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Posts published in “Day: June 9, 2011

Liberty County jury sends message to Child Molesters

June 3, 2011–A Liberty County jury and a Liberty County District Judge have recently made it unmistakably clear that child molestation will not be tolerated in Liberty County. Utilizing a relatively new law known as Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child, the Office of District Attorney Mike Little recently completed successful prosecutions of two defendants charged with this crime in Liberty County.
One defendant, Thomas Darrell Cross, Jr., was tried before a jury in the 75th District Court before presiding Judge Mark Morefield during the week of May 16, 2011. Cross was sentenced by the jury to 60 years in prison without parole.
The other defendant, Dean Coleman Brown, was also tried in the 75th District Court before Judge Morefield. On June 2, 2011, Judge Morefield sentenced Brown to Life in prison without any possibility of parole.
Thomas Darrell Cross, Jr., 30 years of age, from Cleveland, Texas, was indicted by a Liberty County Grand Jury for Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child, Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, and Indecency With a Child. The indictment alleged that Cross sexually abused a female child under the age of 14 during the latter part of 2008.
Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child is a relatively new law which took effect on September 1, 2007. Its enactment was meant to provide extra punishment for individuals who sexually abuse a child or children over a time period of 30 days or more. Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child carries a minimum prison term of 25 years in prison with a maximum possible punishment of 99 years or Life in prison. This crime not only carries a minimum sentence of 25 years but the law also provides that any sentence must be served without any possibility of parole. In other words, the sentence is served day for day without any possibility of early release.
Dean Coleman Brown, 41 years of age, of Dayton, Texas, was also indicted by a Liberty County Grand Jury for Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child. Brown was charged with sexually abusing a female child under the age of 14 on more than one occasion. It was alleged in the indictment that Brown committed these acts over a period of approximately one year beginning in July of 2009. During the sentencing hearing, it was proven by the State that Dean Coleman Brown had been previously convicted of possession of cocaine and failure to comply with sex offender registration in Harris County, Texas. The evidence also revealed that Brown had been previously convicted of child molestation in Florida.
“These two very lengthy sentences send an extremely clear message to child molesters that they will be dealt with very sternly in Liberty County. The offense of Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child has been an extremely effective tool in punishing child molesters and hopefully deterring would-be child molesters from engaging in such disgusting conduct,” said Liberty County District Attorney Mike Little.

Authorities dispel bizarre Mass Killing story

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas––On Tuesday evening the Sheriff’s Office received a phone call from a person alleging that there were between 25 to 30 dismembered at a property in Liberty County.
Before 6 p.m. and after a search of the location at the intersection of County Roads and 2048 between Hardin and Daisetta, Liberty County officials said they found nothing. “No bodies were found inside the house,” said Liberty County Judge Craig McNair.
Searching in the property, officials found some evidence of blood. “Deputy investigators have responded here to the scene. We have found some circunstances that have raised some questions and we have requested a search warrant,” said Capt. Rex Evans with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.
Officials said that the warrant was requested after doing a search on the property with anything been cleared, and around 7:45 p.m. Texas Rangers arrived at the house with the search warrant and entered the house. The blood found in the house was from an earlier incident, police officials said.
Joe Bankson, 44, resident of the house said the blood that officials found in the porch of his house was from his daughter’s former boyfriend who cut himself about two weeks ago. “He got drunk and cut his wrist,” Bankson told KHOU-TV. He also said a police report was filed with the sheriff’s department after the suicide attempt.
“At this time we have not recovered any bodies,” Evans said.
The search included cadaver dogs but nothing was found. “There was a tip, but no bodies have been found,” Col. Steve McCraw, head of the Texas Department of Public Safety said. “The caller chose to remain anonymous.”
Texas Rangers along with Beamount FBI office and DPS helped in solving this case.
McCraw said local prosecutors could pursue charges against the tipster if there was a false call with no foundation.