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Posts published in “Day: April 23, 2009

Spring showers turn savage

Flash floods last Saturday turned familiar roads into strange streams. Rapidly climbing water in Newport and Indian Shores caused the fire volunteers to erect barricades to warn of high water. Rain reached 6 inches in Crosby by the afternoon. Hare Road became so impassable the library closed early. Above a wrecker truck takes the higher inclines of South Diamondhead to rescue one motorist’s vehicle, while others scurried past undaunted.

BBB’s Dan Parsons entertaining speaker at Highlands Rotary

HIGHLANDS – Do you want good news, or bad? Dan Parsons, President of Houston’s Better Business Bureau, brought both in his lively talk at the Rotary lunch last week.

The good news is that the Houston Better Business Bureau is an advocate for the consumer, and for businesses. This means they walk a “delicate balancing act” between the two parties, helping facilitate disputes and business decisions.

Last year, the BBBHouston received over 30,000 complaints, and resolved most of them. The BBB has over 9000 members, so this is not a disproportionate amount of problems. In addition, nationally the organization receives over 1,500,000 monthly inquiries for information about businesses, Parsons said.

He said the bureau works on the goals of being relevant and helpful in today’s business climate, which he noted has begun to improve. A new rating system for member companies is being studied, giving A to F grades to businesses based on an algorithm of facts, such as size, age, type of business, and complaints.

The bad news is that the bureau gets many reports of fraud and irregular business practices, which they try to resolve. After Hurricane Ike, many “storm chaser” contractors showed up, cheating local residents. Another problem he warned about, is that many white collar financial criminals have now served their 10 year federal sentences, and should be back in the work force soon, probably scheming even more than before because of what they learned in prison.

In closing, he warned that everyone falls for a fraud scheme at some point, so be cautious and skeptical, and call the BBB if you need help or information.

Government money…

The eagle screams this week. In case you do not know what that is, it is payday for government service. That is what it was called aboard ship in the Coast Guard and they paid us in cash. Generally the supply officer and a gunner’s mate, both armed with .45’s, made the trip to the bank to pick up the ship’s payroll.

Those once a month paydays are back now that yours truly is drawing social security. While working in the banking industry for years, we were paid on the 15th and 30th of each month. Never received an actual paycheck, everything was direct deposit, still is. During my last year, the bank changed our paydays to every other Thursday and that was a nice treat. Sometimes before on those long weekends before payday, you would have to wait for payday to do something and to buy groceries.

One thing about the social security, and you have probably heard about it before,I’ll tell you flat out if you expect to live just on social security alone when you retire, you best move on into the poor house. You might think you are there now but you are in for a big surprise. Ma said if you think we are poor this week, wait until next week.

What I draw from the government is just enough to pay required insurance on the old truck and old car, the old house plus all the various and assorted taxes one must pay to live in the great state of Texas. Not to mention the light bill, water bill, phone bill, cable bill, Dr bill, drug bill, and incidental bill, and still out of your check is the income tax Uncle Sam charges you to pay you. Ain’t nothing wrong with cornbread and peas but some good fried streak-o-lean is good every now and then.

Enough of the poor mouth but fortunately for me, I married a woman younger than me and she is still working. She has a ways to go before she retires and continues to work to this day. As my old buddy would say, you cut a fat hog on that one.

Uh-O, that almost got me in trouble, I had to explain what that saying meant.

Timothy Jay Burger

Timothy Jay Burger affectionately known as “Jay” to all his family and friends passed away on Monday April 20, after a 20 month battle with cancer, at the age of 51 in Crosby, Texas.

He was a prominent businessman owning Jay Burger Signs & Service and Precision Lighting and Maintenance for 26 years.

He had been very active within the community being past President of the Highlands Rotary Club, member of the Channelview Lions Club and member of the North Shore & Highlands Chamber of Commerce. His passion was being on the water and any kind of car, boat or motorcycle that would go fast. One of the last dreams he fulfilled before becoming ill, was to own a houseboat on the Tennessee River.

He was very active with his son Andy and friends traveling around Texas to watch and compete in motocross events and always looked forward to going to the Loretta Lynn (Hurricane Mills) amateur nationals in the summer time, camping out via the motor home and roughing it for a week. He loved floating down the Guadalupe River or just being with family and friends. He loved playing Black jack and drinking White Russians in Vegas. One of his favorite sayings was “Ain’t nothing but a thang.”

He was born in Nashville, Tn., and grew up in Chattanooga, Tn., graduating from East Ridge High School; he has remained close friends with a lot of the kids that he went to kindergarten with.

He is survived by his loving son Andy and his ex-wife Sharon, whom he lived with until his death. He is also survived by his special brother Chuck Burger and wife Pat and their son Chas of Cleveland, Tn. He is also survived by his mother, two brothers, and a sister whom he has been estranged from for over 20 years by no fault of his own. He is also survived by his special sister-in-law Pamela Hilton whom he loved dearly, and her husband Stan Frederick, along with his special little buddy, his nephew Jacob Frederick. He also leaves behind his 3 little dachshunds Woody, Nugget, and Daisy.

Jay was very fortunate to have so many special friends Joe Boutte, Fred Zabac, and his family along with their children Fred Michael, Alexis, and Emily that made an endless supply of his favorite “Cupcakes”. Tom Edison was his favorite camping buddy.

Arrangements are through Sterling-White Funeral Home 11011 Crosby-Lynchburg Rd. Highlands, TX 77562. Visitation will be held Thursday evening from 7pm-9pm at Sterling-White Funeral Home. Funeral Services will be Friday at 2pm in the chapel at Sterling-White Funeral Home. For more information or to send condolences online visit

Dad — You are gone in body but you will always be with me in spirit… throughout the rest of my life… Thank you for teaching me to be the man that I have become. I will always love you.

RIP Andy

Tributes to Crosby’s John Victor

Former Superintendent Don Hendrix call upon the director of St. Martin De Porres Choir to sing a few songs from the golden days of Rhythm and Blues at last Friday’s “Celebration of A Life of Service John Victor.” Victor was said by Hendrix to know more rhythm and blues than any man alive and knew the words to just about every song. The event featured addresses by Reverand Ron Eagleton; a lighthearted salute from fellow deputy, now turned Constable Ken Jones, Michael Joseph directing ceremonies and a panoply of musical salutes featuring extraordinary gospel arrangements including a solo from Lounis Freeman.