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Posts published in “Day: June 16, 2011

Media Frenzy calms on Mass Killing story

LIBERTY, TX–On Tueday, June 7, 2011 the Sheriff’s Office received a call from a psychic alleging that approximately 30 bodies were dismembered at a property located in the intersecction of County Roads, between Hardin and Daisetta in Liberty, TX.
Sheriff’s Office along with Beamount FBI and DPS search the place. The Texas Rangers after going to the residence with a search warrant also help on searching the premises for any clue to solve the case.
Officials said after doing a search inside and outside the residence nothing was found. The search included cadaver dog.
“There was a tip but no bodies have been found,” said Liberty County Judge Craig McNair. “No bodies were found inside the house.”
The only thing authorities found was a bad smell from a rotting garbage.
Law enforcement said the call may have been a hoax and “prosecutors could pursue charges against the tipster,” said McNair.

New Clinic opens in Mont Belvieu – West Chambers Medical Clinic

MONT BELVIEU– This community gained an extensive new facility for the health of its citizens, when the Chambers Health organization held its Grand Opening on Tuesday of the new clinic building on Eagle Drive.
Present for the ceremony were officials from the Hospital District #1, and Chambers Community Health Centers, Inc. as well as the public and medical staff of the clinic.
Also present were Chambers County, city and federal officials that helped bring the project to fruition. After recent hurricanes, federal officials including Senator John Cornyn helped secure the funding for the building, under the Social Services Block Grant program and a special program for areas impacted by devastation from past and future hurricanes. The building will serve as a shelter and a medical facility during severe weather conditions in the future.
At the ribbon cutting ceremony, remarks were made by CEO Bob Pascasio, Public Hospital District Vice-chair Marian Whitley, Mont Belvieu mayor Nick Dixon, Community Health Center Chair Jack Waldrop, and Hospital Distric Chair Tommy Willcox. In addition, representing Senator Cornyn, Jay Guerrero read a letter wishing the endeavor success and support.
The building is a FQHC, or Federally Qualified Health Center primary care provider, delivering a variety of services including family and industrial medicine programs and services. These include pediatric programs including immunizations, women’s health care, geriatric services, adult medicine, employment and school physicals, occupational health services, minor surgical procedures such as laceration repairs, cyst and wart removals, etc., wellness programs and services, patient counseling and education, and inhouse routine lab services and diagnostic imaging, including x-rays, and CT scans.
Tours of the building after the ribbon cutting revealed exam and treatment rooms, a nursing station, doctor’s offices (three full-time on staff at this time), labs, radiology including a CT scanner with digital files, business offices and break rooms, surgery and recovery rooms, and even a play room for children. The building layout suggested that expansion would be possible at a future time, also.
The public is encouraged to come to see the new facility, and make use of the modern health care services available. Staff speaks Spanish as well as English, and can be reached at 281-576-0670 for an appointment.

EXPO: Taste of Dayton combines Food, Fun

DAYTON– The Chamber of Commerce held their 7th annual Taste of Dayton EXPO last Tuesday evening, at the Dayton Community Center.
The event was well attended, with over 30 local businesses participating with booths showcasing their companies. In addition, most booths had food for sampling, whether they were a restaurant or not. Attendees could experience many different and delightful snacks as they went from booth to booth garnering information about the local business community and the services they offer.
The community center was an appropriate venue for this EXPO, which saw its second year at the building. However, some air conditioning problems during the hot day kept the audience from enjoying a completely cool experience.
Sponsor of the EXPO was the FLNB Dayton Financial Center. Other vendors included realtors, banks, restaurants, funeral homes, medical practitioners, food markets, banks, insurance companies, directory publishers, clothing boutiques, financial advisers, swimming pool builders, bakeries, flower and gift shops, apartment complexes, wedding planners and much more. It truly included something for everyong.
Door prizes were given out, as well as awards for best booth. Prizes were also awarded for participants that managed to visit all the booths and have a “passport” signed by everyone.

Crosby Rodeo hits marks in livestock sales, crowds

Crosby Fair & Rodeo grossed a tally of $222,768 for the livestock sale on Wednesday and had great crowds attending the cowboy sports and concerts last weekend.
Probably the best aspect of this year’s show was the feeling of community within the livestock show and that the Rodeo members that greeted us all on arrival. “Paw Paw” Russell Rogers was chosen Board Member of the Year and he passed it on to his wife, Shirley, saying “I recon she works harder than any of ‘em.”
Sterling-White Chapel and Cemetery bought the Grand Champion Swine for $4,500. Ron Craft Chevrolet bought Hendrix Weishampel Market Lamb for $2,500. All the results of the Grand Champion Sales are on Page 4 of this issue.
In case you might have missed it, the Crosby Fair & Rodeo gives to Livestock exhibitors the highest percentage in the Region for Livestock shows. Fully 96% goes to the kids that raise and sell their livestock for the Crosby Fair & Rodeo.

According to Strawberry Clifton and Bill Busby (interviewed apart) Crosby Fair & Rodeo spend over $10,000 per year to put on the Livestock show and some of the residual 4% goes to defray that cost somewhat, the rest the Fair Board makes up on ticket costs and other fund-raisers.
Back to back weekend concerts packed in fans for Country music. Some 5000 each attended Roger Creager and Kevin Fowler while the numbers swelled highest to see Ace in the Hole and Josh Abbott last Friday with the best all around ticket draw. That was a great combination for all the Strait fans and for mostly Country with a little Rock ‘n Roll fans.
The largest cowboy sport (Rodeo) draw was of course for the finally on Saturday. That was a show for the fans of the rough and tumble for a payoff of $26,069. Bull fighters Travis Adams and Kenny Bergeron nightly slapped angry bulls and broncs away from tossed cowboys making for thrills a minutes to the knowing on-looker. They also made it look easy.
Unofficially, as results are being reviewed, the P.R.C.A. count goes:
All-around cowboy: Logan Gledhill, $1,444, steer wrestling and tie-down roping.
Bareback riding: 1. Steven Anding, 87 points on Classic Pro Rodeo’s Lexie, $1,026; 2. Matt Bright, 79, $770; 3. Zach Dishman, 77, $513; 4. Ryan Stutes, 76, $257.
Steer wrestling: 1. Logan Gledhill, 3.7 seconds, $1,171; 2. Gabe Ledoux, 4.8, $969; 3. Lloyd Goodman, 4.9, $767; 4. Britt Walters, 5.2, $565; 5. Jonathan Neal, 5.3, $363; 6. John Martin, 5.6, $202.
Team roping: 1. Joel Bach/Allen Bach, 6.0 seconds, $1,378 each; 2. Tyler Wade/J.W. Borrego, 6.2, $1,140; 3. Drew Horner/Trey Johnson, 6.7, $903; 4. Joe Beaver/Josh Patton, 6.8, $665; 5. Wes Kent/Mark “T” Luttrell, 7.9, $428; 6. Chris Lawson/Matt Kasner, 10.9, $238.
Saddle bronc riding: 1. Curtis Garton, 81 points on Classic Pro Rodeo’s I’m A Dunn, $1,026; 2. Bradley Harter, 78, $770; 3. (tie) Justin Browning and Sam Spreadborough, 76, $385 each.
Tie-down roping: 1. K.C. McBride, 9.0 seconds, $882; 2. Ryan Watkins, 9.4, $730; 3. Fred Whitfield, 9.5, $578; 4. Glenn Breaux, 9.9, $426; 5. Logan Gledhill, 10.2, $274; 6. Chris Bradford, 10.3, $152.
Barrel racing: 1. Maegan Reichert, 15.39, $792; 2. Kay Blandford, 15.50, $689; 3. Callie Chamberlain, 15.58, $585; 4. Lynn Hinds, 15.63, $482; 5. Michelle West, 15.64, $379; 6. Jennifer Lynd, 15.71, $276; 7. Laura Kennedy, 15.74, $172; 8. Tammy Fischer, 15.78, $69.
Bull riding: 1. Jason Beck, 88 points on Classic Pro Rodeo’s Wee Man, $1,159; 2. Chance Smart, 86, $869; 3. Ty Clearwater, 85, $580; 4. Luke Haught, 84, $290.

Highlands Sexual Predator wanted

Highlands, TX–June 8, 2011–HCSO investigators need the public’s help in identifying the suspect in an aggravated sexual assault last month in east Harris County.
It happened on May 29, 2011 in a wooded area near the 2500 block of Highland Shores in Highlands, Texas.
The victim, a woman in her 20’s, was walking when she was approached by the armed suspect and forced into the woods. The victim was knocked unconscious by the suspect, tied, and sexually assaulted. A composite sketch of the suspect has been released. The suspect has been describe as a white white male in his late 30’s early 40’s and approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall. No other information has been realsed.
Anyone with information about his identity please call the HCSO’s Adult Sex Crimes Unit at 713-967-5743.

Huffman wildfire battled for 3 days

HUFFMAN– Sever drought conditions made a serious impact on local firefighters beginning Sunday at 1:09 a.m. when the Cleveland Police Dept. alerted to a grass fire.
Huffman Volunteer Fire Dept. started fighting a grass fire that would encompass (conservatively) 188 acres, threaten 4 structures and combine efforts of four counties and 18 fire departments with assistance from the Texas Forestry Service and Harris County Office of Emergency Management from Sunday through verification containment on Tuesday. The Texas Forestry Service was still there on Tuesday.
The fire began up in the North, near County line, nebulous part of Huffman-Cleveland Rd., near Plum Grove Road, Swamp Grove Rd. etc.
According to Huffman’s VFD’s Chief Kevin Guillot the blaze encompassed over three miles North to South.
Conditions are ripe for a forest fire of unpresidented magnatude and Harris County has banned 2 aerial fireworks, they will review the threat on June 21 to see if a ban on all fireworks should be made, according to Judge Ed Emmett.
The blaze started within sight of the FM 2100 Roadway and spread rapidly to encoumpass 144 acres of land threatening a cluster of houses. The state firemen brought two helicopters and an airplane spotter into the battle. Huffman VFD helped the homeowners by relocating livestock, personnel and putting trucks in position early on in the battle. The fire raged within 30 yards of the structures, then to the relief of firefighters the wind shifted to come from the East. Huffman VFD then was able to contain the growth of flames before they bit into houses. Sixteen tankers at 15,000 gallons each were repeatedly refilled.
On Monday a South southwesterly wind took the flames back over some fire brakes dug by a off duty Houston FD firefighter with his tractor, and four bulldozers from the Texas Forestry Service. This blaze would burn 37 acres although a helicopter continued to drop water, Huffman called in 16 fire departments the second day from 4 counties.
All the vehicles employed for direct firefighting were off road including mor nimble Brush Trucks and Huffman’s New ARGO 6X6 amphibious craft.

FM2100 Overpass stalled, but not stopped

CROSBY – Again, the Overpass of FM 2100 at the railroad tracks is stalled. One can get a number of different answers as to why but only one prediction as to when the project will begin. That being “I think we can begin seeing construction if not by July for sure by August.” said Henri Quiroga, TxDOT Project Engineer.
Sources outside TxDOT say it may have to do with the need for the successful contractor to receive his construction bonds. The letting date has been removed from the website. But, Quiroga indicates it has more to do with the utilities not being in place for the benchmark project and the contractor not being able to start until all things are in their place. “The contractor is adamant about having a wide area to begin because there is a hefty milestone within the aggressive schedule. There are penalties if he does not reach those building milestones.”
One of the problems appears to be the gas company getting rights of way with the railroad for the lines they need to install.
Quiroga for the first time discussed plans to begin construction at both sides (North and South) of the roadway and possibly within the middle of the project to hit the milestones with numerous crews working simultaneously. He described a situation that requires all utility work be completed before roadwork can begin. He could not discuss any bonding issues.
“I can foresee something getting started in July or August.”
“The gas company has had a big agreement delay at the railroad crossing and meanwhile the fiber optic lines are on hold.” Quiroga said.
The design structure of the Overpass has not undergone change nor has locations. A couple of poles are still in locations that are unacceptable.
“Even if any contractor goes under we have a bonding company that will step in and take over,” said Quiroga, “It will get built it’s just a matter of when.”