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Posts published in “Day: December 5, 2019

Crosby responders get “the Opticom”

Red light control receiver to be mounted as available.

Red light control for emergency vehicles

CROSBY – Misconceptions bear critically on the realities we face daily. Once while riding with a fellow worker we sat at a red light and were approached from behind by a fire truck. The truck struggled to pass the captive motorists at the light then announced that the emergency vehicle was going to proceed through the intersection with a loud honk.

“I don’t understand,” said my co-worker, “Why doesn’t he just use the button they all have to change the light?”

The answer is: the button did not exist. And, before we go any further – it is best to yield to emergency traffic; ambulances, fire trucks and law enforcement. If possible, pull over to the right to let them pass, don’t obstruct the emergency traffic, the life you save could be precious to you.

The button my co-worker was referring to did not at that time exist, but The Opticom™ system helps the emergency vehicles or first responders get through intersections that have signals by making temporary right-of-way using traffic controller functions.

New Bus Service for East Harris County

Free Ridership for the first 60 Days

Nearly 200,000 residents now have new access to public transportation in eastern portions of Harris County, thanks to $3.8 million Harvey Disaster Recovery money. Harris County Transit will expand its existing bus service to some of the communities hardest hit by floodwaters from the hurricane.

A soft launch of the new service will occur on December 2, 2019. The first 60 days are free to riders; and after the first 60 days, rides will be $1.00 per ride. There will be an inaugural ceremony to mark the launch on Wednesday, December 18, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. at Joe V’s Parking Lot, 5609 Uvalde, Houston, Texas.

The new service will add roughly 65 additional route miles to the infrastructure for a total of 185 route miles. Five proposed new routes will serve Channelview, Cloverleaf and Sheldon with service for a three-year period. If ridership levels are high enough, Harris County Transit Services will request more funding to continue the routes beyond the three years.

Santa arrives in Highlands

SANTA sits in the Park Gazebo with Miss Highlands Haley Maxey, and Jr. Miss Highlands Aubrey Bird, in preparation to listen to children’s Christmas wishes.

Santa’s arrival on a Highlands Fire Truck was as exciting to some of the children as his actual presence.