ELECTION RESULTS: Democrats feature “Silence of the lambs” in midterm slaughter

TEXAS – Nobody listened and nobody cared what Wendy Davis or any Democrat said this midterm, they just went down quietly in statewide elections.

Greg Abbott romped over Davis 52% to 47% with women votes, he extended men’s votes to 65% to 34%, and picked up 43% to 57% with Hispanic voters. The wheelchair bound Abbott, appointed by George Bush to Attorney General where he served three terms had 65% of the Caucasian vote, according to exit polls.

The filibuster heard round the world was a short bleep against a whirlwind of TV and radio ads echoed over voter rage against big spending. Yeah, Abbott had 58% and Davis 39% after the shouting was done.

Take the case of Tea Party favorite Ken Paxton, he easily defeated Sam Houston for Attorney General. When Republican Abe Lincoln won office in 1860 it was a last battle for Sam Houston and four years of horror would follow for Texans.

Paxton takes the place of Greg Abbott as Texas’ lawyer. Paxton limited public appearances since May 2, when he agreed to a reprimand and $1,000 fine for soliciting clients for a Texas investment firm, and receiving 30 percent of management fees, without registering as an investment adviser as required by state law. Who wanted to listen to that, if he was going to stop “Obamacare.”

Although the Crosby Post Office still has a photo of Ted Poe, Steve Stockman has been Crosby’s Congressman for the last four years– believe it or not. He ran against Senator John Cornyn, it did not work. Dr. Brian Babin, the former Mayor of Woodville, has easily defeated (they tell me also ran) Democrat Michael Cole. Cole has been unseen since penning to run. Babin wants to turn the country in another direction with less taxes, more personal, individual responsibility and build a strong military. His son was a Navy Seal for 13 years. He was born in Port Arthur and grew up in Beaumont. His wife Roxanne is also from Beaumont they have 5 kids and 11 grand-children.

Senator John Cornyn romped David Alameel in a good old fashioned woodshed finish, over 17% points, Tuesday. The Senate Minority Whip will rapidly become one of the most powerful men in the world. Cornyn was elected to the senate in 2002, he had served as Attorney General after being on the Texas Supreme Court.

Dan Patrick won 58% to 38% over Laticia Van De Putte for Lieutenant Governor. Some say she won the debate, some say it is more important to have a well funded campaign. Patrick may have had some issues in the past but he never lost more than a 17 % point lead and his message has been on the back of Democratic issues from the start.

Republican Devon Anderson won over Democrat Kim Ogg for Harris County District Attorney 53 to 47 percent. The Republican said she was concerned over the rhetoric, seriously?

Ted Poe would glide back into Congress 73% to 25%. Only his opponent and his mother cared who ran against him.

John Swinney will take Dan Kasperzaks post unopposed. Tanya Eagleton will keep her post unopposed. Cathi Whitworth unseated JoAnn Crawford 60.11% against 20.4% with Joe Montemayer taking 19.49%. John Lindsey 58.07% keeps his post against Dan Meaux 41.93%.

Becky Streetman won 75.98% to 24.02% for Rodree Carlile in Huffman Position 1.

Jerry Jones commanded 59.35% while Vernon Reed took 16.39% and Scott Cloberdants took 24.26% for Huffman ISD Position 2.