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Posts published in “Day: March 11, 2010

Lee College celebrates 75 Years with bash

BAYTOWN — Lee College celebrated its milestone 75th anniversary with a free community-wide birthday bash on Saturday, March 6 at the Bicentennial Park and at the Lee College campus. The birthday event was free to the public.

The college estimated more than 5,000 people attended the event.

The birthday bash offered a variety of food vendors and live concerts, which included the Lee College Jazz Band, Rosehill, which is a contemporary country and western band, the Bayou Big Band and rock and blues band, and The Beat Daddys from Tennessee.

At 12:30 p.m., Lee College welcomed guests with a birthday. In addition to food and music, children enjoyed the free Kid’s Zone, which included moonwalks, balloon and body art, wax hands, wax candle art, big chair photos and a variety of other children’s activities. Automobile enthusiasts were treated to the Bayshore Fine Rides exhibit of antique and classic sports cars.

Lee College faculty were on hand to meet with individuals who may want information about the college and its programs. The campus also offered tours to guestsof the new Advanced Technology Center.

The birthday bash wrapped up with Lee College recognizing four alumni at the distinguished alumni dinner at the Student Center.

The college presented its Distinguished Alumni Award to Don Coffey and Lori Erwin. This award is given to a former student who has stood out in their career and community service and graduated more than 10 years ago.

The Rising Star Award is given to the selected outstanding students who graduated less than 10 years ago. This year’s recipients were Michelle Vingless-Townsend and Ebony Stewart-Braswell.

Crosby ISD begins superintendent search


CROSBY—The Crosby ISD Board of Trustees has announced a timeline for finding a new district superintendent. Mike Joseph is retiring from the post. According to the timeline, the district will accept applications until April 5. On April 15, the applicants will be narrowed down to a field of semifinalists. The number has not been determined.

These semifinalists will be interviewed on April 21 and 22. On 28 and 29, the board will recall some of them for a second interview. April 30-May has been designated a time for “home district visits.”

The board is expected to announce the sole finalist for the position after the 29th. After completing the mandatory waiting period, the new superintendent is expected to be formally chosen on May 24. The new superintendent will then begin his duties on July 1.

At the Feb. 15th Crosby ISD Trustee meeting, Roseanne Joseph’s notice to retire after this school year was posted. Upon return from Austin on Feb. 20, Mike Joseph confirmed that he was going to retire in late June. In 2007 Board members when hiring asked him for at least two years. Joseph said he would hold his position “at least a couple of years,” when he took over from Don Hendrix. He has held the post for three years.

Rotary Club promotes literacy at Library

HIGHLANDS – Each year the Stratford Library presents a full Summer Reading Program and other activities to the community. These events are for preschool children, and children out of school for the summer break, and some of them are also planned for adults.

Although these reading, performance and crafts programs are free to the participants, they usually have been paid for by a special allocation from the Harris County library system. In addition, funds are provided by Friends of the Library, Pilot Club, and several local foundations and individuals.

As explained to the Rotary Club at a recent luncheon, by Assistant Librarian Jennifer Crouse, the county is short of funds this year, and cannot pay for all the programs it usually supports. Therefore, Crouse asked the Rotary Club for additional support this year, which they were able to provide.

After last week’s luncheon a check for $550 was presented to the library by representatives of the club.

This money will help pay for Storytime for Toddlers and Preschoolers, Crafts programs, presentations of animals such as Ferrets, arts projects, puppet shows, pet care and more.

The summer reading program is presented on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the beginning of June to the Middle of August. Contact the library for a complete schedule, at 281-426-3521.

Also on the program at Rotary was a talk by noted Houston book author Rebeca Eigen, who is now on a national tour promoting her book “The Shadow Dance and the Astrological 7th House.” A copy of the book was donated to Stratford Library for local readers.

This story has been truncated for the web. For the full edition, please see our print edition.

Baytown SWAT aid in search for shooting suspect

DAYTON — It is not uncommon for the Baytown SWAT team to be called outside their city, even their own county, when the need arises for their special skills and training.

This was the case Tuesday morning when the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office put out a call for aid.

Two deputies, James Marcantell and Rex Evans, who were responding to a “shots fired” call in the Woodlands Hill subdivision were shot by a suspect. Deputies returned fire and believed they wounded the suspect.

A manhunt for the armed suspect ensued in the nearby woods. Baytown SWAT was called in to help with the search as well as protect those who lived in the adjacent area. Approximately four and half hours after the initial call came in the body of the suspect was discovered. The suspect has not been identified.

Evans was released the same day from a Houston hospital. Marcantell underwent surgery for removal of shrapnel.

New Bank ATM continues tradition

Highlands Chamber of Commerce members help Tom Hill cut a grand-opening ribbon for Amegy Bank on March 3 at the historic intersection of Wallisville and Main St. in Highlands. The new location was also selected Yard of the Month for its attractive appearance. The site is where the original Highlands Bank was founded and had its first office.

Where’s the Motto? Revisiting an urban legend

By Bobby Horn Jr.

I love urban legends and folklore. They have got to be my favorite styles of literature. We have all seen them, and probably told a few ourselves. That story that is so remarkable that it couldn’t be true but the storyteller swears it is. The strange occurrence that happened to a friend of a friend (called FOAF by folklorists). We know many of them: alligators in the sewer, the escaped mental patient with the hook hand, spider eggs in bubble gum.

I was happy when one arrived in the newspaper’s inbox this week related to the U.S. $1 coins and the apparent removal of the motto “In God We Trust.”

This is the text of that email:

“Refuse to accept these when they are handed to you. I received one from the Post Office as change and I asked for a dollar bill instead. The lady just smiled and said ‘way to go’, so she had read this e-mail. Please help out… our world is in enough trouble without this too!!!!! U.S.Government to Release New Dollar Coins You guessed it ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ IS GONE!!! If ever there was a reason to boycott something, THIS IS IT!!!! DO NOT ACCEPT THE NEW DOLLAR COINS AS CHANGE. Together we can force them out of circulation.”

Let me put your minds at ease… this is an urban legend.

The story first appeared in the “Tallahassee Democrat” on Feb. 24, 2007. On June 19, 2007 the Associated Press ran an erroneous story about the U.S. Mint deliberately leaving off the nation’s motto.

The issue comes from the minting of a new Presidential series of dollar coins in 2007, in which the motto was printed on the edge of the coin rather than face like other coins.

However, many people not seeing the motto in its usual place assumed it was gone.

To be completely fair, a few coins escaped the U.S. Mint in 2007 without the motto. These were minting errors, not unknown in the minting process, and were not deliberate attempts.

So widespread was the rumor that congressional action was taken. When Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008 it included language that the U.S. Mint return the motto to the face of the coins within a timely manner.

Since 2009 the motto has appeared on the face of the coins, including the 2010 set which will feature Presidents Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan and Lincoln.

I thank the reader for sending me another urban legend for my collection, and I welcome other readers to send me their favorites as well.

Not all those who wander are lost– J.R.R. Tolkien

Spring Fever and Spring Cleaning…

Spring is so close one can smell it. That must be why all these sneezing fits have occurred. The neighbor’s Arizona Ash tree is budding out and the other neighbor’s pear tree will be in bloom once it gets a good drink of water as it is full of buds. Pear trees are so pretty full of white blossoms.

Spring will officially be here next month just after you turn your clock forward one hour. Looking forward to the time advance, although Spike cat will not know the difference as he likes to walk around the pillow before daylight so someone will go get his breakfast snack of Whiskas Temptations treats. Spring Fever as defined by Ms Merriam-Webster is “a lazy or restless feeling often associated with the onset of spring”.

You can tell its spring when all the male dove start cooing to the nearest female dove. It is also time for the white perch AKA Crappie to bite. Actually the Crappie are already biting on Luce Bayou above Lake Houston. Spring runs from March into May down here in Texas and at the end of spring is the beginning of hurricane season.

Spring is also the time to do your spring cleaning and, being the head janitor of the house the job has already begun. The biggest chore at the house is washing the fascia and eaves on the house; next biggest is the blinds and windows. Guess I’ll have to turn the ceiling fans on high to dust. Don’t care what she says, that’s woman’s work. About decided when she retires, I’m going back to work.

Drove to the fresh water pond in the big city last week to check out a crappie hole found over the web; hope to wet a hook this coming week, but weather forecast says it’s going to be cold so Charlie might not make it.

Got a box of Jerusalem artichoke to plant one day this week, hope to have a pint or two of them pickled as Pop and Pearl Farrar grew them out at their place on the Liberty Hill Road. Pearl would pickle them and they were right tasty, crunchy too. Of course she would put a pod of red pepper in the jar for a bit of spice, hot but good.

We used to take the mattresses out each spring on a pretty day to air out; it was a job momma always had me help doing wrestling those heavy cotton mattresses out to the back yard for a day. Nowadays you have febreze.

Residents urged to complete census survey

Dear Editor,

In March 2010, every Household across the nation will receive a census form required once every 10 years by the U.S. Constitution, the 2010 Census will count every man woman and child living in the United States.

Every year the federal government distributes more than $400 billion to tribal state and local governments based on census data. But a lack of participation can result in our community and nation receiving less federal funding and less access to important services and resources than we might otherwise have received.

Census data also are used to reapportion seats in Congress and assure proper district representation in state and local governments. An accurate count will help ensure the people in this community are fairly represented in ail levels of government.

During Census 2000, 59 percent of households in Chambers County returned their census forms by mail. Nationally, 72 percent did so as of the April 2000 cut-off I believe we can do even better in 2010. That’s why today I am issuing a challenge to everyone in Chambers County to take 10 minutes to participate in the census by answering the 10-question census form Together, we can create a better tomorrow for ourselves, our family and our community.

Jimmy Sylvia
Chambers County Judge