It’s been a good week

It has been a good day as far as bird watching goes and I do like it.
Went out back this morning to see the Purple Martins and how many are here. So far, there are eight of them in and around the house.
The Purple Martins were waiting on me to put the house up last week. As I secured the pole to the base pole, two of them were circling wanting me to hurry up. I had just washed the house.
After counting the Martins, I noticed several Cedar Waxwings in the neighbor’s tree next to a Tallow tree. After getting the binocs, there were twenty of the Cedar Waxwings in the tree.
A very pretty bird the Cedar Waxwing, tan in color with a colored tail tip and a black mask. Somewhat like the shape of a good size, red Cardinal with the hair swooped back.
As I went out front to get in the truck, there were a male and female Cardinal out front playing chase in the tree and down and around to the ground.

It has been a good week as far as that goes. My day job is what one calls dialing for dollars and that gets me introduced to people for up to sixty months…sometimes much longer if the court gets involved.
Had one account with a repayment history of being 26 times over 30 days late. That means two payments due. Then to top that, they were 9 times over 60 days late meaning there were three payments due. Last but not least, how about 2 times 90 days late and you know what that means.
With dirt as collateral, one cannot hire a Repo man to go snatch it as you would a car.
Court has to be involved in the taking of real estate and a timely process it is.
The account paid off as in FULL last week. Made my day, it did!
It is like pulling a gray hair, get two more in its place.
With petrol going to four bucks a gallon, is it going to put a crimp in your cash flow?
Everything in your house is delivered by truck so standby. Groceries have already gone up as much as 40 percent.
One must learn to eat what is on sale at the supermarkets. I shop Food Town and find the prices fair compared to where the rich folks shop.
If you select what is on sale, you can save a few bucks to buy your petrol.
For instance salad dressing, I love blue cheese and a pint of my brand cost as much as a gallon of petrol.
I make our salad dressing now, same stuff my dad used back at Charlie’s Fish Camp.
Ketchup and mayo whipped up with a dash of lemon juice. The twins grew up on it and it is good on biscuits and baked potato.
Know the best way to get on your feet?
Miss two car payments.