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Posts published in “Day: November 15, 2012

To the editor & the public

As Commander of Crosby American Legion Post 658 and the membership, we wish to express our sincere thanks to our community. The first Eastside Veterans Celebration event was a very rewarding two days.

The Crosby-Huffman Chamber, local churches, Crosby Fair Assocation, Scout Packs, CISD ROTC, all BBQ cooking teams, parade participants, and many unnamed individuals all joined together for this successful undertaking.

It has made us so proud.

Bob L. Boyles

Appreciation for CISD

I want to personally thank and congratulate the 6 folks that ran for the Crosby Independent School Board. David Shaver, David Porter, Dr. James Hofmann, Gerald Blakenship, Carla Mills Winfont and Will Locke.

All of these citizens were volunteering their valuable time and resources to try and make this a better place to live and raise our children. I know 5 of the 6 folks and I honestly believe we could not have elected a bad one. This is a difficult job that has no paycheck at all. We owe the current, past and future school boards a debt of thanks.

Every citizen should get to know these folks. We should thank them every time we see them for trying to make this a better place to live for you, your children and grandchildren.

Mike Godsey with Godsey Insurance

To the electorate of CISD

Having served four elected terms, it has been my honor to serve the Crosby ISD since 1980. I want to thank all of you who supported me over the years as I tried my best to represent you and be a good steward of your taxpayers’ monies. I also want to thank all of the administrators, teachers, and school employees who work hard every day to educate our students for the future. I especially want to thank Dr. Keith Moore, who has and will continue to make great strides at raising the standards at Crosby ISD because he knows our students deserve it. It is with great pride that I can say that I was a part of a team who hired him.

I wish Dr. Hofmann the best as he starts his term as your new Crosby ISD trustee.


Gerald Blankenship

After the Storm

By Angie Liang

We Houstonians are no strangers to hurricanes. Living in former swamplands about an hour from the Gulf Coast, we’ve had to stock up on non-perishables and supplies, fill our bathtubs with water, board our windows, and evacuate. Our city has experienced major flooding, power outages, and even the loss of homes and lives. Recently, those on the East Coast experienced similar devastation. Sandy caused enormous damage, and some people lost everything.

The New York City area was hit particularly hard. Living next to Times Square, I was very lucky. While my office was closed for three days, other than flickering power, my apartment was fine. It was surreal, however, to witness for the second time since moving here, how empty and quiet the City That Never Sleeps had become because of a hurricane.

When we finally returned to work, one of my friends set up a volunteer effort for my team. With the little gas that we had, four of us made it down to the Rockaways early in the morning, with hot food and supplies – all generously donated by a local diner and colleagues.

We walked amidst the destruction, amazed not only by what was lost, but also by how many others had come out to help. We spent the day at a local church where the National Guard was also present, all of us organizing, distributing and delivering supplies. Despite being inside the building, we were very cold, which led us to worry about the dropping temperatures and wonder how residents would stay warm.

I have only these few words and pictures to share from my experience volunteering in the Rockaways. It will take a while for everyone to recover from Sandy, but what I saw growing up in Houston is very present here in New York: People helping people.

Eastside Veterans Events celebrate service

CROSBY – One has to wonder when the 11th hour on Nov. 11, 1918 tolled the end of fighting in the War to End All Wars how endless fighting would be throughout the rest of the 20th Century and into the 21st, but here, we set aside a time to recognise those that answered the calls to defend their country.

Last Friday and Saturday the David H. McNerney American Legion Post 658 and the Crosby Fairgrounds attracted volunteers from throughout the eastside of the San Jacinto River and Lake Houston to put together a series of special events for veterans. The incentive to recognise Veterans, as always, is that our freedoms are purchased on the service to our Country and the sacred honor of those that serve in uniforms. As the War on Terror draws to a close the need for continuity for respect for veterans seems evident.

The Eastside Veterans Celebration – Warriors Past and Present was accomplished by contributions of individuals like Richard Amador that had the vision, Connie Russell that made the quilt that drew so many raffle ticket purchasers, the Crosby Fair & Rodeo that donated the Fairgrounds, the American Legion Hall and numerous others but mostly by a greatful community that stands behind our country and fighting forces.

The parade on Saturday went into the quiet Nelson Subdivision for over a mile long but the public turned out in throngs to view the local specticals of vehicles, first responders and the many representatives of the armed forces. A substantial list of contributors and cooking teams was placed prominantly both within the American Legion Dining Hall and at the Fairgrouns Pavillion.

Opening ceremonies at the American Legion Hall brought special guest speaker Silver Star recepient Lt. Col. Rick Sauer to the podium to speak of the experience of those that serve and with Col. Sauer came others that served at Poli Doc, South Vietnam when Crosby David Mcnerney’s services netted him the Congressional Medal of honor.

Great men are those that answer great duty. This community contributed its sons to duty and affirm that service as sacred and honorable. Veterans Day recognised the end of fighting.