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Posts published in “Day: January 26, 2012


Rubin Leal (l.) accepts the Firefighter of the Year Award from Chief Alan Kulak (center) and E.S.D. 80 Secretary Randy Foster. Among any number of fine men Leal stood out among his comrades as recognized by his fellow firefighters as best exemplifying the high standards of the department that services a district of over 30,000 people, aiding surrounding areas. Chief Kulak was recognized for 30 years of service to C.V.F.D. Kulak’s initial release papers from his family were signed when he was 15 years of age, volunteering to work as a firefighter at age 16. His legend among Crosby firefighters has him initially arriving to battle blazes in a go-cart.

Judge Coffey updates Rotary on Lee College

Highlands Rotary heard recently about the role Lee College plays in the community, presented by Board Member Don Coffey. Judge Coffey has been a board member since 1984.

Coffey said that Lee College started as a post graduate study program of the Goose Creek school district, in 1934. It was only the second community college in the whole state of Texas.

In 1950, they decided to build a separate campus on the present site. It has grown to its current $50 million dollar yearly budget, and now has students in academic and vocational programs.

In February, Lee College will get a new president, Dr. Dennis Brown, coming from El Paso Community College. Brown was the choice of 39 applicants for the position, Coffey said.

Programs at the college include continuing education as well as academics and vocational. Goose Creek CISD is the only local school district that is affiliated with Lee, and therefore residents get a reduced tuition rate as “in district” students.

Many of the students at Lee to on to high paying technical jobs in the refining industry surrounding Baytown. If they stay with these companies, they retire with pension plans invested to over a million dollars, typically. Therefore the college has been very good for the community and the job opportunities.

Recent construction at the college includes a new $17 million dollar Performing Arts Building, paid for by Tuition Revenue Bonds. The building includes a 700 seat theater, a 150 seat black box experimental theater, and a concert hall.

Lee’s athletic program includes basketball scholarships, and a new volleyball program.

Other new facilities include a Library and Resource Center. Coffey recommends the Arena and Wellness Center as outstanding facilities which are open to the public.

He said that many Lee College students continue their education at full four year colleges after their time at Lee.