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Posts published in “Day: August 28, 2008

Hargrave 2008 Schedule and Varsity Roster

Falcons Varsity 2008

Aug. 29 at Willis
Sept. 5 vs. Kashmere
Sept. 12 at Santa Fe
Sept. 19 at Hamshire-Fannett District Schedule
Sept. 26 vs. Coldspring
Oct. 3 at Splendora
Oct. 10 vs. Cleveland
Oct. 17 at Liberty
Oct. 24 Bye Week
Oct. 31 vs. Sheperd (Homecoming)
Nov. 7 at Tarkington

All games begin at 7:30 p.m. Home Games are at Falcon Stadium

2008 Varsity Roster

1 Kevin McRae
2 Cory Lemons
3 Shelby Perrette
4 Christian Ponce
5 Jake Abshire
6 Tyler Pate
7 Jimmy Martin
9 Russel Sanders
10 Mitch Barker
11 Cole DeBerry
14 Anchor Ebanks
17 Steven Morales
20 Casey Martin
21 Marcel Tchussen
22 Blake Oguntope
25 Zach Rhodes
28 Vincent Adcock
32 BJ Rice
33 Tyler Orn
34 Brandon Galindo
40 Aaron Chandler
46 John Whitehead
47 Brian Hoover
50 Kyle DeBerry
54 Joey Gonsior
58 Joe Fregia
60 Cody D’Agrella
64 Adrian Falcon
71 Jeremy Palomo
72 Kyle Potter
77 Kurtis Frazier
79 Chris Thistle
80 Chad Boswell
81 Michael Hamilton
85 Joel Witwer

Crosby 2008 Schedule and Varsity Roster

Cougars Varsity 2008

Aug. 30 at Waco University
Sept. 5 vs. Port Neches-Groves
Sept. 12 Bye Week

District Schedule
Sept. 19 vs. C.E. King
Sept. 27 at Kingwood Park (6 p.m.)
Oct. 3 vs. Goose Creek Memorial (Homecoming)
Oct. 10 at Dayton
Oct. 17 vs. North Forest
Oct. 24 vs. Barbers Hill (Parent’s Night)
Oct. 31 at Galena Park
Nov. 7 at Bay City (Non-District Game)

All games begin at 7 p.m. unless noted Home Games are at Cougar Stadium

Varsity Roster

1 Forrest Tyler
2 Justin Herrera
4 Nick Collins
5 Kenny Huseman
6 Leo Hawthorne
7 Xavier Frank
8 Dominic Merka
10 Patrick St. Romain
12 Chance Casey
13 Mike Gettamy
14 Sam Malchar
15 Jordan Hansen
17 Kelvin Holmes
18 Wesley Holloway
20 Matt Woods
23 Luke Porter
24 Dylan Judy
26 Warren Hallum
27 Cameron Trench
28 Chance Meadows
30 Willie Rangel
32 Chris Corman
33 Robert Rangel
35 Ryan Nutt
44 Moses Melendez
45 Randy Rasmussen
46 Jamal Gorrel
47 Arthur Vega
50 Paul Vega
51 Cooper Hall
56 Pedro Manriquez
60 Steven Jones
61 Michael Mangum
62 Jacob Schexnayder
66 Jordan French
69 Holden Wright
71 Thomas Jones
76 Frank Rangel
77 Donnie Greer
78 Kellen Olree
80 Gage Baker
81 Jake West
83 Paul Erwin
85 Christian Guillory

High School football returns with new foes, old rivalries

EAST HARRIS COUNTY — The 2008 football season will bring some new teams, renew old rivalries and for some a hope at redemption.

Opening Weekend

The regular varsity season kicks off this weekend. The first local team to take the field will be the newest addition to District 19-4A: Goose Creek Memorial High School.

The Patriots will field a varsity squad comprised of sophomores and juniors. The Patriots, under the direction of head Coach Bret Boyd will play the first regular game in school history against Pasadena High on Aug. 28 at Stallworth Stadium at 7 p.m.

Friday night action begins in Dayton as they host the Bay City Black Cats at 7 p.m. In Mont Belvieu the Barbers Hill Eagles will host the Port Neches Groves Indians at 7:30 p.m. while the Hargrave Falcons travel to Willis to play the Wildcats at 7:30 p.m.

The Crosby Cougars have the longest road trip of the week. They will travel to Waco on Saturday to participate in the Heart of Texas Classic against Waco University at 7 p.m.

New Foes, Old Rivalries

Every two years the University Interscholastic League (UIL) realigns districts, making adjustments due to travel and changes in student population.

The new 19-A retained Crosby, Barbers Hill, Galena Park and C.E. King. Hargrave moved down to 3-A, while New Caney moved up to 5-A. Coming to the district are newly created high schools Memorial and Humble’s Kingwood Park as well as a familiar face to Crosby fans- Dayton.

In the past Crosby and Dayton have had a heated rivalry. When the UIL split the schools two years ago, they paired Dayton with the East Texas schools. During those two years apart Dayton and Crosby met both times in the Bi-District rounds of the playoff, with the Broncos winning both games.

Then came North Forest. Originally Forest Brook and Smiley High were included in the district. However financial troubles forced the North Forest ISD to close one of its high schools and combine the players into one squad: the North Forest Bulldogs.

Crosby returns MVP

Crosby Head Coach Kevin Flanigan said that it is hard to predict how the season will play out, noting that past performance is no guarantee of future promise that his teams would “play hard every week and we’ll see where we’re at after 10 weeks.” Flanigan notes Galena Park, King and North Forest all have good athletes on their teams. While Barbers Hill failed to make the playoffs last year, Flanigan said they could be a dangerous team “Barbers Hill always plays hard and they do a good job on the field.”

Last year the only team to beat Smiley in district play was Crosby.

Crosby will bring back seven offensive starters and five defensive starters. Anchoring the team will be last year’s District Offensive MVP Chance Casey and 1st Team All District Wide Receiver Xavier Frank.

Eagles seek return to playoffs

Barbers Hill Head Coach Don Price said that looking at the schedule there are no easy weeks. “Obviously Dayton is the front runner. They have their core group of players returning. (Cody) Green and (A.J.) Dugat are legitimate Division 1 players.” King, Price noted, has the most returning starters from last year’s team.

“North Forest is the unknown at this time,” he said. “They have an unlimited potential by combining the squads.” Leading the Forest Brook Bulldogs is tailback Michael Sigers, who many considered the fast sprinter in the district.

Barbers Hill will return their starting quarterback Tony Carmona as well as two offensive linemen. To make up for the loss of their defensive front, Price is moving Jake Ponder from the offensive line to the defensive line.

Back in 3A

“We’re happy to be back in it (22-3A),” Hargrave Coach Mike McEachern said. “There is a lot of history and some old rivalries between the schools.” As one the defending district tri-champions, Cleveland is expected to bring a good team to the field. “We are really looking forward to playing Liberty,” McEachern said. “Hargrave has never beaten Liberty and we would like to be the first to do it.” The team returns seven offensive and seven defensive starters.

Leading the charge will be Running Back Tyler Pate and Nose Guard Aaron Chandler.

4 Corners BBQ owner cleared in burglary suspect’s death

LYNCHBURG — A Lynchburg-area restaurant owner will not stand trial for fatally wounding a suspected burglar this past April.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office said that on Aug. 20 a Grand Jury issued a “No Bill” against Donald Prejeant in the shooting. The “No Bill” means that the Grand Jury felt that circumstances surrounding the shooting did not warrant criminal charges considering the evidence submitted at the time of the review.

According to Harris County Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Larry Davis, who is assigned to the Homicide division, on April 27, at approximately 11:50 p.m., Prejeant, the owner of Four Corners Bar-B-Q was contacted at his home by the alarm company that monitors his business and told of a possible unauthorized entry into the business.

“The owner left his home and drove the short distance to the barbecue stand and observed a broken window and a male inside his business,” Davis said.

Prejeant fired a single .45 caliber round at the suspect, fatally wounding him, Davis added.

The name of the victim has not been released to the public.

Davis said that they referred the case to a Harris County Grand Jury with a recommendation that no charges be filed against the business owner. That action does not preclude civil litagation in such matters.

Daughter performs parent’s wedding

Pastor Sharon Sabom helps make it legal after 55 years

HIGHLANDS — It is not unusual for a couple to renew their wedding vows, especially on a significant anniversay. But to be remarried legally 55 years after the fact is a bit strange.

This unusual occurrence happened in Highlands last week.

Duffie and Charlene Monroe were married in Baytown on July 26, 1953, by a Lutheran pastor. A reception was held at Charlene’s parent’s house on John Martin Road.

Now fast-forward 55 years. Sharon Sabom, pastor of Highlands United Methodist Church said that her mother called her on Aug.19 with a most unusual story and request.

“She and Dad have decided to be buried in Mission, TX, in the VA cemetery there. They have plots in Houston, and as the executrix of their estate, they wanted me to know the changes. They spoke with a representative from the VA, who informed them what papers were necessary, including a copy of the marriage license,” Sabom said. “Mom commented that she didn’t know where that document was – or if they had ever received one. They have moved several times, and are currently residing in their RV.”

The representative from the VA advised the couple to go to the courthouse or courthouse annex and get a certified copy and send it with the necessary paperwork, and that would be fine.

“They went to the courthouse annex in Humble as they were staying near Conroe. After an extensive search, they were informed that the State of Texas has no record of them every being married,” Sabom said. “Evidently the pastor that performed the ceremony in 1953 never filed the paper work. Mom was calling to tell me that she and Dad were not “legally” married! This after just celebrating their 55th anniversary! So… before they left the court house annex, they got a marriage license.”

Sabom said that they wanted her to drive over and ‘get them married!’ “After I caught my breath from laughing so hard, I reminded them they had to wait 72 hours to get married after getting the license.”

The couple was married on August 23 p.m., in the sanctuary of Highlands United Methodist Church

Sabom’s brother, Malcolm, the senior pastor at Nederland First United Methodist Church, also helped with the ceremony, as did brothers Marshall and Duffie Wayne.

The eldest son, Duffie Wayne, walked his mother down the aisle and gave her away. Araby Michelle Sticksel, the eldest granddaughter, was the Maid of Honor, and Brandon Duffie Monroe, the eldest grandson served as Best Man.

“All this is just too funny, and we are blessed that our parents think it’s funny also, and are having a good time with this,” Sabom added.

Support needed for fire dept. “Fire Day”

To the Business Community,

The Crosby Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary (CVFDLA) is currently planning their Annual “Fun Day” to be held on Saturday, September 27, 2008 at the Crosby Fairgrounds from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. “Fun Day” is a day that children of all ages can come out and play games, have fun, learn, eat, see and climb in Life Flight and Fire Trucks, visit with our community Volunteer Firefighters and watch demonstrations such as jaws-of-life and the Smoke House, which teaches children how to crawl under “smoke”.

We are currently asking area businesses for donations to this event. All donations are a tax write-off and we will provide you with a receipt. There are three different levels of sponsorships available, the first level is $50 and you or your business will have a sign placed, by the Fire Department, up at Fun Day. The second level is $75 and you/your company will have a bigger sign at Fun Day, and their name listed in our pamphlet that is handed out to every person that comes. The third level is our $200 level and you/your company will have the bigger sign, your name in the pamphlet and you/company’s name will be added to the flyers we post around town and to all the children pre-k through 4th grade.

We would greatly appreciate notification as soon as possible as to what your organization is willing to donate to “Fun Day”. If you are able to assist please contact Farah Orchard by phone: 281-387-9082, or email: or KC Robinson by phone: 832-597-3202, or email:

Thank you for your consideration!

With grateful appreciation,
Farah Orchard & KC Robinson
CVFDLA Fun Day Chairs’

The Olympic Experience comes to a close

“Tonight, we come to the end of 16 glorious days which we will cherish forever.” With those words, International Olympic Committee President, Jacques Rogge began the wind-up of the Olympics in China this past Sunday. According to the Associated Press 91,000 people attended the closing ceremonies.

By then, son David was safely nestled in his Newport home after 10 days in China. He called while I was submitting last week’s column to tell us he was home. He was tired but “glad he attended.” He and his varied Houston friends who traveled together to that far off land are now back at work. All good things must come to an end.

By his and others review they were “glorious day,” for them, for the athletes and for China. I do wonder how much change in China this glimpse by the outside world will make—probably very little. The Chinese Communist regime isn’t going to bend. Admittedly, I am a political conservative and have little regard for much of China’s lack of civil rights. But, I do not expect to see many changes during the rest of my lifetime.

Dave and at least one of his traveling companions are already talking of going back to China sometime soon. They are interested in seeing Beijing, and perhaps more of China, without all of the trappings that came with the Olympics. There have been many stories of the government closing factories, changing business hours, doing extra cleaning, etc. to get rid of some of the smog that normally covers the city. They want to go back and see how much change China made just for the Olympics.

Inasmuch as this is my second column on the Olympics I’m sure you can tell I am a fan and friend of the Olympics, summer and winter. While I didn’t watch all of the TV coverage I did watch a lot and managed a little each day. I’m a great fan of the athletes who have worked their hearts out to get to the Olympics. I find myself happy for the winners and sad for those who have great expectations and then lose, sometimes because of injury or some mishap. Mike and Mike on ESPN gave the Olympics an “A” for the events and Opening and Closing Ceremonies. I would agree.

These United States athletes did well this year with 110 medals, 36 of them gold. I got a good feeling for these athletes as they stood on the podium awaiting their awards. I felt good for all of them—American or not. This morning, Monday, I counted the number of countries represented by the winners. There were more than 90 and some from countries one seldom hears about or might have difficulty finding on a map. As I remember pre-Olympic hype indicated there would be 225 or so countries participating.

In this regard we say good work to the athletes, the IOC, China and others who participated in the 2008 Olympics. It was a great show. Now, for the Summer Olympics it is on to London in 2012.

Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my home!