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Posts published in “Day: April 18, 2019

Crosby celebrates mega M.A.G.A.

Trump announced and signed executive orders to cut red tape for the oil and gas industry pipelines. He also introduced Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, son of Jeb Bush.

Trump greeted by thousands of fans

CROSBY – In an area that enjoys a parade, the most attendance to date was to see the presidential motorcade last week come through from Ellington Air Force Base to FM 2100 down Foley Road.

Micki Rush captured the enthusiasm “We are just here to support our American President coming to our little unincorporated area. The visit from President Trump will bring him to the International facility next door.”

One could see M.A.G.A. (Make America Great Again) posters, vehicles, and displays everywhere and on rare occasions some protesters with different opinions. This reporter counted five in a sea of red, pro-Trump supporters. Veterans lined up before the American Legion and the Crosby Rodeo Fairgrounds was having difficulty keeping their area clear for event participants to enter.

Jeffrey Seat, and Greg Hunter Nason sport out like a football fan for President Trump as the motorcade passes scores of Crosby fans on Foley Road about to turn into the International Training and Education Center last Wednesday about 3:00 p.m. Locals lined the route from U.S. 90 until the destination.

Harvey Recovery Program starts in Barrett Station

JUDGE LINA HIDALGO announces the start of the Recovery program, as Malcolm Barrett and Adrian Garcia look on.

BARRETT STATION – The new leadership of Harris County turned out in force to announce Harris County Project Recovery-Harvey Program at the Harris County Barrett Community Center last Saturday.

Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge, Adrian Garcia, Precinct 2 Commissioner, Daphne Lemelle, Harris County Community Services Director and a host of county community workers from varied agencies were present to share their expertise enabling residents to get help for their houses, the services they need to recover from Hurricane Harvey.

Harris County Project Recovery-Harvey is for homeowners outside Houston to apply for home repair, reconstruction or reimbursement.

The new Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo indicated that the county is giving out about $200 Million in this program.

“Harvey was an especially difficult disaster because it got to the core of people’s lives because it reached into their homes, in their housing. People’s homes are anchors for them and their families. When people lost their homes and were forced to leave and live somewhere else, they were still forced to watch and wait until they could rebuild and return. That destroys and disrupts the rest of their lives and the fabric of our community.”

“For the first time we are making a massive investment in housing around Harvey,” said Hidalgo, indicating that the program was to be the largest investment a region has made in the area of housing repair.

“It helps us build a stronger community and a more resilient community in all of Harris County,” the Judge concluded.

Arkema faces new charges

CROSBY – According to Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg a grand jury has indicted Arkema Inc. and Mike Keough, the company’s vice president of logistics, on a felony charge of causing bodily injury to two sheriff’s deputies by withholding critical information needed by first responders to protect themselves and the community from chemicals released when Arkema’s Crosby Plant caught fire after Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Said Ogg on April 10, “The facts show Arkema knew of the dangers, withheld vital information, and unleashed harm on first responders and the community. This felony indictment is a wake-up call to companies that would pollute our air and waterways, ignore best practices in safety, and put our communities at risk.”

Rusty Hardin has been retained by Arkema as attorney and answered the charges on the company’s website.

“Harris County prosecutors are doubling down on an unprecedented and outrageous attempt to criminalize a natural disaster,” Hardin said in the statement.