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Posts published in “Day: February 27, 2020

New IH-10 bridge over San Jacinto River may affect Waste Pits removal

TxDOT engineers have said that the bridge design will be segmented, similar to this design of IH-10 over the Trinity River. The center span is 450 feet, so that support columns do not need to be in the river.

By Gilbert Hoffman

HARRIS COUNTY – Although in early stages of planning and design, engineers with TxDOT have begun to talk about the design and schedule for a replacement bridge over the San Jacinto River. With 4 to 6 lanes in each direction and no supporting columns in the river, it would be a vast improvement over the current situation. However, authorities and environmentalists are concerned that construction of a new bridge might interfere with the planned removal of the toxic wastes in the Superfund Site in the river. Workers on either project could be exposed to dangerous toxic waste, and would require special protective procedures. Planners for the EPA are also taking into consideration that work might take place during hurricane season, limiting the schedule to safe months. This might also be a consideration for the bridge construction.

Preliminary details of the design were discussed at a meeting in November with the Economic Alliance, and additional information was learned by this newspaper from TxDOT engineers. TxDOT is currently conducting a PEL or Planning and Environmental Linkage study of the IH-10 corridor, including the bridge. The study includes the corridor as it passes through Houston, Jacinto City, Channelview, Baytown, and Mont Belvieu. A PEL study is a high-level, early-planning study process that represents an approach to transportation decision making that considers environmental, community and economic goals early in the planning stage. It involves public meetings with feedback from the public and interested parties, as well as engineering studies.

Normally a new bridge as contemplated would take 5 to 10 years for design and construction, but TxDOT indicates that due to the critical nature of this corridor, and the continued threat of damage from barge traffic and storms, the schedule may be condensed to 3 to 5 years.


Scott and wife Melody Stephens stand outside the Pennsylvania Senate with a photograph of Cody Stephens hoping that their testimony reached the ears of lawmakers deciding what to do about sudden death among student athletes.

Quest to save lives with ECG in 7 states

CROSBY – What began here as a quest to see if sudden death of young athletes could be stemmed by ECG screening has become a national issue with seven states currently undertaking bills much like the Cody Bill HB76 having passed the Texas Legislature last year.

After five years of effort, surprisingly with significant elements of the Medical community opposing it, Texas passed the Cody Bill enabling parents of first year athletes to opt into an Electrocardiogram screening to check their athlete’s heart for anomalies before the athlete takes to the field. Previously, annually sudden death from heart attack was generally an annual event somewhere in the state.

The Cody Bill finally passed the Texas House unanimously Stephens acknowledged the work from Rep. Dan Huberty, lobbyist Kathy Grant, everyone who testified at the Public Education Committee hearing and all who wrote letters to representatives to vote in favor of HB76. The bill passed the Texas Senate on May 20 by a vote of 20-11.

Stephens then said, “It has been seven years and two weeks to the day since Cody died in my easy chair for what we would later discover was unnecessary. So, my wife, Melanie and I said let’s give this thing seven years to get passed while we show them that screenings can be done all over the state without excessive spending and save some young lives.

Turner dealership wins major award in Vegas

Carlos Latour Representative for Chevrolet at left presenting the General Motors Premier Elite award to Daylyn Turner, David Mendez, Jamie Kendrick and Robbie Turner all of dealerships owned by Robert Turner of Turner Chevrolet. This is the 17th and the 18th time a dealership owned by Robert Turner has been awarded this Ring Update.

Several representatives of Robert Turner, owner of Turner Chevrolet and JK Chevrolet and other dealerships in Texas went to Las Vegas, Nevada last week and enjoyed the recognition of Chevrolet by being awarded the General Motors Premier Elite award.

According to Robbie Turner, son of Robert Turner, “It is awarded to dealerships that take pride in doing what they are supposed to do productively to take care of their community via service and sales. This will be the seventeenth and eighteen time my father has received this award [both for Turner Chevrolet and JK Chevrolet currently] five times here, since we have been here five years. Prior to that there were twelve other times at different locations.”

“This really is a team award that recognizes how well a dealership does in sales, service and aspects of operations. We are privileged to have earned it at this location for all five years. Really it requires the entire team to earn it,” said Sales Manager David Mendez.

City of Mont Belvieu launches online payment portal

The City of Mont Belvieu is excited to offer our residents a new and convenient way to pay monthly utility bills online. The City’s Online Payment Portal allows residents to register their account to make monthly utility payments fast and easy. In addition, this gives our utility customers a way to view their bill, track monthly consumption, sign up for payment reminders, view their transaction history – both online payments as well as in person and by mail – and a lot more.

“We are so excited to roll out the new online payment portal to the community,” said Administrative Services Director Calyn Wesson. “This is really going to help our residents streamline their monthly payments; one of the top requests our Utility Billing Department gets. And, with all of the other useful features the portal offers, I think it will bring a new level of service to our customers and quickly become a tool our residents will value.”