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Posts published in “Day: September 5, 2019

AMTRAK hits truck; 20 injured

The Semi ended up in the ditch after it was hit by the AMTRAK train.

FM 686 at FM 621 – The Sunset Limited an AMTRAK passenger train struck a semi-truck (18 wheeler) last Friday at about 4:00 p.m. causing a “minor derailment” (the front wheels left the track) and split the truck in half.

The train traveled all the way through the intersection in total before stopping. There are no cross arms at the intersection. Neighbors say they heard no horn or sound warning of the train’s approach.

The AMTRAK was out of Los Angeles bound for New Orleans via Beaumont.

Crosby’s ESD#5 took the truck driver to the hospital, Liberty County transported seven people to Dayton Regional Medical Center and 12 people were transported by A Mass casualty bus to the hospital. The injuries of train passengers were said to be consistent with a bump on the head as the train hit brakes.

Eagleton campaign starts strong

Greeting from a 1/4 room away. Eagleton smiles a welcome.

BAYTOWN – The local fairgrounds jammed with trucks and a few tailgate trailers as Sherman Eagleton hosted the first of his campaign’s fundraisers last Thursday.

There were folks of all walks of life with one thing in common: they support the Harris County Precinct 3 Constable for another term. Precinct 3 has a history of being contested going back for decades. And Eagleton, it seemed spoke with everyone attending. It looks as if Eagleton faces several opponents in the March 2020 Democratic Primary.