CROSBY EF ‘BOOTS & JEANS’ GALA RAISES $70,000-Education Foundation benefits students, teachers

With a head count of about 260 folks at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Saturday night about 13 of 22 grants for programs for extra education to local students at Crosby ISD were adopted and the rest of the funds that were raised to make those programs happen. The live auction saw the autographed

CROSBY – The Knights of Columbus Hall was a setting last Saturday night for a brilliant success to fund special courses for students at Crosby ISD.

Some 260 folks bought all the seating and it looked like plenty would be standing for most of the night at the Crosby Education Foundation Boots & Jeans Gala.

The gala featured live music, dancing, a fajita dinner and an auction.

The special courses were requiring extra funding and asked for provision by local teachers. The charity event raised money to fund those courses and thus provides a higher quality education for local students.

The top selling item was an autographed, and framed Earl Campbell Jersey from back in the Houston Oiler days. Johnny Manzell autographed and framed jerseys sold for about $2,500 each. Other items included fishing trips, hunting trips, hotel stays, spa packages, and luxury tours.

According to Superintendent Dr. Keith Moore, more attention is being drawn to the efforts of Crosby Education Foundation in that “Within our district teachers are starting to understand what our goals are and more of the teachers are participating in the greater program. Now that in turn puts more pressure on the Foundation to raise more money to fund the grants. But Crosby is a growing and supportive community that is increasing the amount of money available. Now it is growing on both ends and that is awesome.”