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Posts published in “Day: July 16, 2009

New ambulance station on the way

CROSBY – The local ambulance service is soon to get a Station 2 on FM 1942.

The board of Harris County Emergency Service District #5 (HCESD#5,) Crosby’s ambulance service, is currently seeking a Contractor at Risk, to handle the building of a new ambulance station on property purchased from Crosby ISD at market value plus.

The new, state-of-the-art facility is to be built to last for the next 40 to 50 years, against 130+ m.p.h. force winds and any number of elements to be withstood and could possibly be completed by the end of this year, according to John Strawbridge of the HCESD#5 Board. That estimate is assuming that permitting goes on schedule by Harris County authorities.

The responsibility of the contractor at risk is to see that each contractor completes their jobs on time and to specifications. The board is keeping the same architects for this project as their last, BGK Architects. Board members feel they are aware of the needs and strengths of this architect.

The specifications of the new 2700 square foot facility are to be adjoined to water and sewer from Municipal Utility District #50, be able to house and service up to two ambulances, and two crews for 24/7. The crews are then to have adequate daytime, bathing, and sleeping facilities.

The water line is to be bored under FM 1942 and is currently being examined by MUD #50 engineers. An establishment of a working relationship with MUD #50 is underway. The infrastructural conditions including natural gas and electricity are preexisting, the soil is excellent for the structure, according to Strawbridge a retired engineer as well as board member. Design specifications for this facility is to have much more insulation than previously required for ambulance stations.

“It will not be the most cheap facility they can build but the most energy efficient that we can conceive.” said Strawbridge.

The facility is to be built on 1.29 acres with a retention pond in back of the facility. All fire and safety conditions are to be met including sprinkler system. Currently, it seems as soon as a building permit can be obtained the construction can start.

Anticipated with the construction of an overpass at the Railroad tracks over FM 2100 one ambulance will be housed at the extant facility on FM 2100, North of the tracks in Crosby while plans are to keep the other at the new Station 2 for incidents that arise in more southerly locations.

The amount of expenditure for the facility has yet to be developed due to engineering and contracting considerations. Also considerations for emergency generators,fuel storage tanks, retention ponds, concrete resurfacing needs for roadways for the ambulances to and from bays will effect final price.

The new address for Station 2 is to be 647 FM 1942.

Local man charged with wife’s murder

BARRETT STATION – A man confessed to Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies that he had killed his wife on July 7. Sheriff’s records indicate deputies were dispatched to the 13,000 block of Cliff Drive at about 9:35 p.m. after Noah Collins, 38, called and indicated he had shot his wife. He was taken into custody without incident. At about 11:45 p.m. that same night a call went out for an ambulance to the same residence.

The body of Goerta Collins, 33, was found inside a bedroom closet. Apparently she had been shot several times and her body stuffed into the closet. Noah Collins made several statements to deputies.

Deputies found a small amount of powdered cocaine and marijuana at the residence, and say Collins willingly made statements when he was brought inside of the residence after awaiting deputies to arrive outside. According to detectives, among the statements made by Collins is that he had used cocaine with his wife that day.

Later, according to detectives records of Collins’ statements, an argument had arisen sometime after the use of the drug. Goerta Collins had found work as a relief worker about two weeks earlier in Chambers County as Noah continued to struggle to find work.

Detectives noted that the interior of the house had snapped furniture and a broken door. Detectives say these indications are common to a chase about the house or a violent confrontation.

Neighbors are puzzled by the developments. Many indicate that everyone believed the couple to be quiet and adjusted. The couple had never been observed by neighbors to fight or argue. None indicate that they knew the couple had ever used drugs.

Noah was placed inside Harris County Jail. According to detectives his bond is set at $100,000. Murder charges are pending. His arraignment is set for August 18.

Spending time in the garden…

The weather is hot, dry and a bit on the miserable side for me. As I’ve said before, the older I become the more the heat bothers me. It is the middle of the summer (maybe not in calendar reading) and my outside lawn and garden work is getting less attention.

So far this summer, lawn and garden work has progressed reasonably well for the Springers but I must admit the Missus and I are both more inclined to work out there in the early morning and late evening hours and leaving mid-da for something more suitable with air-conditioning. Our acre and one-half lawn looks pretty good and we have done well in keeping it cut. Earlier this year it was cut at 3 1/2 inches about every seven days. A couple of times a little more often. Now, with the rain having tapered off, I have raised the lawnmower blades to 4 inches and cutting not more than ten days apart. The last time it was two weeks and it looks like I’m heading down the road for another two weeks between cutting. We need some rain.

Also, I must admit, our age is beginning to show. We have lots of grass, about two dozen trees, and lots of flower to keep us busy. We are later than usual in getting some flower work done and that can certainly be age. We both like flowers and, while that has usually been Linda’s area, we are both working on it now. Fortunately most of the tree work is done, all of the shrubbery, and there are several, have been trimmed and the flowers are coming along.

Had to do one thing this past week that I did not enjoy. Several years ago I planted a red-leaved plum tree next to the end of our house. Two things went wrong. I planted it far too close to the house and it grew much taller and wider than we expected. It was adding moisture to the house interior wall and was causing a nice azalea hedge row under it to die out. As a result I had to take a chain saw to it. It has really opened up that end of the house. The hedges have thanked me for letting them know there really is a sun.

We like trees that have some color to them and have a large magnolia, a couple of blooming crabapple trees, three Japanese cherries, a large pear tree a couple red-leafed maples, three dogwood, and a few pines and maples. The blossoming trees were beautiful again this Spring.

The squirrels are doing their usually scampering around in the yard, through the tree branches, on the roof and power lines. They aren’t messing much with the flowers this year. Linda theorizes that she has finally found a type of flower the squirrels don’t like. She has had more than her share of newly planted flowers either dug out or eaten by these squirrels over the past few years.

Regardless of the hot weather that cuts down on the enjoyment of working outdoors, I’m still happy we have a large yard and many flowers although we have cut back on one large flower bed that we never seemed to be able to keep in good shape. Have started its removal and will continue with that this week. Never a dull moment.

If you are a garden and lawn bum like we are I wish you well. If not, consider taking up the challenge. It is refreshing, gives the heart some stimulating and makes one feel tired in the evening but somewhat fulfilled.

Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my home!

Crosby Ponytails win District, advance to State

The Crosby Ponytails Allstar team won District Champs on July 6 6-0 defeating Dayton. The girls scored a total of 53 runs versus their opponents only scoring seven runs collectively.

The teams that represent Crosby were very impressive at the plate and in the field. They received numerous complements throughout the tournament from opposing teams, umpires, and tournament officials. The team advanced to the state tournament held this past weekend in Liberty.

Coaches are Allen Bishop, Joe Pharr and Tommy Ballew. Players are Jamie Hofmann, Alex Bishop, MacKenzie Massengale, Christina “Bear” Ballew, Bailee Pharis, Bethanie Lacy, Andrea Brewer, Emily Pharr, Katrena Johnston, Paige Soehnge, Katie Crocker, Jaclyn Johnson, and Jennifer Wright.