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Posts published in “Day: January 10, 2019

Moving forth, Davis greets Crosby folks

Crosby ISD Superintendent Scott Davis shares his philosophy and evaluations of the strengths and perils of the Crosby District on the high school auditorium stage with seven new, donated Magnolia trees for seven campuses as backdrop.

CROSBY – On Monday night, about 75 people heard Superintendent Scott Davis present an oration concerning his views on the community and education, with blessed assurance that “the worst of the financial exigency is over.”

Against a backdrop of seven new Magnolia trees that were donated to the school, Scott Davis used the trees to illustrate the potential blooming of the seven campuses of Crosby ISD.

It must have been a long school day for the latest Superintendent, as nothing is harder than moving, and the administrative offices are still relocating to office spaces at the High School and the Crosby ISD Operations Center. The Runneburg Admin. Building is now in need of structural repairs that are simply not feasible at this time. A plan to relocate staff from the current administration building to offices in other buildings with minimal cost implications is in effect. The old Admin. Building was to be an in-district discipline school, per the last bond.

Attendees of the convocation learned that Scott Davis has an extensive educational background and that he believes that he is now where he is supposed to be.

He admires Crosby’s dedication to good manners. He believes that the character shown by this community is one of the reasons that Crosby is already starting to overcome the financial challenges he discovered upon arrival.

Huffman shorts shoddy, late work

HUFFMAN – The local school district entered a contract to have its new elementary school finished this past July. As the project stands today with half a school year gone by, an incomplete building with what the administration believes are serious construction defects is all Huffman ISD finds for the contract.

The public first became aware of the controversy and issues when contractors complained that they were owed over $4,000,000 for the contract work. A lawsuit has now been joined and District indicated it was disappointed that Paradigm chose this step, and the District disputes the allegations contained in the lawsuit.

Like many small districts, Huffman ISD hired an owner’s representative with construction expertise to protect the school district on building projects. The job of actually building Falcon Ridge Elementary School was given to the contractor, Paradigm. Huffman ISD intends to hold Paradigm to the contract the parties entered.