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Posts published in “Day: February 13, 2014

Grave desecration found on old Crosby farm site

CROSBY– Last Saturday this reporter was shown some disturbing destruction by a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy including incidents from the Newport Subdivision through the area of the Center Point power lines alley R.O.W. to the desecration of a grave on some private property that belonged to a family that had settled here early in the history of this area.

Deputy Greg Nason and this reporter left from the Newport Subdivision gate on the east side of South Diamondhead Blvd. on a side-by-side All Terrain Vehicle and had just begun our journey when we encountered inside the pristine woods near the San Jacinto River where someone had decided to make an illegal trash dump.

Moments later we encountered a confessed trespasser that told the officer he was going to fire a rifle over the R.O.W. area. As the would-be-marksman was being detained his ride along, whom he said he did not know, ran off though the woods. Lots of deputies would be called to the scene then.

After some looking at damage inside the Center Point Area we came to focus on a clearing inside some woods. There, several people were “hanging around” near various kinds of all terrain vehicles.

Deputy Nason asked, “May I ask, what are you folks doing here?”

He was answered by a young man, “It’s okay officer, the safety man was just here and said we were okay to be here.”

“What safety man? Do you mean from D.S.O.?” the deputy asked.

“Yeah, that’s the one.” the young man answered.

“Well, this isn’t their property and beside there has been some damage to this grave over here by someone and that is why I have brought this gentleman out to record it.” said Deputy Nason.

A woman said, “Okay, we don’t know anything about any of that. We thought we were okay here and we want nothing to do with any grave desecrations. I would not put up with anything like that.”

Shortly thereafter, the group left in various directions including near the marked up, scuffed gravestones, near the torn down iron fence, isolating some of the older graves that have had their headstones torn down and the site of a metal grave knocked around and broken, that was the burial place of John Simms. He was born in 1812, he would have been 24 years old when Sam Houston’s 910 volunteers faced off with Generalissimo Santa Anna’s about 1560 member Mexican army.

Now, Clay Steely of Porter Hedges LLP says on Feb. 10, “I am a lawyer for Lakewood Development Corporation (“Lakewood”). I was contacted late this afternoon about the unauthorized use and entry into certain Lakewood property in Crosby. Lakewood first learned of this unauthorized use and entry yesterday, when Greg Nason of the Crosby Sheriff’s Department showed the Lakewood representative what was occurring from the CenterPoint ROW. Lakewood is investigating this situation and will take whatever action is necessary to protect its rights and property.”

“Bras for the Cause” exceeds record, $120,000

CROSBY – A truly great Valentine’s story happened on Feb. 8 at the David H. McNerney American Legion Hall, an event raised about $128000 to help our friends, neighbors and family members who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

This tiny hamlet in northeast Harris County isn’t going to brag about being the number one fund-raiser against cancer in the great State of Texas, this reporter is going to do that for Bras for the Cause. The Crosby Fair & Rodeo, Tough Enough to Wear Pink Committee isn’t going to brag about being number five Fund-raiser in the U.S.A. against cancer, this report is about that accomplishment.

Those facts were about last year when the Bras for the Cause Event brought in $36,000, about 1/3 of this year’s take.

While it is true there is nothing funny about cancer, a packed house had lots of fun and laughs raising money to enable patients to continue coping with everyday life while they fight cancer.

Denise Martinez of Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital to recount the accomplishments of that funding for cancer survivors from real experiences of a Crosby patient. She described how the funds enabled the patient to pay for the treatment while the fund handled her housing, car payments and daily necessities.

The models and dancers included:

Gary “Strawberry” Clifton, firstly, featuring lingerie designed by Jayne Clifton in the style of “Texas A&M, says Aggies Gig ‘em to Breast Cancer.” It reminded one of the observation: a dyslexic walks into a bra. But, it was in honor of Helen Clifton and Annette Kuder, in memory of Loretta Shaw.

Amanda Matt created, “Take a Bite out of Cancer and Brush Away” is was modeled by Dr. Bob Stevens.

Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital-Cancer Services brought in a NASA scientist, Dr. Joe Dervay to “Launch a Cure for Cancer”

Top bid maker was John Matt Sr. in lingerie designed by his wife, Teresa Matt called Gambler. It was bought by Gary Smith Inc. and Friends. It was simple and black putting one in the mind of how to you catch a bra; set up a boobie trap.

According to Teresa Matt, wife of John, whose husband’s wear brought in the biggest bid, $11,000, “ I’m impressed by all the giving love. May God bless us all and keep us cancer free!”

When Rocky Johnson wore Candace Johnson’s creation “Squeeze The Double Ds” it called to mind that bra is singular but panties is plural.

Albert Garcia, husband of the M.C., made us all wonder what happen after 18 hours to an 18 hour bra? He wore extra padding to make those two points.

Kay Schexnayder’s creation “Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez Sur Par-Dessus” or Let the Good Times Roll Over Cancer was In Honor of Kay Schexnayder and Connie Schexnayder

First to break $10,000 in a bid from Oil-Well Tubular Consultants. His sombrero reminded us all that the cattle drive and the Wonder bra head ‘em up and move ‘em out.

But it was the Debbie Holmelin that saw from the inside of organization, implementing and planning true insight into the event, she says, “What happens when you get 20 great guys to model 20 great bras that have been hand sewn, hot glued, blinged out and feathered by wives, girlfriends, moms and members of the community? They raise over $108000 in one night! That’s what happens!! Eat your heart out Victoria Secret Angels,….these guys are our angels for supporting Bras for the Cause.

We want to thank our local Crosby community for the overwhelming support of our 2014 Bras for the Cause Event. We are so blessed to live in a community of such generous and giving people. With your help, we will be able to donate approximately $128000 to help our friends, neighbors and family members who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Our 20 celebrity models were top-notch and entertained the crowd with their dance moves and many talents. We couldn’t have picked a better line up for our fashion show.

Chuck Richnow provided the music and Susie Thompson-Garcia did an outstanding job as MC. Bill Busby kept the crowd going and helped us secure over $108, 000 in the live auction alone.

The buyers are a group of dedicated business men and women and members of our community who have a very giving heart. We are so appreciative of your great generosity.

Bras for the Cause in Crosby just completed it’s third year and we were in awe when the event was sold out within days of ticket availability.

Through our partnership with Tough Enough to Wear Pink and the Crosby Fair and Rodeo, we have once again participated in an event that will help many, people in our community. It was such an outpouring of LOVE for this cause from our Crosby and surrounding communities.

Crosby’s 2014 Bras for the Cause is very happy to be able to support the American Cancer Society and the Pink Heals Patient Assistance Fund with our fund-raising event.”

Ms. Holmelin lives the theme, “Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”

It stands as a challenge to other organizations, an you raise $120,000 for a great cause at a single event?

U.S. House of Representatives, 36th C.D. race

To the Editor,

My name is Phyllis Creagh and I am the mother of Pat Kasprzak, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 36th Congressional District which includes the communities of Crosby and Highlands. My daughter and her husband, Dan have lived in Crosby for the past 33 years. My son-in-law, Dan is currently the President of the Crosby School Board and the Kasprzak family has been active in many facets of this community for over 3 decades. I was quite astonished and upset when I read your description of my daughter, Pat, in your 1/30/14 article about the upcoming primary election for this open seat as “Some Dude Kasprzak”. I consider such a remark about my daughter to be highly offensive and irresponsible. To think that our hometown newspaper would go out of its way to misinform the public about a long term resident of Crosby who is a congressional candidate with impressive experience as a high school teacher, attorney, and corporate banker is inexcusable.

As a member of the local press, you owe it to our community to report information about the upcoming Republican Primary in a fair and accurate manner. Your insensitive reference to my daughter as “Some Dude” indicates your dismissive attitude towards her as the only female candidate in a field of 12 seeking to be the next Republican nominee for Congress. Perhaps your readers would be interested to know that Texas has 36 members in the House of Representatives (second highest number in the nation) and currently only 3 are women. As women represent 49% of the population of the 36th district, it is time we send another woman to Washington, DC from the great state of Texas.

I am so proud of my daughter, Pat, for entering this race. I know her decision to run was not made easily because of the enormous amount of time, energy and financial resources it takes to compete at this level. However, Pat and her family are willing to do what it takes and only ask in return that your paper provide fair, honest and reliable information to the voters of our community who have an important decision to make at the Republican Primary on March 4.

Thank you.


Phyllis Creagh

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Star-Courier did not comment on the character of Ms. Kasprzak. We reported on the remarks made by the Ron Paul Forums on all 12 candidates for District 36, in an effort to provide some background information from a conservative source for the benefit of our readers. These views do not necessarily represent the views of this newspaper or its editors. As shown by publishing this letter, we welcome diverse opinions and will publish them when appropriate.

Duck Dynasty stars coming to Crosby Zydeco Festival

CROSBY – Laissez les bons temps rouler at this year’s annual celebration of Zydeco music at the Crosby Crawfish & Zydeco Festival.

The festival returns to the Crosby Fairgrounds March 14-16, 2014 with a blockbuster show featuring the best of the best in the Zydeco music genre as well as a special guest appearance by the stars of A & E’s Duck Dynasty, Si and Al Robertson.

In it’s twenty-first year the festival is well-known for presenting the best in entertainment while attracting literally thousands of attendees from points across the United States that embrace the institution of Zydeco music and the Creole culture. Troy Barrett-owner of the Solo Zydeco Productions and producer of the Crosby Crawfish and Zydeco Festival, announced changes and events relative to this year’s festival.

“In 2014 it was our mission to expand the experience by incorporating a variety of entertainment options and extend the festival to three days. Bringing in the stars of A & E’s Duck Dynasty, Uncle Si and his son Al, brings a different dimension to the event and signifies growth. We are very pleased with the response to their addition to the line-up and the festival as a whole, from fans of the show, zydeco enthusiasts and our new sponsor John Keating Chevrolet, which no doubt speaks to the impact that this event has on our community. It is our mission to continue to cultivate zydeco music to a younger audience as well as to broaden knowledge about creole the lifestyle and culture”

On Sunday, March 16th Uncle Si and Al Robertson will address an audience of fans on the importance of family and faith and it’s influence on everyday life. Fans will then have an opportunity to partake in a meet and greet session to take photos with the A & E’s Duck Dynasty stars. Friday and Saturday’s festivities will boast of over 20 hours of Zydeco music. The musical line-up will include featuring a variety of local and international Zydeco artists including Step Rideau and the Zydeco Outlaws, Brian Jack and the Zydeco Gamblers, Lil Nate and The Zydeco Big Tymers, Chris Ardoin and NuStep more of the most popular Zydeco bands from Texas and Louisiana will be announced. The gates will open at 3pm on Friday March 14.

The Crosby Crawfish & Zydeco Festival will also feature a Crawfish Cook off, Cajun specialty food vendors and exhibits, as well as entertaining activities for the children in the Kids Pavilion. Skilled artisans will be on hand to sell hand-made art, jewelry and other crafts.

Crosby Crawfish and Zydeco Festival and its auxiliary events are anticipated to attract an estimated 25,000 people into the city of Crosby over the three day period. In the spirit of community reinvestment, a limited number of children’s tickets will be donated to the community and distributed through our sponsor, John Keating Chevrolet.

For more information and tickets for the Crosby Crawfish and Zydeco Festival visit