Some things change, other things don’t


Several weeks ago I did a column on being upset over the Texas highways handling of the 2100 railroad overpass. Now that I am back in Crosby for a few months I am even more so. Every time I cross those railroad tracks it pains me that “Highways” has not only delayed the overpass construction but apparently doesn’t even have it on its schedule. At least it hasn’t announced any such schedule publicly that I have heard. Guess I have an objective to trying to find out more about that project during my stay.

He Said What?

Son David and I listened to most of the NFL playoff games this past weekend and were stunned by what we heard, or believe we heard, in the last of the four games. Early in the second half of the Steelers-Chargers game, when the outcome was still in doubt, the color announcer was talking about losses the San Diego Chargers had suffered during the season.

While I can’t quote the announcer it sounded like he said, “the last five games in a row the Chargers have lost this year the other team has scored more points!” What? Let’s do a replay on that comment. That begs the question, how does a team lose a game without the other team scoring more points?

Lunch at Dayton

The family took a trip to Dayton last week to have lunch at the Texas Kountry Kitchen there. We wandered into that restaurant several years ago and have made number of repeat visits. The Country Kitchen offers one of the best, and largest, $4 cheeseburgers I have found in the area.

I was driving, turned off U.S. Rt. 90 on to Main Street, and suddenly took a double-take. I thought for a few moments I had turned on the wrong street. Then I realized I was on the right street but it had changed. The buildings across the street from the Kitchen were gone and a one-story L-shaped building was in its place. We entered the restaurant, found it had enlarged and had been repainted.

Our waitress told us Hurricane Ike was the culprit. Every place we go we see more damage or repairs made necessary by Ike. Having never experienced a hurricane myself I find these results startling. One thing Ike didn’t do was reduce the taste of my cheeseburger. It was a good as ever. I recommend you stop by a try one.

Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my home!