We’re staying put…

Just did get the onion sets in the ground Saturday before the rains came. Wish I had bought a couple more bundles of the little onions now; they are right tasty at maturity.
Folks that live up country a bit do not have the benefit of a growing season such as ours here on the Gulf Coast.
The Mrs. made a rather odd statement the other evening stating she would like to move to the Smokey Mountains after she and I retire. Sell this place and get one up there.
If that ain’t up country, there ain’t a cow in Texas.
First words out of my mouth were, “It snows up there, what are we going to do when it snows?”
Without blinking an eye or smiling she said, “Hibernate!”
I mentioned in no uncertain terms that we ain’t bears.
Anyway, after a whole lot of pointing and clicking utilizing GOOGLE to search various pieces of real estate in or around the Smokey Mountains some interesting points were observed.

Not only does it snow up there, those states being Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina also have state income taxes. Tennessee does not tax wages but will tap your dividend and interest income.
There is barely any regular one story houses in the Smokey’s, the majority are two story log cabins and only have two bedrooms. 95% of the places have hot tubs and we had one of them before; not to mention they are built on a cliff or hillside on poles.
I was bound to find as many excuses as possible to keep from moving to the Smokey Mountains without making her too unhappy.
Summer time traffic in the Smokey’s is horrendous and that too is another deterrent, the Smokey’s have been found so to speak.
Over dinner at El Toro on Bayway, we talked further of moving to the Smokey’s when I began one by one of the negatives of moving from here. Not to mention not having any good Mexican food up there. They don’t know what fajitas are either.
Combined with the two bedrooms, two stories or more, snow, taxes, summer traffic, termites, and taxes she said, “We’ll stay here then.”
The thought of moving from this little house along the banks of Goose Creek after 29 years is frightening.
Talk with you next year.