TEA “Recognizes” Huffman schools

Crosby found “Acceptable”

HUFFMAN — The Huffman ISD got good news from the state last week. The Texas Education Agency, in the last release of Accountability ratings, has awarded the district a “Recognized” status.

Additionally, the high school and intermediate school was ranked as “Recognized” campuses. Bowen and Copeland Elementaries, which are linked for testing purposes, received the state’s highest rating: Exemplary. The middle school was classified as “Academically Acceptable.”

Accountability ratings are based on the percentage of students passing the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Skills and Knowledge) standardized test and completion (graduation) rates.

To be “Acceptable” a campus must reach 70% passage rate in each of the subject areas in both overall student population as well as each of the subpopulations: African American, Hispanic, White and Economically Disadvantaged. To be “Recognized” the passage rate must exceed 75%. Those hitting over 90% are called “Exemplary.” Student completion rate is also taken into consideration.

At the high school, students showed across the board improvement in the passage rate among the math and social science test. In Reading they were two students away from having improvements in every subpopulation. The only subgroup to show a decline in science was the economically disadvantaged.

At Bowen/ Copeland students showed improvement in reading and math.


The Crosby School District earned an “Acceptable” rating. Both the high school and middle school were named “Acceptable” while the combined Newport/ Barrett campuses reached the “Recognized” level. District Superintendent Mike Joseph said Drew’s rating is still “up in the air” and has not been made official.

While the high school showed improvement math and science, which are considered the hardest of the tests, they appeared to do poorly on their completion rate. Figures show a nearly 5% increase in dropouts from 2007 to 2008. Joseph said that this drop was caused by a new way the state classifies students who have left school, but returned to enter the GED program.

The middle school would have been “Recognized” had it not been for the science test. Only the white subpopulation topped the 75% passage mark.


Having completed their first round at TAKS, Goose Creek Memorial came out as “Acceptable.” The school ranged from 63 to 77% in math and 66 to 80% in science.

Showing declines in writing, math and social science, Highlands Junior School also earned an “Acceptable” ranking. The combined Highlands Elementary/ Hopper Primary campuses were “Recognized.” Students showed consistent gains in reading, writing and science, with declines in math.