Crosby ISD bond called “pivotal”

CROSBY – It is time to decide how much preparation the Crosby Independent School District needs in new buildings and facilities.

Early voting on the Crosby ISD bond begins April 29 and runs through election day May 11 except for Saturday and Sunday. The early voting will be at the administration building from April 29 through May 3, 706 Runneburg Road and election day at the same location for other locations and times see the Crosby ISD Bond Ad on Page 8 or call (281) 328-9200.

Friends of Crosby ISD P.A.C. committee chairman Scott Stephens says, “This is a pivotal decision for Crosby. The time is right, interest rates are low and the need is obvious. It’s time to embrace our future while respecting our past.”

The Friends of Crosby ISD indicate that the Capital Facilities Program is estimated to cost $86.5 Million and if voters approve the tax rate increase, it will not exceed 23 cents per $100 valuation.

The average home in Crosby’s district is said to have a fair market value of $107,245 and be taxed on $92, 245 after the state exemption. That average home can expect to pay about $17.68 more in taxes per month or $212.16 per year.

No tax increase is placed on the frozen level on the homestead of taxpayers 65 years of age and older who have applied for and received the age 65 freeze. That freeze does not apply to increased home values resulting from new improvements made after the effective date of the freeze.

A bond to build a new high school with new JROTC building, athletic field house, agriculture barn, tennis courts, fine arts facility, auditorium and District-wide Tech Center; convert the current high school to middle school, renovate the middle school into an elementary school, and make the Kindergarten Center into a Early Childhood/Pre-K, Kindergarten program combined with the current Crosby Elementary School, construct a new auto stacking drive at Newport Elementary School and renovate elementary school playgrounds and make district wide maintenance and repairs. That is Phase One of two phases, it is an increase of taxes for one year and to be used only for building and maintenance capital projects within the district.

The second phase would only come into effect when there is sufficient growth to provide the funding. The second phase is to construct a new competition baseball and softball fields, renovation of Cougar Stadium with increased parking, a new press box, new home seating (this time facing East) with restrooms and concession stands also a second phase of district wide repairs and maintenance.

If approved the Phase One planning, design and construction documents will require about 11 months dependent upon the project scope to be completed. Then the plans will be released for competitive bids and pricing for about six weeks. After finalizing proposed pricing, construction would begin about a month later.

Estimated completion dates are Fall of 2016 for the new high school, conversion of the high school into middle school and conversion of the middle school into an elementary school.

Currently the State contributes to the District’s annual payments on bonds that are outstanding. State Assistance comes from two programs, the Existing Debt Allotment and the Instructional facilities Allotment.

Bond elections are presented to voters in the form of a ballot proposition to approve or deny the school district the ability to issue or sell an amount of bonds.

The grade re-alignment approved by Board of Trustees will go ahead regardless of the outcome of the bond referendum.