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Posts published in “Day: May 14, 2009

Rotarians award 12 scholarships to local students

HIGHLANDS – Each year, a committee of Rotarians reviews scholarship applications, and based on grades, needs, and essays, awards a number of scholarships from the proceeds of the Rotary Chili Feast, and other fund raising events of the club. This year, eight scholarships of $1500, and four scholarships of $2000, were awarded to twelve deserving students, for a total of $20,000 toward their college education.

The awards were made at a Scholarship Banquet, held last Monday night at the San Jacinto Community Center in Highlands. The featured speaker for the evening was Past District Governor of Rotary District 5890 in the years 2007-2008. Tallas is familiar with Highlands, having visited the club many times and presenting it awards for outstanding service.

The speaker each year usually tries to give the scholarship recipients some advice on their upcoming college experience, and some motivational thoughts and how to deal with the future.

Tallas complimented the twelve on their accomplishments, stating “I want my kids to grow up to be just like you.” He referred to the way they have achieved balance and success in their lives. He gave them some guidelines for their future life: the three F’s of Faith, Family, and Friends. He explained how these principles could be used throughout life to give meaning, enrich experiences, and help give solace and meaning to their future.

Tallas also encouraged them to investigate Rotary opportunities in their future, such as Rotaract in college, or ambassadorial scholarships to pay for a year of study abroad. Committee chair Dr. Larry White welcomed the 12 recipients, who were picked from a field of 39 candidates.

These students included Sterling High School seniors Alyssa Cotten, Christopher James, and Brittanie Malone; Crosby High School seniors Jared Anderson and Larissa Narcisse; College students John Gaeke, Casey parson, and Katie Stephens; and special memorial awards to the following four students:

Beverly Culbreath Scholarship, presented by Charlie Ward to Blaine Dickey;

J. E. Bird Scholarship, presented by Johnny Gaeke to Leonel Garcia;

Pat McPhee Scholarship, presented by Barbara McPhee to Taylor Self; and

Dr. W. L. “Doc” Herndon Scholarship, presented by his daughter Patricia Scott to Stephen Muldrow.

Each student who was present was asked to tell a little about themselves, and then what their plans were for their future.

In addition, guests, parents and Rotarians were asked to share their thoughts on the importance of the evening and the meaning of the scholarships. Students spoke of their college choices and future careers: engineering, geology, pulmonology, marketing, international business, nursing, neurosurgeon, charity work, an awe inspiring list for the audience.

Rotarians asked “Where did you get your inspiration?” and “What one person has influenced your life?” Answers evoked much discussion and participation, and this final thought from Dr. White, “We give these scholarships to invest in our leaders of the future. You all have so much potential.”

Shattered Dreams shows grim realities of D.W.I.

Some pretend to become immune to the gruesome vestige of highway carnage that goes hand in hand with driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, this newbie does not.

Not once after having witnessed infant heads torn off or entire families butchered has this reporter failed to have a visceral reaction and that is a nonobjective ringing endorsement for Shattered Dreams.

The program was an enactment put on at Crosby High School featuring the very possible scenario of a head-on collision between two cars loaded with classmates. One of the classmates pretends to die at the scene, one is loaded into a Precinct 3 Patrol Vehicle after failing a field sobriety test, one is pretend loaded onto a LifeFlight helicopter, one is pretend cut from a vehicle and loaded onto an ambulance.

Some students have been involved with putting on this show since October. Many local entities in the Crosby/Huffman chamber of Commerce contributed. The list of financial contributors to the project also includes those that volunteered time.

As Principal Morley Morris told his classes, “Over the course of the next 48 hours you will be exposed to multiple experiences designed to show you the harsh consequences of such decisions. We realize that each student reacts differently; however, appropriate and respectful behavior is expected during all activities.”

Superintendent Mike Joseph stated simply, “Shattered Dreams is one of the best programs we have had at Crosby ISD our students attention and attendance was outstanding and if it reaches just one student it was well worth it.”

Those wishing to ask who paid for the program will find that the several thousands of dollars not including donated time by first responders, volunteer time from teachers baking goods and the balance of the cost from the student activity account where cell phone confiscation fees were collected. Crosby High Principal Marley Morris says, “That is how we use a punishment for the good of our students.”

Morris indicates, “Adults steered it but the engine driving the program were the students. That is what was so fun to watch, on Friday there were over 1500 students in that gym and you could have heard a pin drop for an hour and twenty minutes. It was amazing.”

One must also examine who sponsored this event, none other than esteemed leaders of this community that are known to be concerned about the well being of young people: Representative Joe Crabb gave several hundred dollars, Mr. and Ms. Mike Joseph, Judge Mike Parrot, Harris County Justice of the Peace (Pct. 3, Place 1,) Constable Ken Jones, Crosby Fair and Rodeo, Inc., Crosby VFW Post 9761 and Lady’s Auxiliary, Hotchkiss Disposal Services LTD, Hudson Mechanical, Casper Wrecker Service, Harris County ESD No. 5, Crosby Volunteer Fire Dept., Sterling-White Funeral Home, Mark Walker Trucking, and Memorial LifeFlight.

Morris concluded, “When students leave the four walls that we have put to protect them they are members of the community, we can no longer control what they do. Our goal is to send a message that their are consequences for our actions. We hope they think twice, don’t get into a car when someone has been drinking. We hope they learned the lessons of a crash having happened on campus without the realities of having to say goodbye permanently to friends.”

On average, someone in the State of Texas dies every 30 minutes due to an alcohol related accident.

Crosby Rodeo hosts Cowpoke pageant

CROSBY – The Crosby Fair & Rodeo hosted the annual Little Mr & Miss Cowpoke Contest on Saturday, May 9 at the Crosby High Auditorium.

Crosby has the distinction of not only beautiful children but their parents dress them generally nice and sometimes funny, so everyone got a trophy.

The Best Dressed Cowgirl Age 0-2 was Ava Doskocil. Her sister, Amanda Doskocil, was Best Dressed Cowgirl Aged 6-8. Ava was also Best Rodeo Dressed for her age. Amanda was also best Rodeo Dressed 6-8. Best Dressed Cowgirl ages 3-5 was Allie Veach. Best Rodeo Dressed 3-5 was Kristin Harvey.

Best Dressed Cowboy Ages 3-5 saw Cameron Flournoy win, Kyle Brown was 1st Runner Up, Grant Foster was 2nd Runner Up and Michael Nash was Third. Best Dressed Cowboy 0-2 was Steven Mims Jr. Best Dressed Cowboy Age 6-8 was Trey Nash.

Local to play for Houston Energy, women’s pro football team

BAYTOWN — Nancy Hockless, a patient access specialist at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital, recently tried out and was selected for the Houston Energy, women’s professional football team. Nancy is an offensive linewoman. She played her first game this past Saturday in the Energy’s 40-6 win over the Shreveport Aftershock in Louisiana.

“I have always loved football and am extremely proud to call myself a Houston Energy football player,” said Nancy Hockless. “The adrenaline rush you feel when you are on the field is tremendous.”

Nancy is has been a resident of Baytown for 28 years and has worked at the hospital for two years. San Jacinto Methodist Hospital is proud to be a sponsor of the Houston Energy.

The team will play their next game on May 23 at home against the Aftershock. All home game are played at Pearland High School’s stadium, “The Rig,” at 7 p.m.

“Lucky” Betty Michalsky wins car raffle

Highlands own Betty & Tommy Michalsky won a car last April 26th, in a drawing held at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Galveston.

The church, at 34th and Broadway in the historical district, was holding an event called the “Post Ike Festival,” emphasizing the rebuilding of the city. The Michalsky’s only purchased a $10 ticket, and won their choice of one of 3 vehicles. They chose a new 2009 Chevy Malibu LS, but ended up giving it to their grandson.

Lucky draw, Betty.