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Posts published in “Day: June 27, 2013

Lake Houston bass restocked

Lake Houston Sports & Recreation Foundation and Texas Parks & Wildlife Restock 100,000 Hybrid Florida Bass into Lake Houston.

Volunteers with Lake Houston Sports & Recreation, a non-profit organization, distributed 100,000 Bass around Lake Houston on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 for the restocking program to help Lake Houston become a cleaner and healthier lake.

Lake Houston is 1/4 of the City of Houston’s drinking water source. With the plant restoration project underway and restocking of bass it is believed Lake Houston will become a cleaner water source for the people of Houston.

Volunteers with 10 to 15 boats distributed the fish around the lake at 103 Page Lane Huffman, Texas 7736.

Jason Miller and others restocked in at least three locations during their efforts.

Chemical plants in Baytown plan huge expansion

HIGHLANDS – Chamber members heard plans for major expansion in two Baytown area chemical plants. The new construction will generate two types of jobs, according to Van Long, plant manager at the Cedar Bayou ChevronPhillips refinery.

Construction jobs over the next five years could come to 4000 for their project, and another similar amount for the ExxonMobil plant expansion planned at the same time. In addition, other projects in the chemical and oil business in the Baytown/Mont Belvieu area might generate as much as 15,000 construction jobs. After the plants are built, ChevronPhillips will need about 400 to 600 permanent employees and contract workers. The other plants will generate similar needs for workers, he said.

These new plants will make I-hexene and ethane. Chevron, Gulf Oil and Phillips 66 joined as one company in July 2000, Long said. The plant makes various types of plastics, which usually end up as polypropylene in our everyday plastic products.

Long said that his company is working closely with Lee College, to train workers for the jobs at these plants. They are providing 50% scholarships for workforce development scholars, and 100% if dual credit. They are also providing mentors to the program. Graduates get an Associate of Applied Sciences degree.

Baytown is the center of this expansion due to new shale deposits coming through pipelines and rail cars from Eagle Ford and Barnett to Mont Belvieu.

Growth of new ethane supply in the United State, Long said, will mean 17,000 new chemcial jobs in the U.S., and 81,000 new jobs in Texas in all industries outside the chemical industry.

There are a total of 19 chemical plants in the greater Baytown area, with 5000 full time employees now, soon to be 6200, and 7500 contract employees.

Sixty-fifth high school reunion

This writer is heading for a high school reunion on June 29th and recently had a discussion with a six-year-old boy about the event. The youngster had some different ideas about a reunion. The talk between us went something like this:

“Hi Mr. Springer,” Hank said as he arrived on his bicycle from upstreet. It had been a while since I have seen you. Have you been OK?”…”Just fine,” said the young out-going elementary student. After a few more introductory remarks, he said, “Mr. Springer I am going to King’s Island in Cincinnati in a couple of weeks We are going to stay in a motel over a long weekend for three nights and I get to swim in the pool when I’m not at King’s Island.” I stopped what I was doing in the yard and began to listen as I could tell this was big news and a few more details would be forthcoming. Yes, the details flowed.

After a couple of minutes I replied, “Hank, that same weekend you are in Cincinnati I am going on a trip also.” “Where are you going?” he asked. “I’m going to my sixty-fifth high school reunion in Wellsburg.” “Where’s Wellsburg?” came the question. “About 200 miles north of here in the northern panhandle of West Virginia. Sixteen miles north of Wheeling.”

Sixty-five years, that’s a long time ago.” “Yes, Hank it is. I’m 82 and most of those at the reunion will be about that age,” I answered. “Will you be staying in a motel?” “Yes…” “Will it have a pool to swim…?” “Probably not,” I replied.

“What will you do at your reunion”? he questioned. I countered with, “we will have dinner together and then probably spend the rest of the evening visiting back and forth about our high school days and family items since 1948.”

He thought for a few seconds then commented, “You mean you are driving two hundred miles, staying in a motel without a pool and all you are going to do is eat and talk with some more old people!” End of story.

Shame on me for having such a boring life and not experiencing the better things of life as shown in the eyes and mind of one six-year-old. But, I guess that is one way of looking at it!

As Hank rode away I asked myself, “Will he ever come back to visit again with such a boring neighbor. I hope so as I like that youngster.

Such are the people, places and things that have touched my life in my home!