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Posts published in “Day: August 9, 2018

GOOSE CREEK CISD SUPERINTENDENT: No resignation, O’Brien backed

Spontaneous demonstrations are in favor of Randy O’Brien on Monday.

BAYTOWN – It may be that some of the board members of Goose Creek Consolidated ISD got ahead of reality in efforts to guide the district in a different direction this week and that calling for the resignation of the popular superintendent of the schools was a less than popular idea.

Last Monday, at a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees a vocal crowd with signs and plenty of enthusiasm showed up and signed up to speak for Randal O’Brien. Of ten citizens that signed up to talk on a topic, all ten spoke accolades for O’Brien. Most expressed their appreciation for the dedication of their superintendent for goals that he has promoted in every method.

Libby Zegland spoke first of O’Brien’s attentiveness to parents, faculty and staff. She called for the renewal of O’Brien’s contract.

Melissa Aitel spoke next of her experience as a parent with the district and in particular about O’Brien. From the start she made a case for proven character and competence. “Under his leadership our students routinely advanced in state UIL Competition.”

She concluded, “There is no better person for the job.”

Arkema indicted for toxic emissions

CROSBY – Arkema has been indicted for Emission of Air Contamination under the Texas Water Code. It carries with it a penalty of up to 5 years in jail and/or $1 Million fine.

A Harris County grand jury on Friday indicted the French chemical company Arkema North America in connection with the release of toxic chemicals during a fire after the Crosby plant was flooded during Hurricane Harvey last August.

Richard Rowe, CEO, and plant manager Leslie Comardelle made their initial court showing Monday on criminal charges. Allegedly, they had felony “reckless emissions” of chemicals into the air and water, putting residents and first responders at risk in the days after Harvey dumped 51 inches of rain on the Houston area, according to the Harris County District Attorney’s office. Bond for each man has been set at $20,000. Arraignment should be in October.

Renowned surgeon talks at Highlands Rotary Club

Dr. Joseph Agris

HIGHLANDS – Dr. Joseph Agris is a plastic surgeon, known all over the world for his volunteer work reconstructing bodies damaged by war.

He is even better known in Houston, as the doctor who accompanied Marvin Zindler to Central America to reconstruct cleft palates on children.

Agris is a surgeon affiliated with Methodist Hospital and Texas Childrens Hospital. He is also an author of four books about his travel and medical relief work in 36 countries, including Nicaraugua, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Highlands Rotary was thrilled to hear some of the stories Dr. Agris told, about his adventures around the world as part of this work. As he told his story, the audience could picture the scenes almost like a movie. In fact, he mixed his own story of healing, with tales of danger and in trigue. He told about a trip through the Khyber Pass in Afghanistan, how he made friends with local tribesmen, perhaps Al-Qaida, and they introduced him to Osama bin Laden, in a cave in Bora Bora near the pass. Bin Laden was with his “senior” wife and their kids. Dr. Agris performed some medical work on this group of tribesmen, but said he was not sure he would leave this encounter alive.

The Khyber Pass is a famous route also known as the “Silk Route,” a trading passage from China to Europe that has been used throughout history.

For the humanitarian work that Dr. Agris has performed in his 40 year medical career, he was presented with the highest civilian award the U.S. bestows, the Medal of Freedom. The presentation was made by President George H. W. Bush in Washington.

Dr. Agris is a Rotarian with the Houston club, and is also head of the Agris-Zindler Foundation. This charity funds polio work, and the AgrisZindler Childrens Foundation, which continues his humanitarian surgery work on children.

Concerns voiced at final FM 2100 hearing

Citizens directed their comments to TxDOT representatives last Thursday. Here moderator Patrick Gant listens to a developer concerning accommodations of new neighborhoods.

HUFFMAN – The final hearing of citizens concerning improvements to Farm-to-Market 2100 from Huffman-Cleveland Road south to FM 1960 was August 2 at Hargrave High School unless citizens respond quickly by writing comments electronically to or hearings-meetings/houston/080218.html.

The proposed roadway would be improved from a two-lane to a four-lane divided highway with raised median, 4.5 miles long.

Most of the comments by the four citizens that signed up to speak asked thatTxDOT respect residential access and show special consideration to first responders getting about on this roadway.