Friendly Ford anchors Crosby’s new Scoreboard


On May 11, Fred Salinas owner of Friendly Ford in Crosby, announced that he had secured the Super Anchor display for the modernized Scoreboard for the Crosby Cougars.

The new scoreboard will feature the latest in digital graphics and re-plays will show highlights of the game after they happen. This digital screen will be surrounded by advertising. Above all other advertising and larger will be the Super Anchor, this coming season that will be Friendly Ford. That aspect alone will measure fifteen feet eleven inches. The Anchor’s advertising will be located between the Cougars’ claws.

According to the school, Crosby ISD was looking for new and creative ways to help upgrade Cougar Stadium and other facilities so they have partnered up with Daktronics Sports Marketing (DSM) to create a new marketing campaign.

This marketing campaign will help secure necessary long-term advertising commitments (a new revenue stream) to help fund a new video scoreboard at Cougar Stadium, new scoreboards at the baseball and softball fields, and potentially generate revenue for the general school fund. The community raised revenues for this project will bring a new level of excitement, color and interactivity to all of the events at the stadium.

The upgrades at the Cougar athletic facilities will include state-of-the-art scoring, timing, and display equipment while also offering local businesses numerous advertising opportunities throughout the stadium. Michael Vogelaar (DSM Advertising Sales) is scheduling visits with local businesses that are simply interested in learning more about the various custom opportunities that are available at the stadium. These opportunities are for local businesses of all sizes. CISD and DSM have already received their first signed commitment from Friendly Ford of Crosby.

The anchor advertising includes not only the football scoreboard but also the stands at entrance and exit, the baseball bleacher back, both ends of the baseball bleachers, the baseball scoreboard, the Softball bleacher backside, the softball scoreboard, two minutes of the Static Logo effects of the Marquee display in front of the school on FM 2100, one game day sponsorship/promotion opportunity per season, two customized P.A. announcements when Friendly Ford is game-day sponsor, four radio drop-ins for each broadcast game, one logo and link on District Website.

“It cost a lot,” quibbed Salinas, when asked the bottom line, “But we want to support the community and we know football and sports are important here.”

The football scoreboard alone has plenty of advertisement on it. A feature title will be digitally displayed per varsity home game. A pre-game animated partner logo will be displayed digitally for five seconds rotating with other sponsor partners. Six timed during the game that logo will appear during regular season. As the scoreboard will now display re-plays of downs, five times the Anchor will show the Friendly Ford logo, ass well as other partners before re-plays appear. For each home game during regular season, a 30 second pre-game logo will appear that is to be supplied by the advertiser. Finally, during the regular season home games, a 30 second commercial supplied by Friendly Ford will appear.