Crash call at the doctor’s office?

Rob Rosenbaum’s office got a hurried visitor at about 2:53 a.m. Saturday morning on Labor Day Weekend. Above ambulance and fire crews later joined by Harris County Sheriff’s Office are beginning the process of removing the man behind the steering wheel of the truck stuck in the entrance wall.

CROSBY – The staff at Dr. Rob Rosenbaum’s Chiropractic office enjoyed brief rest for the Labor Day Weekend although the entire community glibly romanticized about beloved office manager, Mary Helen, getting married on August 29.

Newlywed Mary Helen Wolf and Jimmy Wolf got a call at about 3:00 a.m. Saturday that the office at which she works was crashed by a pickup truck off FM 2100 and that the entrance glass and part of the wall was smashed into making a security risk.

She was called instead of the chiropractor because Dr. Rob Rosenbaum was on a trip to Africa.

The couple went straight away to see if it could be true. It was, but according to Mary Helen there were good neighbors in abundance, too. She described the damage as “substantial.”

“We are thankful that it didn’t happen when we were open, but you know, surprisingly, it couldn’t have happened at a better time, as it worked out.” said Mrs. Wolf, “God’s timing is better than ours.”

Her husband is a senior supervisor for Tellepsen, builders of hospitals and high rises, he knows a thing or several thousand about buildings. A neighbor, Luke Morgan, owner of Millennium Builders stopped by and he went and got power tools, levels, crowbars even hauled over his trailer to put debris in to haul to his dumpster. He also called his friend, Roy Loggins of Loggins’ Ace Hardware in Highlands and Loggins’ Lumber Yard at 5:30 a.m. to get the materials to seal the gap in the front of the office.

On 09/09/09, the office reopened with minor physical modifications and a restored faith in human goodness.

“It was a terrible experience but we got to find out about wonderful people who support us.”

Mrs. Wolf explained, “The staff all pitched in to do most of the internal clean up ourselves. The people that helped get the job done need to get the credit and we were warmed to find out about so many wonderful people who live about us.”

Somebody got lucky but it was an accident.