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Posts published in “Day: October 24, 2019

Early Voting starts October 21

Constitutional Amendments, Newport Water Election

HARRIS COUNTY – Monday Oct. 21 is the first day of Early Voting in the General Election. East Harris County area residents will vote on 10 constitutional amendments, METRO’s MetroNext bond issue in some areas, Baytown councilmen, and Newport MUD bonds, . Early voting continues through November 1, and you may vote this year at any election location. The General Election is scheduled for November 5.


In Baytown, District 1 has Laura Alvarado vs. Mercedes Renteria III. District 2, Chris Presley is running unopposed. District 3, Charles Johnson is running unopposed.


In Crosby’s Newport subdivision, the MUD district is asking for voter approval of a $70 mil lion bond referendum, to be used for water, sewer, and drainage system improvements, and approval of an Ad Valorem tax in payment of the bonds.


Proposition A on the ballot would authorize a $3.5 billion bond issue, to be used for METRO street improvements, mobility projects, and other facilities. Funds for this work would come from the existing Sales Tax, and there would not be any additional taxes required. Projects included in this proposal are a new MetroRapid Bus System, more HOV lanes, and extension of the MetroRail system.


Texans will vote on 10 new Constitutional Amendments on November 5th. The issues addressed include a state income tax, creating a flood infrastructure fund, and funding for the Cancer Research and Prevention Institute of Texas. The League of Women Voters of Texas (LWVTX) conducts research on each amendment to provide fair and unbiased information to Texas voters.

Recycling disappears from Northeast Harris

Many have noticed that recycling paper and other waste in Northeast Harris County is much more difficult than it once was. There were paper recycling bins at the libraries, some churches and the schools with the understanding that these worthy causes would benefit from the efforts and generosity of locals endeavoring to help clean up where they live and that the companies would profit from the waste.

Paper waste would be a commodities market and in 2015 they plummeted. In the Greater Houston Region, Waste Management once provided bins and incentives to locals for paper, there were a multitude of understandings. One of those was that only paper and cardboard would go into the bins, that has not been the case in years. The last such local agency to call an attempt to recycle paper quits was Crosby ISD. When last they had recycle bins industrial and business waste was all anyone could see in what was supposed to be only paper and cardboard bin. An additional “contamination” fee for non-recycled waste mixed in with the recyclables typically raises the costs by another $12.50 per ton.

Maintenance personnel at Crosby ISD report having caught a commercial truck trying to dump trash in the school’s other bins. They were forbidden that time.

Precinct 3 Constable Sherman Eagleton warns that he is aware of such behavior and isn’t going to tolerate it.

Stephens speaks in Pennsylvania on heart screening bill

Scott Stephens in Pennsylvania, with Melody Stephens and Senator Mike Regan.

HARRISBURG – Scott Stephens of the Cody Stephens Foundation spoke to a rally and senators in the Pennsylvania capital this week. They voted to advance a heart screening bill to the full senate for adoption.

Scott Stephens said, “Today I speak in the Capitol of Pennsylvania on the same topic, on the same date I first testified in Austin in front of the UIL seven years ago. I remember the date well because 26 years ago on this date my son Cody was born. A very special date indeed, you just can’t make this stuff up. Thank you for traveling this journey with me as the second state begins the journey to heart healthy students thru ECG screenings. #gbogh #screenemall.”

Rotary donates ECG machine to Goose Creek

With assistance from the Cody Stephens Foundation, the Rotary Club of Highlands presented Dr. Bernard Mulvaney, Athletic Director of GCCISD, with an ECG machine to be used for heart screenings at Goose Creek Memorial High School and Highlands Junior High. ECG’s are quick, painless, and are used as a tool to help catch otherwise undiagnosed heart issues in students. Sudden cardiac arrest is preventable, and the Rotary Club wanted to provide students with easier access to this life saving tool.