New Training facility shows Crosby’s potential

ARTIST’S VIEW of the new International Training and Conference Center

CROSBY – A new school is going to be built here. A proposed training facility is to be built between Newport and Lake Shadows by Collins Engineers, Inc.

Last Nov. 18 a proposal was submitted to Newport Municipal Utility District to supply water to a new training facility to train workers in the oil and gas industry.

According to Don Cox of Century 21 Life Changers and a member of the Newport Municipal Utility District Board the district is prepared to offer an annexation proposal to the builders but “We haven’t finalized the property yet.” but he indicated the land deal has been closed.

The water board has plans to offer water to proposed new housing in all of Sections 8 and 7, about 60 new homes near Newport Elementary School, to annex property across FM 2100 and will offer water for 525 new homes proposed on Foley Road. “We have lots of water credit to sell.” said Cox.

The International Training and Conference Center is part of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) education initiative.

“Over 100 state-of-the-art training centers throughout the United States and Canada provides members the skills to build, operate and maintain the essential infrastructure of both countries.” says the union webpage.

The facility project will encompass over 64 acres of buildings. North Diamondhead Blvd. runs West to reach Golf Club Drive, where the drive currently stops there is a proposed extension of Golf Club Drive to head North in the direction of Foley Road. Behind the existing tree buffer, 64 acres with a classroom site is proposed. Two single acre secured equipment areas with a field class room facility is proposed on a 48 acre training area across the street from the Administration and Dorm Buildings. Another training area is 19 acres near Foley Road with a Site Classroom facility.

On the west side of the Golf Club Drive proposed extension, there the 79,900 square foot first floor of the dorm and administration building is to be built plus 11,540 square feet of the central plant plus 5,790 square feet of warehouse. The second floor is to be 13,414 square feet over the dorms and another 4,957 over the training facility.

A pool and health club are to be added back toward the direction of Newport from the Administration and Dorm Building.

The IUOE is the twelfth largest union in the AFL–CIO and third largest in the Canadian Labor Congress. The IUOE is dedicated to improving the standards of living of families in both the USA and Canada.

The IUOE originated in Chicago on Dec. 7 1896 as the National Union of Steam Engineers of America. In 1906 after the earthquake in San Francisco IUOE workers were primary in the rebuilding. In 1928 steam was being replaced by the internal combustion engine so the name was changed to Union of Operating Engineers.