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Posts published in “Day: January 29, 2009

Crosby Volunteer Fire Department

The Crosby Volunteer Fire Dept. held their annual Appreciation Banquet on Jan. 24 at the Monument Inne.

During the invocation H.C. ESD#80 President Commissioner Bob Boyles mentioned the sacrifice of time for the protection and betterment of the community and in no year was this more appropriate than in reference to 2008. In addition to enabling their community to survive the bashing of Hurricane Ike, the department thrived. They replaced 25 year old engine 85 with a new engine 85. A new booster last Summer was put in service as Booster 82. Their work with the Texas Forestry Service got them the latest Jaws of Life for Stations 1, 2 and 5. These stations are now outfitted with the latest in the life saving equipment, all five stations now have jaws of life.

Texas Forest Service also granted a new booster truck with expectation to receive next Summer. Assistant Chief Chris Black submitted for a Grant from the U.S. Fire Act for a Gear Extractor, Gear cleaner, a Gear dryer and 30 pagers. An Exxon Grant purchased for each truck “Hot Sticks” to check downed electrical powerlines and electrical circuits to determine if they are carrying current. They also bought new safety vests to comply with legislation. Forty new hand held radios were obtained for communication between all apparatus.

No major personnel injuries occurred during the year. The golf tournament raised about $8000 for scholarships for the local high school. Some $6000 was raised at benefits for uniforms and jackets.

Five air compression systems were obtained for the stations. New thermal imaging cameras were obtained so that now every station has one for firefighting. New jacks were obtained for motor vehicle accident stabilization.

Harris County ESD#80 announced their intent to build a new fire station on the Feeder Road of U.S. 90, “that is to be just unbelievable.” The new station is to be centrally located for all of the fire district and expected to be state of the art.

Bellamy Brothers coming to Crosby

CROSBY – Internationally acclaimed songwriters and original Country/Rock duo smash hit Howard and David Bellamy, a.k.a. Bellamy Brothers play here Saturday, June 13 with local favorite Gene Watson at the Crosby Fair & Rodeo.

“If I said you had a beautiful body (Would you hold it against me,)” “Spider & Snakes,” “Let Your Love Flow,” “For All the Wrong Reasons,” “Redneck Girl” and “Old Hippie” continue to garner radio time since they were introduced in the 1970’s and 1980’s and became instant top of the chart favorites.

David Bellamy stated once, “Our live draw is bigger than it was in the ‘80’s. I think the same people that grew up with us and our music in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s obviously have raised a whole new generation of Bellamy fans who started toddling to our music.”

The brothers now reside on a 150 acre ranch in Darby, Florida, North of Tampa. They raise purebred charlois cattle and Quarter horses.

Their first gig was in 1968 at the Rattlesnake Roundup in San Antonio, Florida. They developed playing for groups like Percy Sledge and Eddie Floyd as well as Little Anthony & the Imperials.

They were opening acts for Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Van Morrison, Poco and the Byrds during the L.A. heyday. When “Let Your Love Shine” broke out in 1976 it sold over 3 million units worldwide.

The bothers have branched into a corroborative with about thirty other artists including Alan Jackson, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Tanya Tucker and Montgomery Gentry.

The Bellamy Brothers released a gospel album entitled “Jesus Is Coming” that features new songs written by them. The new combination looks into the Post-modern condition against the faith. One song, “Grandma’s God” seems to be the personal story of a spiritual quest from the smoky haze of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s coming back around to the “Old Time Religion.”

Obviously, humor is a great asset for the Bellamy Brothers’ songwriting, on the new album is a song entitled “Lord Help Me Be the Kind of Person My Dog Thinks I Am.” Another song is entitled “Drug Problem” and speaks of how he was drug to church on Sunday morning and drug to work on his grandfather’s farm. “It kids today had that kind of drug problem I believe the world would be a better place.” said David Bellamy. Another insightful tune is “Spiritually Bankrupt,” with many a reference like Dante walking through Hell, a vagabond walks through a dark valley and finds his hopelessness overcome by calling on God.

The next entertainment event by the Crosby Fair & Rodeo is to be on Saturday, April 11 at the American Legion Hall from 9:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. It is a major fund-raiser for the year and will feature a silent and live auction. Entertainment will be Jody Nix and the Texas Cowboys, from the Bandera Area, a large band featuring many songs similar to Jake Hooker.

C/H Chamber hosts Consumer Expo

CROSBY – The Crosby/Huffman Chamber of Commerce will host a Consumer Expo this Saturday, Jan. 31 from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Called an opportunity for the community to shop and show support of local businesses and community organizations; there is sure to be many giveaways and door prizes for attendants.

Among attractions is a chance to win a sunset dinner cruise for two on Clear Lake. Meet local business developers and exchange ideas this Saturday.

Famous afghan at Chili Feast

What one item have you seen before at the Highlands Rotary Club’s Chili Feast?

Yes, it’s that AFGHAN!

It will be returning, after several years of hiding, to be auctioned off once more as part of the Rotary Club’s 34th Annual Chili Feast, Raffle and Auction, to be held Saturday, Feb. 7 at 11 a.m. at St. Jude’s Church Hall.

The Afghan was originally knitted by Shirley Hausberger’s mother, for a Chili Feast many, many years ago, according to Tricia Scott and Nell Herndon. Many Rotarians and Highlands people have owned it over the years, and then donated it back for another auction.

The last owner was past Rotarian Charlie Farrar, who has donated it this year. It remains to be seen who will walk away with this tradition in 2009!

Of course, the biggest prize is still a pick-up truck, this year a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado from John Keating Chevy. Many other prizes are part of the raffle, and attendees can plan on a bowl or two of Chester’s famous Chili.

There are two types of tickets, lunch for $8 or Raffle for $100, with only 600 sold. They are available from all Rotarians, and many businesses in Highlands and Crosby, including Woodforest and Crosby banks, Foodtown Supermarket, Dr. White’s office, Rainbow Jewelry, Edward Jones, Rosenkranz insurance, and more.

Letter to the Community: Keep your butts off the ground

To the community,

I would like to respectfully request that the smokers of Highlands kindly put their cigarettes out before they leave their car instead of after they exit. The butts are an unsightly mess littered all over the ground and in flower beds at the post office or anywhere you go.

There have even been those who have emptied their vehicle’s ashtray in the parking lot. Please consider this the next time you get ready to toss your butt to the ground.

Thank you
Cathy Hill, Highlands

Working for the weekend

Six more weeks and you can run your clock up an hour. Time flies when you are having fun so hang on, spring will be here the following week.

Tomato plants are in the stores and must say they are right proud of them. Singles they are, the six pack plants will be out in due time.

Numerous bits of humor relating to retirement are coming my way, as well as advice from others. Some say you will enjoy retirement and after a while wonder when you had time to work. Some others say you will not like it or what are you going to do when you get everything done?

Retirement is sort of like being in the credit business. You are never caught up; someone is always past due and needs a phone call reminder.

Just like housework, it ain’t never done and I ain’t ironing like a couple of my very much domesticated buddies. That is pushing too far and I tell them, “At least you know your place.”

Bout worked out a schedule to help fulfill my retirement time to keep me content and out of trouble.

Figer Monday is M and M is for mopping or swabbing the deck to you deck apes. Maybe a little yard work afterwards and if it warms up a tad, maybe wack a few golf balls in the back yard.

Tuesday as in T is for theatre and I actually spent good money last week to go see Gran Torino. Not been to a picture show since Star Wars came out. Had a fill of the movies already and will have to T for tinker in the garage on Tuesdays and do some yard work. There ain’t no dollar and a half movie anymore by crackie.

W is for Wednesday and the day the grocery ads break in the big city paper. Will do some shopping for what is on sale and surprise the Mrs. with a good suppers when she gets in from work.

T for Thursday and it is for trimming up the fat boy. My gym membership is due to expire in another month and think there is enough concrete around here to walk on without spending all that cash to see others sashay in front of the mirrors flexing their stuff. One would think with as much walking as I do in the grocery stores and Wal-Mart that I would not need much exercise. The Mrs. says the exercise I need is pushing away from the table.

Fridays is F and that is fish day. Not for any religious purpose but because of all the fish eaters around, fish should be more plentiful on Fridays. There is the Good Times Marina down on the river that has a huge catfish feed each Friday and it’s all you can eat for about nine bucks. Also Cracker Barrel has its Cod Fish Fridays and it is sooooo good if you eat the cod fishes.

Frankly, we like the cod fish from Sam’s and prepare it in Charlie’s Kitchen. Put your feet under my table and you too will have problems pushing away.

Saturday and Sundays are for resting for the next week.

Obama should keep ‘Gitmo’ open

Dear Friends,

Last week, President Barack Obama issued an executive order for the closure of the terrorist detainee facility at Guantanamo Bay. I am adamantly against this decision.

I have toured prisons all around the world and I have personally visited the Guantanamo Bay facility. I can assure you this facility is more than acceptable to house terrorist suspects. In my opinion, it is far too nice for the ‘worst-of-the-worst’.

The decision to close this facility and transfer its occupants to the United States is a dangerous one. It is in the interest of national security that I urge the President to reconsider this decision. There are numerous legal ramifications concerning this plan – number one being the potential release of terrorists on US soil. It is already proven that we do not adequately deport criminal illegals after they have served their time in US prisons and this will be no different.

In response, I have cosponsored H.R. 630, the Enemy Combatant Detention Review Act. This bill establishes clear rules regarding the detention of known terrorists, specifically prohibits a federal court from ordering the government to bring enemy combatants into the US and ensures that an aliencaptured and detained abroad during wartime cannot be admitted and released in the US.

The American people need to have faith that our government is doing everything it can to keep terrorists out of our country, not purposely bringing them here. I have already received calls from concerned citizens wanting toknow if they would be transferred to federal penitentiaries in their area. A recent Pentagon report shows, that of those already released, 61 have rejoined terrorist activities. There needs to be serious consideration of the potential risks involved with this plan before any action is taken.

Congressman Ted Poe,

Worthen shows blend of musical styles in latest album release

CROSBY — In 2007, Crosby’s J.J. Worthen released his first full-length album “Devotee” to rave reviews.

Worthen is back with a new release that hit stores last month, including Arlan’s Market in Crosby. The newest release is the self-titled album from the band Hello Love, a collaboration between Worth and Richard Whiting.

While he was trained in classical music, Worthen’s work shows a blend of pop, rock, jazz and funk. The blending of styles is demonstrated in the retro 1960’s mod look of the album cover. This is in stark contrast the dark gray color of Devotee. Like the first album, Worthen’s stronger spiritual background comes through in Hello Love.

A native of Crosby, Worthen was active in the high school choir. After winning Channel 2’s “Gimme the Mike Houston” talent competition Worthen went on to further his music studies at Houston Baptist University. At HBU he earned a degree in music theory and composition.

Worthen also serves as a worship specialist at Riverpointe Community Church in Richmond.