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Posts published in “Day: October 2, 2014

Stephens Memorial hosts hopes, efforts to save lives

CROSBY – The Cody Stephens Memorial Foundation “Go Big or Go Home” Banquet and Auction brought together the best of east Harris County in optimism and efforts to save the lives of young athletes.

About 450 people attended the banquet and among these were represented most of the organizations and groups that are involved in one way or the other in improving life locally. The Cody Stephens Memorial Foundation is about saving young athlete’s lives by testing for Sudden Death (S.D.) or Sudden Cardiac Arrest due to heart conditions. The foundation and others are promoting testing called an E.C.G. and having that test reviewed by a cardiologist. The Foundation has helped numerous schools throughout Texas fund the testing and has enlisted the help of hospitals and cardiologists in making the test more affordable.

During the event, Scott Stephens, father of Cody, displayed the new E.C.G. devise that can be used to perform the test. It is now about as big as the new I-tablets that people use for computer work mobilely now. It once was wheeled in within a cart about 4 feet high.

What began as a effort to get more testing done in local schools for S.D. has become an effort to have the test performed statewide to save more than the eight lives that can be verified since the extra testing has been begun.

In attendance were not only were Dan Huberty, R., and Wayne Smith, R., local Texas House Representatives but also Kathy Grant and David Courreges lobbyists that undertook getting Texas legislation passed pro-bono for the Foundation to have mandatory E.C.G. testing throughout the state. Unable to attend but backing the bill is Representative Sylvester Turner.

According to Stephens if the bill remains unchanged from the one that was not passed last time is “athletes that are first year and third year participants would get an E.C.G. testing along with their sports physical. No state has this testing yet but we’d be the first and the others would follow.”

Stephens expects opposition to the “Cody Bill” this year. The American Heart Association is not in favor of mandatory testing for S.D. The Heart Association expressed fears that others would not do the testing correctly in a recent article. They favor individual testing sporatically at the current rate.

The entire event was filed with ironies and harmonics. During the shotgun card raffle, the seven of diamonds was pulled first it was one by Cody’s brother (on money loaned him by his grandfather) but his father requied him to not accept the win then the six of spades was pulled next. All familiar with the event know that Cody Stephens’ football number was 76. The live auction pulled in $76,000 in total. The top auction sale was a Cody Stephens #76 football jersey to David Mendez of Turner Chevrolet for $4000.

In other events,the Silent Auction or Table Sales was $20,000. Corporate sponsorship came to $9,000. Sponsorships from Crawfish Shak and Oil Well Tubular helped make that mark.

Martha Lopez Anderson of came from Orlando, Florida “To see how they do it in Crosby, Texas.”

Her organization is the national organization of parents that have lost children sudden cardiac arrest and promotes awareness of testing and treatment of athletes.

“East Houston Regional Hospital is now screening the area for free, now 5 other hospitals are involved, Memorial Hospital is getting involved in a big way.” Stephens concluded, I’m hoping I can get the Rural Hospital Association involved screening throughout the state, screening areas that are hard to reach.”

Cougars run away with homecoming game

CROSBY – There remains two undefeated teams in district so far Crosby and C.E.King.

Galena Park was successful in scoring 10 points in the second quarter but nothing else.

Crosby scored first after about seven minutes into the game on a dash from D’ontal Allen. Then Emmanuel Netherly snagged a pass from Tristan Cotton about a minute later for another touchdown.

Early in the second quarter Trevor Larkin landed a pass from Cotton for 25 yards to score a touchdown.

Three minutes of play later J.D. Duran would make a catch and dash that would get the entire beyond capacity crowd to their feet for another TD. The Cougars added two sections of portable stands. Galena Park was stopped cold 28 yards from the goal on a drive that started with an interception. They kicked in three points.

Although Galena Park would have more first downs throughout the game they fell short in each category.

Craig Williams brought out a special screen run for 28 yards to give the cougars another score with just under seven minutes left in the third quarter.

Trevor Larkin would again score on 48 yard pass from Cotton with three minutes to go in the third quarter.

Alec Lewis would herald J.J. Watts by pulling down an interception and dashing 50 yards to a touchdown with about 2 minutes left.

In the fourth quarter, it was all Crosby for two more touchdowns. The first was by Netherly on a 47 yard run and the next was by Caros Grace after the team had pushed all the way down field.

Juan Ochoa was very reliable with kicks.

Cotton went 19 complete of 25 throws and one interception.

Crosby bond phases begun

CROSBY – The construction on Crosby ISD schools began on August 26, now all phases of the Crosby School Bond are set to begin.

On Sept. 23 the Crosby IDS Board of Trustees unanimously awarded the funding of the new Crosby High School Guaranteed Maximum Price.

The bond for a new Crosby High School was configured in two phases dependant upon growth of the tax basis (assessments times tax rate) and growth of the student population to begin from the initial phase into the second phase. Both the growth of tax base and student population have exceeded the requirements to proceed with phase two immediately. The revenue growth for the projects is estimated by the school administration at 8%. There are 340 new students this year when between 80 and 90 per year is normative and one year we had 110 new students.

The At-Risk-Construction-Manager (Durotech) is then authorized to proceed to complete all of the high school and related projects. So not only is the high school under construction ( the earth work has begun) and now all the athletic facilities and renovations are also to begin at about the same time. The actual selling of the phase 2 bonds will start this Summer.

Originally projected to start Spring of 2017, Phase 2 projects like Cougar Stadium will begin in the Spring of 2015 with tearing down the visitor section sometime after the football season is over.

“Therefore, we will have to have a new stadium by next Fall,” said Dr. Keith Moore, Superintendent of Crosby ISD.

“Because we are able to access the second phase earlier than expected it is a positive not only because everyone wants to get into them earlier but for us on the economic side of it, because we are in a very vibrant economy the construction costs are progressively moving upward. My point is the longer this project takes the more it is going to cost. Because we are able to access the money quicker it will also push the projects to be completed earlier. That keeps us at the lower end of the construction market. It is exciting because the tax payers are going to get more for their dollar.”

“Sometime during the Summer of 2016, we will be getting the rooms ready putting the finishing touches on it getting ready for doors to open in August of 2016.” said Moore.

“It is exciting to see actual progress on construction because for three years I’ve been dealing with first the bond campaign then the planning, platting, documenting and permitting.” Moore commented, “We are now full speed ahead, there is a lot of big machinery out there, it is a pretty massive project.”