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Posts published in “Day: October 1, 2020

Jamail Tourney brings golf scholarships

Jaxson Daniele, Bryan Daniele, Jerrid Payton and Chelsea Kinard were the winning team with a score of 50 having eagled all par fives. More on Page 5.

CROSBY – The twenty-second annual Jared Jamail Tournament is in the history books, and the tradition continues to make scholarships for Crosby ISD students from golfers’ generosity.

The original tournament began in 1999 and up until now over $330,000 has been awarded to 132 Crosby High School seniors. Now the Jared Jamail Tournament awards that were 4 scholarships each year at $1,500 each has reached to award 4 scholarships at $5,000 each.

Pumpkin season has arrived

Over 1000 pumpkins fill the grounds of Lake Houston United Methodist Church in October. The Pumpkin Patch has a great assortment of varieties as well as sizes to offer its visitors.

HUFFMAN – The Pumpkin Patch opens Saturday, October 11, 2020! This will be the 19th year that Lake Houston United Methodist Church has been home to a large Pumpkin Patch. The Patch includes over 1,000 pumpkins with a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Before the opening of the Patch, LHUMC members and friends both young and old unload the tractor trailer once it arrives. Everyone participates in setting up and it is a great time of fun and fellowship each year. This year is no exception, however, a pandemic and construction of a new sanctuary may add a little bit of a challenge. LHUMC is determined to bring this cherished annual event to their community and provide beautiful pumpkins and a fun, fall tradition for many guests.

Local Superfund sites await funding resolve

HIGHLANDS– CROSBY – The San Jacinto Waste Pit is one of four local Superfund sites that are being reviewed by the Trump Administration in regard to funding.

The recent flooding threats have called for extensive review of the safeguards of contaminants at the French Limited site, the Sikes Disposal Pits, the Highlands Acid Pits and now Patrick Bayou.

The 185-acre Sikes Disposal Pits was a place for dumping petroleum-based and other chemicals, then 22.5-acres was bought to make French Limited, a commercial waste disposal site that burned waste and deposited about 300,000 cubic yards in a lagoon. When Barrett Station and Crosby residents complained of the stench, the Texas Water Development Board required French Limited to apply for a waste-control permit. After three years of negotiations a permit was granted with provisions that the company never achieved. The permit was cancelled in 1971 and the company was sued for noncompliance and the state took the site.

THEA/SJRC Zoom meeting: Waste Pits schedule extended 160 days

Map of Southern Impoundment. Colors indicate the depth below the surface at which toxic material exceeding >240 ng/kg was found. Dark Green is the worst, at 4 feet. Red indicates the material is 10 feet below the surface. Market Street south of I-10 is the street shown.

HIGHLANDS – Concerns for the Coronavirus have put a temporary end to public meetings regarding the remediation of the toxic waste pits in the San Jacinto River.

But twice this month, Jackie Young Medcalf, the director of the San Jacinto River Coalition and THEA, held ZOOM meetings on July 1 and 15, to inform the public on the status of the remediation project for the pits.

The concentration of meetings was due to the release by the EPA of the 30% RD, or Remedial Design documents. There were over 30,000 pages of data and narrative, covering the Northern and Southern impoundment areas, and the Sand Separation area.

In addition to the report, EPA confirmed that the toxic material was deeper than first thought, and that remediation would take longer than announced.

The time line has stretched from a 2 year project, to now what is expected to take 7 years to complete, according to the engineering consultant, GHD Corp. On top of that, Jackie announced in the July 15 Zoom meeting that EPA had just granted a 160 day extension to the start of the project, moving it well into the year 2028. This will likely conflict with TxDOT’s plans to replace the I-10 bridge with a higher, wider highway.

Jackie said that in examining the RD documents, she was concerned about omissions and inconsistencies. She said that there was not enough “due diligence” exhibited in the work process, nor transparency. In the health and safety section of the RD, she said it was too generic and did not address the specific problems of this site, such as barge traffic and weather extremes such as hurricanes and floods.

Newport fire investigated

Crosby Volunteer Fire Dept. investigates a mysterious fire at Newport Elementary School on Sunday, Sept. 21 flames were found inside a classroom.

NEWPORT – Crosby Volunteer Fire Department responded to the report of smoke visible in Newport Elementary and an Active Fire Alarm 7:45 p.m., September 21.

Multiple units from Station 2 in Newport responded having been alerted of a fire. On arrival, the Fire Department found heavy smoke in 2 classrooms. First arriving units found a small electrical fire in a classroom and quickly extinguished it. Units on scene ventilated smoke with the High Volume Ventilation Fan. Through September 27 damaged material was removed. Harris County Fire Marshals were called in to begin an investigation. According to the administration, “Our campus is now clean and free of soot from the recent fire. NES will return to face-to-face instruction Monday, September 29.”

GP School Board honors two journalists

Galena Park I.S.D. Board of Trustees Business Recognition

Earlier this year, Mr. Gil Hoffman and Mr. Allan Jamail were named to the Texas Education School Board (TASB) 2020 Media Honor Roll nominated by Galena Park I.S.D.

On Monday evening, September 14, 2020, Galena Park I.S.D. recognized Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Jamail during the Board of Trustees meeting.

Due to Harris County Public Health Department (HCPH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, the meeting was virtual.

Allan Jamail wrote the following in response to the honor bestowed by the Galena Park trustees: