Chamber and Rodeo team for mammoth Veteran’s Day

By Lewis Spearman

CROSBY – From Nov. 8 through 10 the Crosby Fairgrounds will be a bustle of activity dedicated to honoring veterans in a new program to be called, “Eastside Veteran’s Celebration; Warriors of the Past and Present.”

A carnival is to be opened on Nov. 8 for the kids of all ages to enjoy fun rides. Plans are to host a possible dance at $10 per person on Nov. 9 with live entertainment, in honor of veterans. Then the following morning a Coo-Off is to begin with cooking teams that made it to the Crosby Fair & Rodeo participating to see who can prepare the best meal for veterans.

There is to be a fete for the vets to be called Veterans Appreciation Dinner on Nov. 10. A craft show, the carnival and the dinner is to go on Nov. 10. One of the men that served under Crosby’s Medal of Honor recipient David H. McNerney will travel to Crosby to present a speech, that day.

But plans are just now getting underway and although the good people of Son Harvest Church, the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce, the Crosby School District and the Crosby Fair & Rodeo are involved there is plenty of work to be done so volunteers are welcome.

Committee meetings are already underway and the next meeting is Sept. 1 at Son Harvest Church. Anyone interested should contact Lori Beckman of Son Harvest Church, the same church that brought us The Vietnam Memorial Travelling Wall last year, at 281-328-6295.