Lil’ Cowpokes lead off for Crosby Rodeo

Lil’ Cowpokes contestants with their moms and at back are four ladies that made the entire show a success.

CROSBY – Each year the Crosby Fair & Rodeo hosts the Lil’ Mr. and Miss Cowpoke Pageant before the presentation of scholarships and then graduation so the little guys, age 2 to 8, can beam before big brother and sister are all the story.

This year all participants received a trophy and the winners get to represent their community at the Crosby Fair & Rodeo and drive through the Rock’n C Arena for all the fans to see.

This year there were four major catagories and three age groups for each catagories. Age groups are 0 to 2 years, 3 to 5 years and 6 to 8 years. The catagories are Best Dressed Cowgirl Jeans and Stuff, Best Dressed Cowboy, Rodeo Dress bling and skirts, and Rodeo Clown.

First place went to Best Dressed Cowgirl 0-2 Miranda Baker. Ages 3-5 had no entries. McKenna Robinson won for 6-8 years.

Best Dressed Cowboy was Jeff Janek in 0 to 2. Wyatt Baker for age 3 to 5.

Rodeo Dress first places were Carsen Fincher for 0-2, Holli Elledge for 3 to 5 and McKenna Robinson 6-8.

Jeff Janek was best Rodeo Clown for age 0-2. Hayden Elledge was best Rodeo Clown for ages 3 to 5. There is plenty more spaces for other dressers next year.

Much excitement is being focused this year on the Rodeo Parade to happen Saturday June 7 at 10:00 a.m. It occurs when the Rodeo Cook-off is going on inside the fairgrounds. Bill Murff and family will be the Parade Marshals. Friends, Families, Representatives and

Organizations of the community are encouraged to enter a float or vehicle in support of “Sticking to Our Roots.”

Line up at the Crosby Fair & Rodeo parking lot is at 9:30 a.m. The parade will go north on the CF&R property to Church St. Turn Left on Church St. turn right on 1st Street, turn right on Kernohan. Turn left on Crosby-Dayton Rd. Turn right onto Pecan St. Continue back to Church St. It goes to the Entrance of C.F.&R. Parking lot and enters C.F.&R. Property.