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Posts published in “Day: December 6, 2012

Christmas time comes to Crosby and Huffman

HUFFMAN and CROSBY – Beginning last Saturday and continuing this Saturday parades, games and pictures with Santa are the rule here as the areas welcome the Christmas Season to northeast Harris County.

The Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce has stepped closer to uniting the entire community again with the successful rekindling of the Huffman Christmas Parade featuring Huffman’s rescue service, Precinct 3 Constable Deputies and a wide variety of entertaining floats and vehicles. There was even a visit from Team Impact.

The events of last weekend included Goody bags for kids that visited with Santa, children’s activities, cookies and chocolate a Christmas Tree Lighting and Caroling at the Children’s Christmas Celebration in Huffman.

This Saturday, Dec. 8, from 10 a.m. until dark, the Children’s Christmas Festival and Parade will be held at the Crosby Fairgrounds. A Jingle Bell 5 K Run will be held. A carnival with rides will grace the Fairgrounds. There is to be a bevy of local entertainment at the Fairgrounds under the covered pavilion. There is to be lots of vendors, crafts, shopping and food. The Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce is going to provide hot-dogs. Word Photography is going to take and give away pictures with Santa and the kids can tell Santa what they want for Christmas. Goody bags will be given to kids that speak with Santa.

Later on we’ll conspire to more good deed doings as we fellowship with carolling and a Christmas Tree Lighting.

These events are free for the public to attend.

For more details on these and other events call 281-328-6984.

Last month five new businesses became members of the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce.

The Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce is scheduled to re-start their Community Development Committee in January. The annual Installation of board members will also be held that month.

Visit and join the Crosby-Huffman Chamber of Commerce where the motto is, “Unite in the Community.”

Moving out

After living in the same house for 34 years, the Mrs. finally decided she was ready to move on. Needless to say, yours truly was more than ready and tickled that she finally consented to move. Yours truly has spent several years of looking at houses on Lake Rayburn and Lake Livingston, but she couldn’t live there and continue to work, saying the commute is too much.

Found a nice house less than two miles from the old house and made arrangements to move there. Gone is the little garden of weeding and no more getting to watch the sights of birds and other creatures of the wild along Goose Creek. Will miss the one butt kitchen and all the yard plants but hope to transplant a few to the newer house.

Nothing but headaches and frustration dealing with getting everything turned on and hooked up at the newer house. The local cable TV provider failed horribly as did their telephone people. One girl wanted to charge 35 bucks to have the cable hooked up by the field man. They tried desperately hard to get me to sign up for the phone service and get the complete package. It did not seem they understood the meaning of not only no, but hell no. Read my lips! Spent 58 minutes on the phone thinking my battery would run out.

Amazing how companies have picked up the practice of banks, charging for any and everything they can stick to you.

Called Sears about our propane gas grill which had quit igniting and had rusted through in several places. So glad that a five year warranty was purchased with the grill. Spent much time on the computer talking telephone and it does not understand my Southern accent, but got down to near the end of what I was wanting, and be Johnny Brown if their phone did not start back at the very beginning again. Got in the car and rove to Sears and ultimately completed ordering new parts for the grill. Also set up an appointment as to when to expect a man to come out and install them.

The parts arrived by UPS and the repairman came out. Had three parts which were not needed and another piece to the side burner which has never been used. Don’t get me wrong, the grill repairman did a good job but the person doing the phone work must have been pre-occupied in doing the parts order.

Bigger house, smaller yard but still close to all. Old house was total electric with no complaints; the newer one has gas stove and heat. Gas top stove has already singed some hairs and taught the cooker not to pick up a pot of boiling water because the handles get very hot cooking with gas.

Don’t care what they say; I’ll take electric any day period.

Charlie Farrar can be rached via email:

Thank you to witnesses of helicopter accident

Dear Editor,

Readers of the Highlands Star – Crosby Courier may remember a helicopter accident that occurred on the afternoon of September 10, 2012, near Crosby. A Robinson R-22 crashed near a pipeyard off Miller Road No. 2 and ten burst into flames. The accident killed the pilot, Christopher (“Chris”) Yeager, and his passenger, Joyce Ates.

The family of Chris Yeager would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to all of the witnesses who stopped, approached the burning helicopter, and tried to rescue the occupants. We want each of you to know that we appreciate your amazing courage and your kindness.

Although Chris and Joyce did not survive, we realize that you did your best trying to save them, even at the risk of your own lives. Your efforts will never be forgotten.

We would also like to thank everyone who called emergency personnel, assisted at the scene of the accident, provided information to investigators, prayed for these loved ones, or tried to help in any other way. God bless each and every one of you. We will forever keep you in our hearts and prayers.

Joseph and Paula Yeager

Lubbock, TX

Bad weather doesn’t stop Santa in Highlands – Santa greetings move inside, Tree Lighting damp but bright

The Highlands-Lynchburg Chamber hosted the Christmas Tree Lighting on Tuesday night, December 4th, starting at 6 pm. Due to heavy rain and the threat of lightning, the Santa arrival and greetings were moved into the Chamber building.

There, a steady stream of children and even adults sat on Santa’s lap, and told him of their innermost desires (we think, but only Santa knows.)

Cookies were donated by the Horizons, Golden Corral Restaurant and Community Resource Credit Union. Hot Chocolate was donated and served by the Rotary Club of Highlands.

Pictures of the children with Santa were made by Linda Sims Photography. Each child or adult received a colorful print in a gift folder to take home. Children had their picture with Santa for a donation of an unwrapped toy.

The festivities went on for several hours, starting at 6:00 PM at the Heritage Park located at the Railroad Tracks in Highlands and continuing in the Chamber building. Several hundred children came to see and talk with Santa, but the numbers were down from last year due to the weather.

The Highlands volunteer fire department participated, with a fire truck and lots of firement having their picture taken with Santa. At the end of the evening, Santa whispered to the Star-Courier that he had more fun than anyone.

Crosby Board of Trustees votes in new president

By Dr. Robert Tatman

John Lindsey is Crosby ISD’s new Board of Trustees president. He is a life-long resident of the Crosby community where he and his wife, Becky, are Crosby High School graduates. Their two daughters, Maegan and Lauren, are also Crosby High School graduates who both graduated from Texas A & M in College Station. John recently retired after 35 years of service from Chevron-Phillips. He has also done volunteer work through Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Lindsey has been working on behalf of all students since his tenure on the CISD Board of Trustees began in 2004. He is serving his 3rd term as a Crosby ISD board member. As the new president, his passion for his board work is something that has kept growing over the years. Lindsey is proud of the work that he and the other board members have accomplished, and is most proud of the tax roll-back election that passed three years ago which provided the district greater budgetary freedom. He also recalled that a recent high point was hiring the new superintendent.

Board President Lindsey believes that Crosby ISD is the best kept secret in northeast Harris County – a district whose financial resources are limited though is still able to excel in UIL activities and quality instruction for all students. According to Lindsey, the future of Crosby ISD is bright with a significant student population increase just around the corner. “Board agendas in the future,” Lindsey noted, “will be replete with many challenges as we will be considering the building of new schools, the restructuring of grade configurations, and the issues surrounding state funding of education.”

Lindsey is excited about serving the district and the community as the president of the district’s Board of Trustees. In his new role, he is eager to work with Superintendent Keith Moore and the veteran and recently elected board members. Lindsey commented that he is, “looking forward to many more opportunities to brag about the district!”