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Posts published in “Day: May 1, 2008

Restaurant, hotel chains consider Crosby sites

CROSBYÑ The words growth and Crosby seem to have been synonymous for the past few years. Now it may continue again.
The Star-Courier has picked up information from at least two sources that interest in the building of another strip-mall along 2100 is being considered. A group of Dallas investors has made at least two inquiries in the past six months concerning the building of a strip-mall, with ChiliÕs Grill and Bar as the anchor, along the highway.
According to information provided the Star-Courier the first inquiry came shortly before Christmas, 2007. This newspaper picked that information up in early February and has been awaiting further confirmation. A second source provided similar information a few days ago. It would appear there is certainly room for such a mall on several sections of 2100 and it is believed the popular ChiliÕs chain would be a welcome attraction to the area.
Knowing that water and sewers are a continuing concern we contacted Crosby Municipal Utility District Board Member, Jerry Blizzard concerning further verification.

He told the Star-Courier that he has received no such inquiries about such a mall. However, he added, that if such is being considered his office should be contacted as building the mall Òwould have sewer problems south of Krenek Road and water problems north of Krenek.Ó
Certainly this newspaper and most likely the general population of the Crosby area would like to see such a mall added to the business climate for the area. The population continues to grow at a rapid rate with additional individual houses, new housing developments and 175 to 200 houses being added annually in Newport.
In other developments we have learned that inquiries have been made concerning the building of a new grocery store at the intersection of 2100 and 1960 in Huffman. It came from the developer representing a mid-sized grocery chain.
During the past couple of years rumors about inquiries from hotel chains locating in Crosby have been rampant. One of those, to be located on the ground currently housing the Frenz bar, appears to be some distance in the future.
The first inquiry is on more solid footing. A builder representing a major hotel chain has received approval from the local MUD office for water and sewer services if such a structure is built. According to Star-Courier sources it would be located between old Rt. 90 and new Rt. 90 near Keating Chevrolet. The builder has plans to erect a four-story structure. He originally represented Best Western but more recently indicated it would be a Holiday Inn.

MemorialÕs first coach outlines plans for future

HIGHLANDSÐ Interest and excitement are building as the opening of the new Memorial High School approaches. Sporting a shirt with the new school logo, an M with Memorial written across it, the new athletic director and head football coach, Bret Boyd, gave a talk recently to the Highlands Rotary Club regarding his approach to the athletic program at the school.
Boyd started by reviewing his history, as the son of a football coach at TAMU and UT. He also coached at Mississippi State with Jackie Sherril. Boyd can say that he has been involved around coaching for 39 years. Even his wife is a coach, he noted.
In his own career, Boyd has been coaching for 25 years, starting at a high school in McKinney for 8 years. His first head coaching job was at Brookshire Royal, where he was head coach for 2 years, followed by y years at Harlingen and 6 at Kileen Ellison.

Boyd is currently rounding out the hiring of his coaching staff at Memorial, and preparing for his first season. This will be with about 100 students that have come out for the team. They will be 9th and 10th graders. He is also working at Highlands Jr. with 8th graders to prepare them for future Memorial teams.
The varsity team will start practice on August 4th. The team will play at the 4A level, with the schedule as follows:
First game Aug. 16, Sharpstown, Aug. 21 Katy Mayde Creek. Subsuquent games with Pasadena, Pearland Dawson, Bellaire Episcopal (3A), NF Smiley/Forest Brook, Dayton, Crosby, Barbers Hill, Galena Park, CE King, Kingwood Park, and for now the final game is open.
Boyd said he places a premium on physical development of his players, and they spend time in the weight room. He also will let them play multi-sports.
He expects that in two years the team will be scheduled to play a non-district game with Lee and/or Sterling, and in 4 years will have grown into a 5A category. His scheme for play will emphasize the kicking game, use a 2 back offense, and an I-formation.

Suspected burglar fatally wounded

LYNCHBURGÑA suspected burglar was fatally wounded at a Lynchburg area restaurant after being surprised by the owner.
According to Harris County SheriffÕs Office Sgt. Larry Davis, who is assigned to the Homicide division, on April 27, at approximately 11:50 p.m., the owner of Four Corners Bar-B-Q, Donald Prejeant, was contacted at his home by the alarm company that monitors his business and told of possible entry intoÊthe business.
ÒThe owner left his home and drove theÊshort distance to the B-B-Q stand and observed a broken window and a male inside his business,Ó Davis said.
Concerned because Prejeant knew that guns were stored on the premises, he fired a single .45 caliber round at the suspect, fatally wounding him, Davis added.
The name of the victim is being withheld, pending notification of next of kin.
Davis said that the case would be referred to a Harris County Grand Jury with a recommendation that no charges be filed.

TCW celebrates 14 years and talkinÕ retirement

The month of May marks the fourteenth year Two Cents Worth has been in publication. From all this typing, hope you have: learned something, brought back an old memory or had a laugh. What do you want for two cents?
The month of May gives me spring fever with the itch to go somewhere and get out of Dodge if you have ever had the hankering. With the price of petrol, guess I will do like Four Dog does and just itch it.
AinÕt no telling where all of this high price of gas will end much less when? One can vision brokerÕs price hiking like they did with the electricity power brokers. Somebody is sure in high cotton with all this money going into deep pockets.

Funny thing (not really) but the government wants to bail out the big banks for their greed but us poor boys donÕt get bailed out from this price gouging of gas. Sounds like a case of the tail wagging the dog maybe?
I will take a piece of cheese with that whine, thank you very much.
Anyway, in what started out as an intelligent conversation with the Mrs. the other evening, the subject of retirement came up.
In carrying on what sounded like a good idea about retiring, we spoke of what all I could do since I have no real hobbies like golf or yachting or something of the sorts.
Somehow, the conversation came around to me being domesticated so I could take over the house cleaning, etc. She does not want me using her high dollar washer since I really messed up a load of laundry with a green work apron I brought back from Georgia. Wore green drawers and t-shirts for a while.
Still weaseling to get out of that part, I mentioned going to San Jacinto College couple times a week and playing golf and to the community center with the old folks.
There is possibility of volunteering at the hospital, but those old sick people make me hurt so that is out.
It is good to marry a younger woman that way she has to continue working until her retirement and give me freedom to read and write and sleep until sunup.
Somehow, painting the garage and fixing the shutters popped into the picture and this and that and the list kept growing.
Needing to get on to a different subject, I told her I could gigolo on the side.
When the laughter finally finished, I got up and started supper..

Time is greatest ally of ÒGeneration YÓ

If youÕre a member of ÒGeneration YÓ – generally defined as those between the ages of 18 and 25 – youÕre probably thinking of many things: going to school, working at your first Ògrown-upÓ job, finding a good apartment, hanging out with friends, listening to your favorite bands and so on. But hereÕs something else you should think about: saving and investing for your future. As you work to reach your financial goals, youÕve got a great asset going for you: time.
In fact, time can work for you in a number of ways. LetÕs consider a few:
* YouÕve got time to develop good financial habits. Now is the perfect time in your life to develop sound financial habits. For example, donÕt abuse your credit cards – try to live within your means. Also, if you have student loans, set up a repayment schedule and stick to it. But even while youÕre repaying your loans, try to put aside some money each month in an investment account, even if itÕs only a modest amount. By doing so, you may be able to give yourself a financial Òcushion.Ó Just as importantly, you might develop a healthy interest in investing – an interest that can be useful as your career advances and you have more money available to invest.

* YouÕve got time to invest for growth. Many of your peers are investing too conservatively. The average Gen Y worker participating in a 401(k) plan is putting about 35 cents of every dollar into accounts containing bonds and other fixed-income securities, according to a survey conducted by Hewitt Associates, an employee benefits consulting firm. That means Generation Y members are investing more conservatively than their baby boomer parents, who only put in about 31 cents of every dollar into these fixed-income vehicles.
Since you have so many decades to go until retirement, you need to consider investing for growth – and that may mean purchasing stocks, because stocks have historically given the greatest opportunity for long-term returns. Of course, as weÕve seen quite dramatically in recent months, stocks can go down as well as up, and thereÕs no guarantee you wonÕt lose some or all of your initial investment. But, more than any other demographic group, you have time to potentially overcome short-term price fluctuations. So, both in and out of your 401(k), you should consider some exposure to quality stocks.
* YouÕve got time to establish appropriate financial strategies. As you move through your adult life, youÕll have many financial goals, such as buying a home, saving for college for your children and building resources for a comfortable retirement. To achieve these objectives, youÕll need to employ a variety of saving and investment strategies. Given your stage of life, you have time to carefully plan out these strategies to be as effective as possible.
* YouÕve got time to get the help you need. To improve your chances of meeting your long-term goals, you may want to work with a professional financial advisor – someone who will take the time to understand your needs, preferences and risk tolerance.
As a member of Generation Y, youÕve got a lot of hopes and dreams, and youÕve got time to achieve them – especially when you learn good financial and investment skills.

Date set for Old River-Winfree Founders’ Day

OLD RIVER-WINFREE—A full day of fun runs, pageants, car show and even a duck calling contest is planned for this year’s Old River-Winfree Founders’ Day celebration.
Colleen Fontenot, who is heading up the group of volunteers organizing the event said that this will be a way to help build community spirit.
This year’s event will in memory of Wesley Riggs, a Barbers Hill High graduate who was killed in action in Iraq.
The event will be Oct. 18. Fontenot said the day would begin with a 5K and 3K run/walk starting at the Old River Baptist Church and passing through Woodland Acres. The fun run and walk will also benefit the group Wounded Warriors. This organization is dedicated to helped soldiers and the families of soldiers who are wounded in action. The run/ walk will start after the opening ceremonies at 7 a.m.
A Family Fun area will open at 9 a.m. near the community center featuring a washer tournament, petting zoo and children’s games as well as food and craft vendors.
The Little Miss Old River Winfree Pageant, open to girls ages six and under, will be held on the community center patio at 10 a.m. This will be followed by a Dog Parade at 11:30 a.m.
A dessert contest is planned for 12 p.m. Throughout the day there will be an antique car, truck and motorcycle show held. Featured in the car show will be Rigg’s own car. Awards for the top entries will be presented at 2:30 p.m. This will be followed by a duck-calling contest at 3:30 p.m.
At 4:30 p.m. a group of historical reenactors, who will have a camp set up on Trinity River will recreate a 19th river fight.
For more information, including entry forms for the event go online to

West Chambers County assigned new 77523 ZIP code

MONT BELVIEU— The much anticipate new ZIP Code for West Chambers County was announced last week.
The new ZIP (Zone Improvement Pan) Code for Mont Belvieu, Beach City, Cove and parts of Old River-Winfree will be 77533.
West Chambers County Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board Guido Persiani said that the postal service has agreed to repeated requests for a ZIP code for street addresses within the city.
“The new Zip Code has been approved and will go into effect July 1, 2008,” said Persiani, who is also mayor of Beach City. He added that beginning May 15, the postal service will send mailer to all addresses affected by the change.
Missy Malechek, president of the chamber, said that they have been fighting with the postal service for 15 years to get a new ZIP code and that she was happy to see all of their work come to fruition.
The biggest obstacle for Mont Belvieu, she said, was the current post office on Eagle Drive was not largest enough to handle to additional staff and vehicles needed for street delivery. The postal service solved this problem by continuing to use Baytown’s main office as a processing center for mail going into Chambers County.
The post service will also post information at the local post offices.
While Mont Belvieu residents can rest a postal box and receive the 77580 ZIP code, street delivery is another matter. Currently some businesses and residents on Highway 146 are assigned a Baytown ZIP code. There is no street delivery outside the Baytown ZIP Code.

Barbers Hill ISD’s Poole arrested

CHAMBERS COUNTY– “I made the decision as a father, not as a superintendent,” said Dr. Greg Poole, of his decision not to bring his injured son back to the scene of an accident that took place in the early morning hours of April 26.
Poole, the superintendent of Barbers Hill ISD, said that he got a call around 3 a.m. saying that his son had been involved in an accident. When he arrived he found his pickup truck smashed against a utility pole and his 16-year old son bleeding from the mouth.
Poole sent his son to the hospital with his wife while he waited at the scene for authorities.
When a D.P.S. Trooper arrived, the trooper told Poole that he wanted him to bring his son back to the accident.
“I told him I wasn’t going to do it and that I would be responsible for his (the son’s actions). He said that if I didn’t bring him back I would be interfering,” he said. “I do not think I was interfering but he saw differently.”
Poole was arrested on a charge of Interfering with a Public Duty, a Class B Misdemeanor. He was booked into the Chambers County jail, where he stayed between two and three hours. Poole said that he was released on a personal bond.
“I did not try to use my position and there was no altercation,” Poole said. “I just did what I thought was right.”
There have been rumors that alcohol was involved in the accident. Poole denied this. “There was a lot of heavy rain and he hit a slick spot on the road. He just got his license and he doesn’t have a lot of experience.” He added that investigators found no evidence of alcohol at the scene.
Poole has not shied away from the issue either. He said that soon after it happened he sent a letter home to parents and posted a letter on the district’s website
“For two years I have represented Barbers Hill Independent School District is as positive manner as possible and it pains me more that you know to bring negative publicity to our district,” Poole wrote in the letter.
Poole said that his son received a concussion and had some tissue damage in his mouth but that he was thankful that he wasn’t hurt more. “We are lucky to have our son alive and everything else pales in comparison to the joy we have that God spared his life,” Poole wrote to parents. He also asked that parents keep his family in their prayers.
Poole’s next court date has not been set.