the meantime, we continue to focus on teaching and learning in the current building until our new one is completed.
What will be the challenges of moving into the new campus? What will be the advantages?
Challenges will include packing and unpacking supplies and materials and setting up classrooms and other areas of the building. Many of our staff will give of their personal time to ensure that the new building is organized in a manner that is best for students.
What message would you like to send right now to parents?
We will work closely with the contractor to determine a move-in schedule that will provide for a completed building and will be the least distraction from the instructional program.

Newspaper wins “Small Business of the Year” Award

North Harris Montgomery Community College District annually awards five local businesses, one in each of its college districts, the prestigious “Small Business of the Year” at an awards banquet.
In the North Harris College service area, the award was made to publisher Gilbert Hoffman and the Northeast News. This is one of four newspapers published by Grafikpress Newspapers, including the Highlands Star-Crosby Courier and Barbers Hill-Dayton Press..
The award is based on community service and exemplary business practices, job growth, and recommendations from community leaders.
A gala evening attended by over 350 persons at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Greenspoint was the setting for the 21st annual awards ceremony, sponsored by the Small Business Development Council of North Harris Montgomery Community College District.
The award winners were:
North Harris College, NORTHEAST NEWS, Gilbert Hoffman;
Cy-Fair College District, BOULLION GRAPHICS, Jill & Pat Boullion;
Kingwood College, LET’S MECHANICAL, Leonard Rogers;
Montgomery College, HOMEWATCH CAREGIVERS, Beverly Brinson; and
Tomball College, SERVPRO OF SPRING/TOMBALL, Kathleen & Anthony Scott.
The evening was emceed by Bennie Lambert, VP of Student Development at North Harris College. Also speaking was Chancellor Dr. Richard Carpenter, who took the occasion to announce the new name for NHMCCD, which is “Lone Star College District.”
The Small Business Development Center is under the direction of Sal Mira, who spoke about the logistics of the awards and the banquet, and thanked those who helped.

This included the title sponsor, Capital One, and other sponsors including Amegy Bank, UHY Advisors, Harry Bucalo, CenterPoint Energy, Greater Conroe Economic DC, Greespoint District, Joiner Partnership, Kingwood College, Newtek Business Services, Schubot Law Firm, Schulte Building Systems, Sterling Bank, and Resource Protection Mgmt.
Music for the evening was presented by the Ace Jazz Orchestra.
Mira explained that the process to choose the finalists had started with nominations for 180 firms, which had been narrowed to 15 businesses.
These included Boullion Graphics, Perry Pools & Spas, Schubot Law Firm, Frost Construction Company, Let’s Mechanical, The Filter Man Ltd., Biogime International, Daniel Office Products, Homewatch CareGivers, Magoo’s PrintShop, NorthEast News, Vest Rea & Associates, Chaparral Management Company, Schulte Building Systems, and SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball.
These firms had been judged by a committee of the SMDC advisory council, and judged on several submissions and letters of recommendation.
Each of the 15 finalists participated in a video interview that was presented during the evening’s ceremony. They had one minute to talk about their company and the reasons for its success, and the importance of the award to their business.
Also, after the awards were announced in each category, the winner was given an opportunity to address the audience with additional thoughts.
Other speakers during the evening included Jerry Lowry of the Greenspoint district, Paul Davidson regional president of Capital One, and Ray Laughter, Vice Chancellor of the NHMCCD.
The 15 finalists also had booths set up in the prefunction area to display details about their businesses.

Investments Can Make Great Holiday Gifts

Now that the holidays are here, you’re probably looking around for the right gifts for your loved ones. Of course, as you know, it’s not always easy to find gifts that are both meaningful and useful. This year, why not add financial gifts to your shopping list?
What types of financial gifts should you consider giving? Let’s look at a few possibilities:
*Contributions to Section 529 plans – If you have a child (or grandchild) that will be headed off to college in a few years, you may want to contribute to a Section 529 college savings plan. Your earnings and withdrawals will be exempt from federal taxes as long as the money goes toward paying college costs. There may be additional tax benefits to those who participate in their own state’s plan. Also, you can contribute generous amounts to your savings plan. Plus, you can change beneficiaries; if you’ve been putting money in a Section 529 plan for your child or grandchild, and he or she decides to forego college, you can transfer the money to another family member.
*Contributions to an IRA – If you know a loved one has an IRA, consider making a contribution. Many people don’t fully fund their IRA each year – so any help you can give toward that goal will be important.

*Stocks – Consider giving shares of a company that produces products or services that are used by your intended recipient. If you’re going to give away some of your own shares, you’ll need to know what you originally paid for the stock, how long you’ve held it and its fair market value at the date of the gift. Recipients of your gift will need this information to determine gains or losses if they decide to sell the stock. (You’ll also need to determine if you have to pay gift taxes. You can give up to $12,000 per year, free of gift taxes, to as many people as you want; over your lifetime, you can give up to $1,000,000 without incurring gift taxes.)
*Savings Bonds – They may sound old-fashioned and stodgy, but U.S. Savings Bonds can still make nice financial gifts, especially for young people who can use the money in the future. Among the most popular savings bonds are Series EE Bonds, which can be purchased in denominations ranging from $50 (or $25.00 for Electronic EE Bonds) to $10,000. Paper EE Bonds are sold at half their face amount and will increase in value until they are cashed in or reach final maturity in 30 years. Electronic EE Bonds are sold at face value and reach maturity immediately. You can learn more about Series EE Bonds and TIPS, or even purchase them directly, from the Treasury Department’s web site devoted to savings bonds:
A financial gift may not be traditional, but it can have a big impact on the recipient’s life – and it won’t be forgotten after the holidays.