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Posts published in “Day: April 2, 2009

Rubio named Highlands LL Queen

HIGHLANDS — The Highlands Little League opened their season Friday night with the 53rd Annual Little League Pageant.

The pageant recognizes the fundraising efforts of the teams. Grant Slusser, president of the Highlands Little League, said that they do not receive any outside funding, and that operating expenses are paid through candy sales, BBQ sales, Play Day and the various events hosted by each team.

This year the league raised $73,000, Slusser said.

The Major Cardinals raised $11,500 earning the Little League crown for their contestant Delila Rubio. Cassandra Weber, with the Major Indians, placed second with $9,700. The Minor II Yankees and contestant Cora Beth Maris came in third with $6,600.

During the pageant, some of the girls competed in the optional talent contest. (Click here for photos.)

Winners in the PeeWee Division were Anna Keyes, 1st; Emilee Ridenour, 2nd and Erin Radle, 3rd. Winners in the Jr., Division were Sadie Aiken, 1st; Schyler Stockwell, 2nd and Weber, 3rd. Winners in the Sr. Division were Makayla Hodes, 1st; Jaclyn Holloway, 2nd and Claire Collins, 3rd.

Earlier this year, the league held a Play Day and Home Run Derby. Mickey Masterson announced the winners at the pageant.

They were: T-Ball- Clayton Stockwell, 1st and Baryden Murphy and Mikie Binderup, 2nd; Pitching Machine- Brady Pogue, 1st; Adam Quentanilla, 2nd and Brandon Julian, 3rd; 9 & 10 year olds- Mason Pitts, 1st; Michael Sims, 2nd and Jonathan Viel, 3rd and 11& 12 year olds- Ethan Landsford, 1st; Tyler Masterson, 2nd and William Sims, 3rd.

Foodtown Gas station in Highlands to close permanently

HIGHLANDS – Customers of the Foodtown gas station on Main Street in Highlands will have to find a new source for fuel after this week, according to management.

After more than 9 years serving the Highlands community, Foodtown said that it was no longer economically possible to continue operation in the fuel business. In addition, the convenience store connected to the fuel pumps will close.

Gerland’s Foodtown owner Kevin Doers told the Star-Courier that it would be too expensive to bring the station and its pumps and equipment up to new environmental standards that did not exist when the station opened. The company is also closing the gas station at Foodtown on Uvalde, he said.

In Highlands, the space occupied by the station will be converted to much needed parking to serve the main grocery store, Doers said. Of all the 15 stores in the Gerland’s chain, sales at the Highlands store is growing at the fastest rate, and the additional parking will help this.

Store manager Raymond Gonzalez was credited with this growth by Doers, who admitted that Gonzalez is a Highlands fixture. “It’s almost as is Raymond was there first, and the store was built around him,” joked Doers. He said the gas station manager, Gary Raska, will remain with the organization at another location. Gerland’s Foodtown chain is growing, and plans to open a new store soon in the Webster area.

Say What!!!

For the past couple of weeks I have been watching basketball, watching basketball and watching basketball. The NCAA tournament is in progress and I’m always anxious to view those games. Usually, there are several upsets in the first two rounds administered by some of the smaller, mid-major teams, but, except for Cleveland State; the favored teams have pulled out most of the victories. The upset of Wake Forest by the Cleveland team was an eyeopener for the tournament but that was one of the games I missed.

Of the major teams I was surprised by the Michigan State win over Louisville, and slightly by the Villanova victory over Pitt. Was not surprised that North Carolina beat Oklahoma but did not expect that kind of a route. Oklahoma came back to lose by only 12 points but the game was over early in the second half.

Say What!!!

Son David and I were watching a report on some of the games one evening when the reporter made a statement that I’m sure his buddies will make him live with forever. I don’t know what he was trying to say but his words were, “in every game that team has lost the other team has scored more points.” What a revelation! I would guess he could have gone on to say in every game that team has won it has scored more points than its opponents. Good example of not listening to what you are saying.

Hurricane Restoration

Several homes and buildings in the area have been repaired in the three months we have been visiting. A couple of the repair jobs are in Dave’s Newport neighborhood. Always good to see people coming back from such damaging storms.

Ike did several thousand dollars of damage to Crosby Methodist Church last September. Most of the damage was in the sanctuary and the congregation has been meeting each Sunday in the Family Life Center. We were concerned about that loss last fall and kept in close touch until coming back in January and joining the group on most Sundays.

Was pleased to hear a couple of weeks ago the congregation will be back in its sanctuary by Easter Sunday. That was the earlier prediction.

Unfortunately we will not be here to see that happy occasion as we are leaving later this week for the mountains of West Virginia. It has been another good visit—our seventh in a row. We look forward to returning home once again but next January will look forward to returning to Crosby and Texas.

Such are the people, places and things that have touch my life in my home!

Crosby Church opens a satellite in Huffman

Crosby Church, A Fellowship of Believers, of the US 90 and Crosby-Dayton Road location, is now offering services in Huffman, Texas as of two weeks ago; last Saturday, the Crosby/Huffman Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting at the new location 7.5 miles North of FM 1960 on the right side of FM 2100.

According to Pastor Keenan Smith, “We believe it’s a fulfillment to what I believe the Lord laid upon my heart in a vision of being one church on multi-sites. When this location became available we just felt like it was of the Lord and we prayed over it and I believe it is a coming to fruition of a vision I was given four years ago about the ministry of Crosby Church. We believe that God has given us influence and given us impact. We believe we should live a life of impact and walk with a sense of purpose in our lives.”

So how will Huffman respond to a Crosby Church?

“We are really linked together in many ways. We are able to bring resources that we have through Crosby Church to a smaller more intimate setting. I believe for some that will enhance the worship with a real warm feeling and we try to make it where people are really comfortable. We are going to use a lot of technology at this church there will be a lot more multi-media. This is not going to be your typical rural church, it is going to be a little more out of the box. I will be preaching here at 9:00 on Sundays, student services start here Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. and I believe it will be refreshing. We will look at drawing from there a later service on Sundays and building some discipleship classes into that.”