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Posts published in “Day: May 2, 2019

4 -H blooms in Crosby

New officers for the 2019-2020 school year named last Monday at the Annual 4 -H Banquette at Crawfish Shack with over 200 in attendance. The newly Elected Officers were installed by the County Extension Agent for 2019-2020 they are; Brynna CoVan, President; Baylee CoVan Vice President; Austin Eilers, Secretary; Hannah Roder, Treasure; Jaiden Grimes, Reporter; Tripp Young, Parliamentarian. The banquette included a steak dinner.

CROSBY – Victor and Debbie Holmelin started the newest version of Crosby 4-H long ago with a vigor for being inclusive and encouraging area youth to explore their world. Today, Crosby 4-H Club is the largest 4-H club in Harris County, as well as the largest in Texas, with 174 members.

An Annual Banquet celebrates accomplishments of each member and their project/projects and recognize members for their years in 4-H. Seven Clover kids were given pins first, a Clover kid is between 5 and 8 years old and just getting started in 4-H, then a host of others were given pins for each year they had been in 4-H, concluding with Dylan Harthorn, Maggie Hearn and Hunter Eilers receiving 10 year pins.

Following Officer installation, all the high school seniors were called forward and presented a gift by the club.

Sudden lawsuits by State show a major policy change

By Lewis Spearman

CROSBY – The strangest political times in centuries is centering around local concerns: the State, headed by conservatives, sued more suddenly than anyone expected the local plants that had fires. If they shutter local plants, who will fund the local schools and provide the jobs that the local plants provide?

Many with friends throughout the nation now hear that they know about Crosby. They know that local officials indicated there was no air quality issue after an explosion and after it was too late issued “shelter in place;” they heard a man was killed and two others put into critical condition at one plant; that law enforcement officers are suing another plant where the managers are facing criminal charges; and that President Trump came through to sign initiatives to “remove all preventative measures.”

Gambling for Huffman class

The Huffman Education Foundation hosted the 4th gala dinner and casino night last Friday to raise funds to offer Huffman ISD students special classes that are not ordinarily available based on school taxes alone. These include more exotic classes with creative approaches to teaching. The special fund was established in honor of Ms. Paige McEachern’s father and longtime educator, Conny Martin. The event was held in Humble.

Crosby FFA cleans up

Pictured left to right: Ariel Vass, Elena Juarez, Alice Mullens, Brent Starky, Blake Larkin, Sebastian Zapata, Joseph Ivey, Jaiden Ruter, Lilli Loggins, Caitlyn Criddle, Lexi Loggins, Caitlynn McCammon, Buddy Davidson, (bottom) Jancie Ivey,and (back) Blake Anderson )

The past weekend Crosby FFA went out on a community service project at the Sheldon Reservoir. They gathered trash from the parking lot and trails surrounding the water and boat ramp.