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Posts published in “Day: May 28, 2020

Construction planned in river near Waste Pits

Cross section D of the Bridge shows rebuilt dolphin bumpers at left, and rebuilt fenders and rip-rap (stone) fill in Red color. See Reference plan on page 8.

TxDOT will rebuild bumpers, column fenders

EAST HARRIS COUNTY — The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has applied for a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to reconstruct the bumpers and fenders in the San Jacinto River, to protect the structure of the IH-10 bridge. These structures have been damaged by repeated storms, including Tropical Storm Imelda, and also by barges that hit them as a result of the storms.

In their permit application, TxDOT claims that the construction would not affect any adjacent land, because construction would be entirely from within the river. However, maps show activity quite close to the waste pits. See illustrations enclosed.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: TxDOT proposes to permanently discharge 0.193 acres of fill material in the form of pilings and rip-rap into 338.4 linear feet (LF) of the San Jacinto River, during replacement of damaged dolphin structures and fender systems.

Plan of construction shows the work area in green, and dolphin bumpers and riprap fill (stone) in red. TxDOT says all construction will be done from barges in the river, and only in the highway right-of-way, not on adjacent land. However, an access road borders the waste pit site.

Harris County Judge extends stay-at-home order to June 10

HOUSTON, Texas – Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo extended the Harris County’s ‘Stay Home, Work Safe’ order until June 10 with new set of rules.

“No construction worker should appear at work sick because they fear retaliation,” Hidalgo said. “No restaurant worker should work without a face covering.”

When it comes to manufacturing and construction workers, some of the rules include that companies should provide 15 minute breaks at least every four hours. Another rule includes allowing breaks for to take care of hygiene needs.

Rules for public-facing service workers include rest breaks once an hour to take care of hygienic responsibilities.

According to Hidalgo, manufacturing businesses and public-facing services companies should designate a safety monitor to oversee these guidelines.

“In Harris County, no one should have to decide on being sick and putting food on your table,” Hidalgo said.

Astros at Crawfish Shack

Popular Astros baseball players Josh Reddick, and George Springer, got their Memorial Day crawfish dinners from Crosby’s number one rated Crawfish Shack. Owners Dan and Jen Meaux welcomed them as they delivered several coolers of crawfish and “the fixins.” Crosby’s Crawfish Shack reputation for great food has become well known around Houston. Reddick was quoted “Thanks to the Crawfish Shack for catering our Memorial Day get-together. Everything was cooked to perfection and it was delicious.” (Photo courtesy of Josh Reddick)

Rotary raffle nets Adams a new truck

Lowell Everitt hands the keys to a New Chevrolet Colorado to Alice Adams, as the Rotarian who sold her the ticket, Wayne Oquin stands nearby at Crosby’s Turner Chevrolet dealership.

CROSBY – On May 26 at about 11:30 a.m. Alice Adams came to Turner Chevrolet to claim her brand new Chevrolet Colorado that she had won with a raffle ticket from North Shore Rotary club, sold to her by Rotarian Wayne Oquin. It wasn’t the only reason to be there that day, her son had ordered a new Chevy Tahoe. Ms. Adams says she had purchased four tickets to the good cause in total, two from Mr. Oquin and two from a lady at San Jacinto College.

According to Lowell Everitt, “It was a surprise how successful this raffle was after COVID-19 brought us from hosting a gala dining and auction affair as we always have, to a 20 prize give away raffle.

“We worked with every body so that a lot of the companies that purchased multiple meals could convert to raffle tickets. Some companies, just to support the Rotary, buy 50 to 60 meal tickets to give to customers and employees. In total we raised over $147,500 in a twenty prize raffle.

HARRIS COUNTY & PCT. 2: Property Tax Relief via increased Homestead Exemption for seniors & disabled homeowners

Plan goes into effect for next years’ tax bills

Harris County, TX — TODAY, Harris County Commissioners Court passed an expansion of the Homestead Exemption for seniors, disabled veterans, and homeowners living with disabilities. The increased Exemption now applies to qualifying homeowners with homes valued up to $286,250.

The plan passed by a vote of 5-0. It eliminates county property tax liability for seniors 65 years of age and older, as well as disabled homeowners, and disabled military veterans, with homes valued at $286,250 or less. Qualifying homeowners would save at least $500 next year (and annually going forward) on their property tax bills. The plan takes effects for next year’s tax bills.