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Posts published in “Day: May 17, 2012

Friendly Ford anchors Crosby’s new Scoreboard


On May 11, Fred Salinas owner of Friendly Ford in Crosby, announced that he had secured the Super Anchor display for the modernized Scoreboard for the Crosby Cougars.

The new scoreboard will feature the latest in digital graphics and re-plays will show highlights of the game after they happen. This digital screen will be surrounded by advertising. Above all other advertising and larger will be the Super Anchor, this coming season that will be Friendly Ford. That aspect alone will measure fifteen feet eleven inches. The Anchor’s advertising will be located between the Cougars’ claws.

According to the school, Crosby ISD was looking for new and creative ways to help upgrade Cougar Stadium and other facilities so they have partnered up with Daktronics Sports Marketing (DSM) to create a new marketing campaign.

This marketing campaign will help secure necessary long-term advertising commitments (a new revenue stream) to help fund a new video scoreboard at Cougar Stadium, new scoreboards at the baseball and softball fields, and potentially generate revenue for the general school fund. The community raised revenues for this project will bring a new level of excitement, color and interactivity to all of the events at the stadium.

The upgrades at the Cougar athletic facilities will include state-of-the-art scoring, timing, and display equipment while also offering local businesses numerous advertising opportunities throughout the stadium. Michael Vogelaar (DSM Advertising Sales) is scheduling visits with local businesses that are simply interested in learning more about the various custom opportunities that are available at the stadium. These opportunities are for local businesses of all sizes. CISD and DSM have already received their first signed commitment from Friendly Ford of Crosby.

The anchor advertising includes not only the football scoreboard but also the stands at entrance and exit, the baseball bleacher back, both ends of the baseball bleachers, the baseball scoreboard, the Softball bleacher backside, the softball scoreboard, two minutes of the Static Logo effects of the Marquee display in front of the school on FM 2100, one game day sponsorship/promotion opportunity per season, two customized P.A. announcements when Friendly Ford is game-day sponsor, four radio drop-ins for each broadcast game, one logo and link on District Website.

“It cost a lot,” quibbed Salinas, when asked the bottom line, “But we want to support the community and we know football and sports are important here.”

The football scoreboard alone has plenty of advertisement on it. A feature title will be digitally displayed per varsity home game. A pre-game animated partner logo will be displayed digitally for five seconds rotating with other sponsor partners. Six timed during the game that logo will appear during regular season. As the scoreboard will now display re-plays of downs, five times the Anchor will show the Friendly Ford logo, ass well as other partners before re-plays appear. For each home game during regular season, a 30 second pre-game logo will appear that is to be supplied by the advertiser. Finally, during the regular season home games, a 30 second commercial supplied by Friendly Ford will appear.

Highlands Rotary awards scholarships to 15 students

HIGHLANDS– Dr. Dennis Brown, president of Lee College, was the featured speaker at an awards ceremony Tuesday night at the Highlands Community Center. The event was the award of 15 scholarships, in the amounts of $1500 and $2500, to students that had outstanding applications, grades, and recommendations in their schools.

Receiving the scholarships were students from Highlands and Crosby, and Chinquapin schools. Dr. Brown gave a motivating talk, about the value of higher education in today’s marketplace, and how education can make the difference between a “job” and a “career” that would be life fulfilling. He also exhorted the young graduates to continue their education now, as breaks with the intention of finishing higher education later often fail.

Brown also touched on the advantages of Lee College, some of the awards and advanced programs they offer, and new initiatives in Early College at the high school level. Before becoming president at Lee College in February, Dr. Brown had previously been a vice president of instruction at El Paso Community College, and involved in creating six early college high schools. He left the audience with the thought “Never settle for less than the Goal you set for yourself.”

Scholarships were given out by Rotary Chairperson Larry White, with some thank you comments from Dane Listi. Listi had been in charge of this year’s Rotary Chili Feast in February, where the Rotary Club raised most of the money that funded these scholarships. He made a point of naming and thanking the sponsors of the Chili Feast event.

Dr. White said that the club was awarding 15 scholarships this year, amounting to almost $30,000. This continued a tradition that has gone on for almost 40 years. White introduced the ten people on his committee that reviewed applications, and made the awards based on grades, activities, essays, recommendations and need.

Receiving scholarships from Goose Creek Memorial High School were Elyssabeth Dunn, Miesha Frank, Valeria Gomez, Zachary Houchins, Mary Rosser, Amanda Chavez, and Shelby Barnett. As they received their award, each student was asked to say a few things about themselves, and their plans for the future.

Receiving scholarships to continue their college education were Dianna Muldrow, Melanie Muldrow, Amy Brewer, Crystal Chavez, and Julie Burns.

Each year Rotary gives special named scholarships, commemorating Rotarians who had outstanding records of service to the community and to Rotary. This year, the Dr. W. L. Herndon DDS scholarship was presented by his daughter and past Rotary president, Patricia Scott, to Taralyn Hortman of Goose Creek Memorial High School and it’s Interact club.

The named Pat McPhee Scholarship was presented by his widow, Barbara McPhee, to Chase Wells of Crosby High School.

The named Jay E. Bird Scholarship was presented by his classmate, Rotarian Weston Cotten, to Erick Martinez of Chinquapin School.

Over one hundred Rotarians, students and their parents attended the dinner and ceremony at the Highlands Community Center.

Morman talks roads: Barrett Station Main Street to become four lanes

By Lewis Spearman

When Precinct 2 Commissioner Jack Morman came to town on May 10 it was with news of infrastructure plans to meet challenges to communities, the distinctive feature however was that Precinct 2 is in the design phase of making Crosby-Lynchburg into a four lane within Barrett Station.

The design indicates that there would be two lanes North and two lanes South from Magnolia Street South to the limits of the community.

Jack Rodriguez, Senior Director of Road-Bridge/CIP for Precinct 2, described the new roadway as not having enough room to become a boulevard between existing houses. The plans also include a new route for buses to travel to and from Drew Intermediate School. The Precinct is already in the purchase phase of the rights of way.

Now there are problems with widening the existing two lane into four lanes. First Precinct 2 cannot do it without the State of Texas highway agency, TXDoT, making a narrow strip that now leads from the Crosby Freeway Bridge to FM 1942 the same width as that proposed in Barrett Station.

Problems with that requirement are manifold. There are environmental challenges currently, there is a waterway under the extant bridge. That portion now has a turn lane onto FM 1942 from the North but is currently a bottleneck for Southbound traffic. The State retains all rights of way within a distance of bridges such as the one that goes over F.M. 2100 because the structure of the bridge must remain uncompromised by subsidence and encasement. In other words the engineers don’t want the land shifting anymore than is out of control around bridges that have to carry enormous burdens. The second problem is more familiar to most of us it involves money.

Commissioner Jack Morman stated, “I got an increased budget of three million dollars, that three million equates to exactly the operating budgets of all the facilities that we acquired. So, it does not take into account the amount of the additional right of way, or take care of the road maintenance. We will be able to vett all of those but not as fast as we would like. We are already stretching our dollars, we are just going to have to make our dollars go farther. It is nothing new for us living lean and doing more with less. We’re trying, any partnership we can get, like with the State, we jump on that. It is not butting heads, it is collaboration and the State’s budget is worse than ours for having money to spend on needed projects.”

“If we can get some help out of them we would be ready to start moving.” Morman stated when asked to confirm the need for TXDoT to help match the width of the proposed Main St. of Barrett Station.

In addition to widening Main Street, the Commissioner has gone to the Harris County Attorney’s Office to ask if it would be possible for the county to front the money for M.U.D. 50 to handle infrastructure needs, pipes and other problems, and then pay Harris County back over time. It appears for now that this may, depending on a vote by Commissioner’s Court, be possible.